Life Is Sacred - Do you Agree?

Abortion and euthanasia are one of the most controversial topics faced by the world today, people hold different views about them some are in favour whilst some are against it. In this coursework I will explain the different views about abortion and euthanasia.

Abortion is the premature termination of the foetus from the womb either done by operation or by medication"

The meaning of abortion is quiet clear from its definition. As far as different views are concerned mostly all sects of Christianity are against abortion, there are however humanitarian groups, which are for it. If we look at what different groups think we will find out that there is equal acceptance and opposition on the concept of abortion. To get opinions on the two topic's I visited a few web sites and I e-mailed different people such as and the national abortion campaign website etc.

The Catholic Church feel that it is up to God if we produce a child or not, so we do not have the right to destroy what God has willed to be created.

Life Campaign activist's believe that since human life, begins at conception i.e. fertilisation, and since all human life should be equally protected by the law from conception to natural death, they feel even if the child is handicapped or at threat from a terminal disease it is still morally wrong to purposely kill it.

According to the group "Life Campaign" after conception a foetus is a human being after all and its rights to life should not be taken away.

The groups in favour of abortion are mostly humanitarian groups the have their own point of view, according to National Abortion Campaign the decision to end pregnancy is so important that it can only be made by the mother and father. Women must always have a choice and never feel under pressure to do what others tell them. Free abortion facilities should be in the NHS for every mother to be who needs them. They feel that the women's decision to get pregnant or to terminate it is a fundamental human right.
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National Abortion Campaign thinks that women should have the right to chose if they want a child or not. Other groups feel it is better to abort a pregnancy than to have an unwanted child. Some groups feel there are exceptions in unforeseen circumstances, is result of failed contraception or being raped. They believe there will probably always be a certain number unplanned pregnancies and that the mother concerned should have the complete choice of either complete abortion, or to keep the baby in question. They are a few examples of why this is so controversial. Should a ...

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