Like many religions, Christianity has views on the care of the planet.

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Care of the Planet

Many people have different views on how humans should care for the environment, and religions also usually have some opinion over the way we treat the planet. Despite all the actions we take to try to help, are we doing enough to help?

Today we are faced with many different problems, such as resource depletion. People are using too many resources and because of our modern lifestyle, it is predicted that resources such as fossil fuels will run out very soon. Fossil fuels are also polluting, and damage the environment by causing global warming. This leads on other problems, toxic chemicals, acid rain and pesticide use. All these also contribute to pollution. Habitat destruction is also a huge issue, and many animals often become endangered because of this. Destruction of habitats usually means clearing woodland, which is also damaging to the planet as trees are important in the process of turning carbon dioxide to oxygen, which humans need to survive.

Like many religions, Christianity has views on the care of the planet. In Christianity, God created the animals, plants, humans and world, and gave humans the responsibility of looking after the world for God: ‘And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it’ (Genesis 2:15). This is called stewardship, out of all the living things God made he chose us to look after the planet; we should try to be responsible and care for the planet. We can help look after the planet by not overusing the resources that are already limited, such as fossil fuels which also pollute the planet as well as draining our resources, damaging the planet even more. Everyday tasks that are easy to do such as by simply reusing or recycling something can contribute to helping the planet. Pollution would be one of the things that goes against the teachings that you should ‘love one’s neighbour’ as pollution harms God’s creations such as life.  

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Judaism is extremely similar to Christianity, as many teachings are from the same scriptures (e.g. Genesis, which is also in the beginning of the Bible). Under Jewish teachings, God also gave humans the responsibility of stewardship and have a duty to God to help look after the planet.  Both Jews and Christians can help by joining environmental groups to help. The responsibility of stewardship is considered important as both religions believe that God will judge humans for what deeds they have done, and to live a good life after death we would want to try to do as many good ...

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