Lourdes is one of the most famous centres of Christian Pilgrimage. Describe and Explain why Christians go there

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A01: Lourdes is one of the most famous centres of Christian Pilgrimage. Describe and Explain why Christians go there.

Pilgrimage, meaning a journey to a holy place, is a trip many people of many faiths take often. It can be compulsory or through your own choice but it is always to do with faith and traditions. Many religious people don’t go on pilgrimage and this doesn’t mean they are not close to God, it may be for expense problems or they don’t feel it will help them. Pilgrimage is often to a place where events have happened, relevant to what pilgrims believe, in the past and can alter someone’s thoughts, beliefs or physical/mental being. Many centuries ago a pilgrimage used to be a long and dangerous journey that was a challenge to a person’s faith and only the fittest survived. Nowadays it is a less demanding challenge which still tests a person’s faith but aims to improve it. While very few pilgrims travel by foot nowadays, most travel by air, train or some other modern public transport. There are many questions as to why people go on pilgrimages and the main reason is to regain or improve a person’s faith. The pilgrim is devoting a small section of his or her life to helping those less fortunate than themselves. It may be a way to increase the strength of the pilgrims bond with God or re-build their faith. As they visit these places of pristine emotional splendour they can picture their faith clearer and feel the sense of being part of being a friendship worldwide.

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        There are many places of pilgrimage for example Mecca for the Islamic believers (Muslims) and Lourdes for the Christians. These are important for different reasons. In this case I am going to focus on the main Christian place Lourdes and why so many people are attracted there. There are many important places for Christians; Walsingham, Jerusalem, Bethlehem each of which are important for their own reasons but Lourdes has the fastest growing population of visitors. In this small town at the foot of the Pyrenees many people gather overseeing their faith and showing their belief for God in the way ...

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