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Marriages are an outdated institution.

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Marriages are an outdated institution Planning Paragraph 1: Introduction: Why marriages are outdated Paragraph 2: What people are doing instead of getting married Paragraph 3: Are they happy not getting married for example advantages of not getting married Paragraph 4: What we could do to bring marriages back Paragraph 5: Is it worth getting married for example the Advantages of getting married Paragraph 6: Conclusion: Does the pro's outweigh the cons? Marriages are an outdated institution Marriages are so out of fashion because nobody seems to be doing it not even the celebrity's who we all admire so much and look in them as a role models. When they get a new hair do we go to the hairdresser and try to get our hair done as near as possible to theirs we just do it to be in fashion and to be cool to try and get more popular. So if marriages aren't the in thing at the time we don't give marriage a second thought it's only for old fashioned people. People don't want commitment any more being tied to the same person for the rest of your life is too big a step. ...read more.


Underage sex is happening these days and the age for sex seems to be getting lower and lower as time goes on. This has brought about single teenage mums who are not prepared for motherhood and fathers that don't want to be any part of their child's life. Single parented mothers find it harder to have new relationships and makes it harder for them to trust another man after the last one deserting her. This makes marriage seem so far away maybe not existent, because men don't like to be left bringing up another man's children. People are spending their cash in other ways instead of saving it for their dream wedding day or to build a future for your future wife or husband. People would much rather spend their money on cars, clothes, and holidays anything but saving. Some people seem very happy not getting married living the high life having nobody else to spend their cash on but themselves being able to flirt with any man or woman than takes their eye without worrying what your partner will think. They can come and go as they please. ...read more.


If you are married men mostly pay the bills and takes responsibility for the financial side of things so that takes alot of stress and bother of the women and men like working with figures so its best all round. Men also do the DIY and gardening chores. Women do most of the cooking and cleaning so and have to give birth to his children, which is the hardest job so it's nearly fair. Is it worth getting married? That is the question we all want to no my honest opinion is that I don't think it is because it causes a lot of unnecessary stress that you could do without. Alot a lot of people would disagree with me because they want to settle down get married have children and have an easy life. I no from experience of looking after my little brother the best thing is to stay unmarried not to have children because at the end of the day they are nice to look at but you be glad to hand them back at the end of it all. I would be free to do what I want but who know but if the right man does exist you never know things could change. ...read more.

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