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matter of life

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Matter of life and death The catholic teachings on life after death The Catholic Church teaches that when people die only the pure ones go to heaven and the ones with unforgiving sins will go to purgatory where souls gets purified. And the rest goes to hell. On the last day god will make a new earth and heave for those in heaven and purgatory so they can live an eternal life, those in hell will stay there. They believe this because It is the teachings of the church in the catechism another reason is that purgatory is a fair way of giving people another chance In many evangelical protestant churches they teach that when people die they will stay in their grave until the end of the world. On the last day god will come down to earth and judge everyone the ones who done good deeds in their life will go to heaven and the rest will go to hell. Christians believe in resurrection because Jesus rose from the dead, and it is what st pual teaches. ...read more.


Christians believe using contraception is all right because it helps them by restricting their family size. Also using contraception can improve a woman's health. God have sex for pleasure for married couple to help with their marriage, so it should be always open for new life. Abortion law The law is that doctors have to agree if abortion should take place or not because the mothers life is at risk , the mothers physical and metal health is at risk. The child is likely to be born handicapped. Abortion should take place 24 weeks of pregnancy. Now day abortion is carried out in 12 weeks of pregnancy. The people who often argues about abortion they often argue about when life begins. Some people say that life begins as so soon as the egg fertilizes, some say that it gets a soul at 15 weeks and others say that when the fetus can survive outside the womb. Catholic attitude towards abortion Catholics and evangelically protestant churches believe that abortion is always wrong because Christians believe that life is scared, only god should be allowed to take life away. ...read more.


And some Christians believe that life support machines should be turned of when there is no sign of life. Believing in god. If a person is brought up by catholic parents they will believe in god from the start of their life. They will be baptised, and be take to worship god with their parents. They will be expected to thank god in special occasions for example Christmas and Easter. They will be taught how to pray, sent to communion classes where they learn about god and their religion. Children must obey their parents and show them respect. And sometimes they will be sent to an catholic school where every one believes in god. An upbringing like this is natural to believe in god, Religious experience Numinous experience is when you have a feeling of the presence of something greater than your self for example when you are in a holy place, looking up at stars. Conversion. This is when you feeling of gods presence which makes your more religious and changes your life for example st Paul on the road to Damascus Miracle is something that breaks a law in science but the only explanation is god for example an incurable person is cured after prayers said to them. ...read more.

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