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Our task is to produce a Christmas Food Product capable of mass production.

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[image002.gif] [image004.gif] Ben Jones, 10PN [image006.gif] [image008.gif] Our task is to produce a Christmas Food Product capable of mass production. It had to be able to be stored easily through methods such as freezing. As a group we had two practicals; to make a Christmas dish, and to produce a dish for the class Christmas buffet. I made two things; both sweets. I made a Berry Crumble (my final product), and Chocolate brownies. [image010.gif] - Festive (Decorations) - Easy to make - Enjoyable - Replacement for Christmas Pudding? - Storable - Desert - Crumble? - Mass Production [image012.gif] 1. Name 2. Age 3. Gender 4. What foods do you enjoy? Sweet 12 Or Savoury 7 5. When is your main Christmas meal? Christmas Eve 1 Christmas Day Lunch 14 Christmas Day Dinner 4 6. Your meat item for the meal is: Chicken 2 Turkey 10 Pork 1 Meat Substitute 4 Other 0 7. Any Dietary Requirements? None 12 Vegetarian 4 Other 1 8. ...read more.


[image014.gif] We spent a lesson trailing Christmas products available at Supermarkets. WE were given a spreadsheet to record our result on. The products we tested were Stuffing, Mincemeat and a Christmas Yule Log. In the end, we found that the Yule Log was the best Christmas product. It looked, tasted, smelled and tasted appealing, however the nutrient content was not particularly good for you. The least popular was the stuffing. It was not festive in the least, and once made it didn't look particularly appetising. The mincemeat was generally quite nice, the packaging was of quality and it had an overall tangy, but nice taste. We then produced these star diagrams. [image016.gif] I chose for the final product, the Berry crumble. It is a bit different than the conventional Christmas cake or pudding, though it could be used as an alternative. It would be ideal for a desert after the Christmas Eve dinner, for it is not particularly heavy. Included I have a star diagram: The Berry crumble was good in a number of ways. ...read more.


Altogether, I feel that the project was a success. [image020.gif] This dish could be packaged in its own silver dish/packet to go straight in the oven. If that was covered by cling film, and vacuum packaged, it should keep for a reasonably long time. If it was then put into it's own cardboard sleeve, it would feature all necessary information, plus a picture of the dish on the front. It would have to be of good quality to lure the customer into buying it. [image022.gif] This new pudding for the festive period includes the finest of fresh hand-picked fruits and berries, from all over the world. It includes the finest ingredients that are range has to offer. This dish comes with our specialist customer approval award, meaning that it is great value for your money. [image024.gif] [image025.gif] This meal is best suited as a festive dessert, possibly on Christmas Eve, or even as an alternative to the conventional Christmas Pudding! If served in a bowl, drizzled with cream the outcome will be very good. This dish has won the supplier's `Product of the Year Award'. Contains Traces of Nuts Suitable for Vegetarians [image026.gif] ...read more.

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