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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. Usefulness of Philosophy

    Those who focus their mind and soul to getting the answers will be regarded as being practical. They will then move on with good results but little knowledge on philosophy and hopefully do well in work and earn lots of money later on in life. That is the ideal life that most people presumed. According to English philosopher, Bertrand Russell, 'questions enlarge our conception of what is possible, enrich our intellectual imagination and diminish the dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation.'

    • Word count: 1335
  2. Can we create the perfect world?

    There is less need for sleep and No terrorism but world peace. We thought of some appearance changes to such as once you got to 25 you stopped aging as fast, you can change appearance at will and grow tall or short at will and no disease unless your bad. One idea that was extremely interesting was the fact that you could speak to God whenever you want in a walk in center. My world is the things I want and the things I think are needed in this world to make it not just better but the best possible world.

    • Word count: 895
  3. Topic 5 - Good and Evil

    - Disguised as snake who tempted Eve (brought original sin into the world) * The Christian responses to the problem of evil and suffering: - Evil from original sin, devil, free will, theodicy of Augustine (soul deciding), theodicy of Irenaeus (soul making), strength, hope from suffering of Jesus, God suffers alongside, life after death and God beyond human understanding * How Jesus suffered, and how his suffering helps Christians: - Christians feel they are having some kind of connection to him when they suffer - He died to save us and suffered the most, what we suffer is not the

    • Word count: 585
  4. Are Near Death Experiences:

    The second stage is well-known as the 'tunnel of light.' In this stage of the NDE the victim will often drift into a dark tunnel with a bright light at the end. The final stage ('the heavenly stage') is usually identified by the victim when he/she is found to be walking calmly in a beautiful park with graceful music playing in the background. The victim generally sees a close friend or relative which has recently deceased. Many NDEs have occurred with heart attack victims. In most of these cases the patient has only experienced the 'out of the body' stage.

    • Word count: 559
  5. What does it mean to be alive?

    Is tomorrow alive? It motivates action, so where does it go on the list? What about the dead person, are they alive? What if that person was Beethoven, or another famous musician or person in history. Do they live through the legacy of their actions? It's a question so convoluted by arbitrary criteria, and a lack of a definitive 'dead' as a contrast.

    • Word count: 503
  6. Religious Landscape in Australia Post 1945

    This trend has increased over that last ten years, as shown in the 1996, 2001 and 2006 census data. Over the 10-year period from 1996 to 2006, traditional Christian denominations have seen a decline in 15 - 24 year olds whereas Pentecostal denominations have seen a slight increase. It is important to note that the 'slight increase' is due to a fundamental aspect of denominational switching: lots of people 'switch' in but lots switch out as well (humorously coined: 'revolving door syndrome'). A large number of people that move over to Pentecostal churches, within two years, have returned to their original denomination.

    • Word count: 1418
  7. Philosophy Coursework

    The elaborate design also represents God's reign over earth and the complexity of his creations. Orthodox churches also follow this tradition but free churches such as the Baptist church or the Quaker church worship in a plain church which looks similar to a simple village hall. This is because they don't believe in representing God in an art form of human creation. The typical church is built in a very symbolic way; there are many features on the outside which make it appropriate to Christian worship: * From a birds eye view the church is in the shape of a cross, the universal Christian symbol of faith.

    • Word count: 2579
  8. Demonstrate how art can make contrasting contributions to religious questions.

    He was hoping that maybe God would be willing to forgive a sinner like himself. The Slave Ship by J. M. W. Turner was part of his effort in the abolitionist campaign against slavery, painted in 1840, 33 year after the abolition of slavery. It shows a slave ship where the slave owners would throw the dead and dying human 'cargo' overboard during the middle passage in the Atlantic Ocean in order that they might claim the insurance for 'drowning'.

    • Word count: 951
  9. Free essay

    Plato theory of forms

    For example it is proven that a large intake of fatty foods is not good for our body, but people continue to eat them, even though they know the truth. Sometimes even if we know the truth we will go against it, and Plato's theory doesn't accept this and assumes that if we know his 'truth' we will accept it.

    • Word count: 539
  10. Explain the meaning and significance of Baptism for Christians today with particular reference to how being baptised might affect the behaviour, lifestyle and decision making of Christian believers today.

    In the Infant baptism, the child is sprinkled with water, unlike in Adult baptism, where the candidate is fully submerged in the water. Believers Baptists frequently point out that their baptism is the only kind mentioned in the bible, i.e. Jesus was submerged at the Jordan and not sprinkled. Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist at the River Jordan. His baptism symbolised that he was beginning his work and mission on earth. Jesus was fully submerged in the water so all of his body was covered and John's baptism was not offered to children.

    • Word count: 1399
  11. Science and Religion do they have anything to offer each other?

    He is renowned for his argument for design, which is one way that religious followers argue for the existence of God, by suggesting that a watch is so complex and sophisticated that it must have a designer, and cannot just occur by coincidence. He says that the universe follows this principle, the laws of science and nature are so perfectly synchronised, so involved that they prove that God must exist because they could not coincide together without a conductor, a director, a designer.

    • Word count: 1496
  12. 'There is no such thing as evil' Discuss this statement.

    Liberal Christians will believe that Satan doesn?t literally exist but he is a metaphor for the source of evil. I do not think that this is a good argument because, in my opinion, the existence of the devil and thus evil is not compatible with an omnipotent God as God could just get rid of Satan. Fundamentalist Christians would believe that evil exists because of Adam and Eve and the Fall.

    • Word count: 524
  13. How do we know the External World is Real?

    Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am. This philosophical statement was used by René Descartes, and became a fundamental element of Western philosophy. The simple meaning of the phrase is that if someone is wondering whether or not they exist, that is in and of itself proof that they do exist (because, at the very least, there is an "I" who is doing the thinking). This seventeenth century philosopher also, while sitting in front of a crackling fire in his office, questioned the idea of reality itself.

    • Word count: 514
  14. Would it matter if you were swapped with a clone?

    People would envisage this as being a helper to do menial tasks. But this is in essence the product of cloning, a ?robot? that cannot show true feelings and is not truly human. There are many controversies on the subject of cloning. There are issues on the morality of it, for a very large percentage of cloning efforts end in failure, and those that do survive often have fatal or problem causing issues in their genes. For example, it took 277 attempts to clone Dolly the sheep (the first animal to be cloned).

    • Word count: 598
  15. Explain why some people believe that the paranormal proves there is a life after death.

    or reincarnation. Many people claim to have had near death experiences. These have been reported by patients who have been pronounced dead or a short amount of time. People who have had an experience usually describe leaving their bodies, and seeing relatives and friends who have died or a bright light they feel they want to travel towards, convincing them that there is an afterlife. A near death experience is good evidence that there is a life after death because there are many cases where people have been able to recall exactly what happened during an operation when they clinically dead.

    • Word count: 929
  16. Theories of Life after Death do not provide a solution to the problem of evil Discuss.

    It also suggest that more people might strive to do the right things in life so that they get rewarded in the afterlife, this would also cut the crime rates and make people better and more virtuous. Some people struggle to believe that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent as he allows there to be both moral evil and natural evil. If God is all powerful then he should be able to control natural disasters and not allow them to happen, he would also limit the amount of evil people there are in the world and would punish them for it in this life as well as the afterlife.

    • Word count: 1320

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