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Problems Muslims In Britian face

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RS Leaflet Problems Muslims face in Britain. Originally 35 problems, cancelled down to 15. 1. Muslims usually go in for arranged marriages, the women let the men in their family choose a suitable husband for them, and then they marry them. Of course not all Muslims do this, but the vast majority do. This can be frowned upon in some societies as people believe that everyone has a right to marry who they choose 2. Muslims feel that western women dress in inappropriate ways, especially teenagers. However westerners do not feel like this, it's just simply how they function. Of course all this is more likely to happen with westerners because of the fact that they mingle while they are teenagers or adolescents. Muslims separate children of different sexes after they hit their teenage years so that they 'do not get the wrong ideas'. ...read more.


Sometimes they cannot eat cakes, pastry and cheese, because the animals it came from wasn't killed properly. Food cooked in fat that comes from a haram animal may not be eaten. 4. When Muslims die they may not be buried in a coffin. This is illegal in Britain, as when you are buried, if you are not in a coffin all the maggots will slowly eat away at the flesh. Muslims cannot be cremated either and they must be buried with their head facing Mecca. Muslims must be buried on the day of the death, and be washed by members of the family. This is impractical in Britain. Sometimes it can take up to a week to be buried. 5. Women and men may not be seen by a member of staff (doctor) ...read more.


Smoking is frowned upon because it harms your health and it is discouraged to harm anything God created. 11. At lunchtime Muslims must pray and at lunch time on a Friday Muslim men MUST go to the mosque to pray to Allah. This causes problems if they work for someone who is not Muslim because they may not understand. 12. Muslims may only marry people whose family were Muslim. Which means that the father was a Muslim. 13. Muslims is eastern countries are aloud more than one wife, however in Britain this is illegal. 14. Sexual relationships outside marriage are considered wrong. Becki Atkinson - I'm sorry Mrs Smee but the school files were inaccessible over the weekend, we only found out on Friday. So I was unable to get onto my account to access the leaflet, so I just wrote up the information. Sorry again . ...read more.

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