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What is abortion?

Abortion is an operation carried out to remove the growing foetus from its Mothers womb so that it can be destroyed. In the UK abortion has been legal since 1967, when it was passed in parliament. The act says abortion is acceptable if the pregnancy is no longer than 24 weeks. The pregnancy involves the risks to the mental or physical health of the pregnant women or any existing children of the family.

What does the law say about abortion?

Before 1967 Abortion was illegal; if women wanted an abortion it was done illegally. About 30 women on average died each year due to back-street abortions. Between 40,000 and 200,000 back-street abortions took place each year.

In the UK abortions must be carried out in a place approved by the Department of Health and licensed by the National Care Standards Commission, which carefully monitors the outcome and has the right to withdraw a license for termination of pregnancy if the regulations are not strictly adhered to.

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A woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy is entitled to the help of expert counsellors and medical advice. Two doctors have to agree that her reasons for wanting to end her pregnancy comply with the 1967 Abortion Act. However, this act does not include Northern Ireland, where abortion is still illegal, though Irish patients have the right to seek information and travel elsewhere for the procedure.

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