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Religion and media

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GCSE RELIGIOUS STUDIES COURSEWORK RELIGION AND THE MEDIA UNIT A: RELIGION AND LIFE Ai. Describe the range of specifically religious programmes shown on terrestrial television. For this coursework I will be analyzing different programmes. I will be assessing and evaluating a worship programme, a magazine programme, a documentary, a British soap opera and a film. Will also be looking at their content and deciding who the target audience is all these programmes. When television started any religious programme was Christian as in the UK Christianity was the main religion. But as society is changing, television has become a multi-cultural to reflect on the change, and to include all people of other religions and cultures. The worship programme I am looking at is 'Songs of Praise', the most popular religious show on television at the moment. It is shown on BBC1 at 6:30 on a Sunday evening as this time is said to be the 'God Slot'. The presenter, Sally Magnusson, gets involved in the programme rather than just present it, and occasionally they have special guest presenters. It is filmed at different locations each time, dependant on the area and occasion in the Christian calendar. The episode I will be looking at is in Linglithgow, Scotland. The programme always features hymns, human interest stories and stories of the local area. The target audience of the programme is Christians. During the edition Sally tells you where she appears and what you will be watching throughout the show. She begins talking through the stories and architectural changes of a castle in the local area and linking in religious views. There are many hymns in the programme the first being, 'O come O come Emanuel'. The hymn starts of being dark and becomes light as they rejoice. It shows the views of the church and congregation. One of the local stories being on Mary Queen of Scotts and all about her baptism. ...read more.


We have a huge divorce rate in the country; it is 2 in every 3 that get divorced. One of the main reasons for this is down to adultery. So as it relates quite strongly into real life, soap operas such as Eastenders can use this to show so they can create effects such as love triangles and affairs to keep as many viewers hooked, and stuck in a guessing game really, who will sleep with whom? I think Eastenders shows a good view on real life but I don't think that many lives go to the extreme on what is sometimes seen, but in this case the issue of adultery can relate to a lot of people. It's portrayed as people having arguments and can get out of hand, and sympathy may be shown from another character. But after the occasion, things are shown as in the guilt, and the lies maybe that are in use of covering up their unfaithful acts. It is this sort of storyline that keeps viewers of all ages hooked into soap operas so Eastenders used this moral issue very well. Aiii. Analyse and explain the way in which a moral theme of concern to Christians has been dealt with in a film. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey), a television reporter in Buffalo, N.Y., is discontented with almost everything in life despite his popularity and the love of his girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston). At the end of the worst day of his life, Bruce angrily ridicules and a rage against God and God responds. God appears in human form (Morgan Freeman) and, endowing Bruce with divine powers, challenges Bruce to take on the big job to see if he can do it any better. He believes he thinks he is being treated unfairly as his life doesn't seem to be going well for him. And he has one person to blame if he even is a person, but as the film portrays him, he is, and that is God. ...read more.


She is a Christian and her faith is basically the main part of her life. Dot makes quotes from the Bible, a great deal of the time and in all situations people often make fun of her for this. But she is a well liked character despite her ideas being old fashioned. She is known to smoke a lot of the time, and also drink when she can. This can be seen as being old fashioned aswell as being modern, partly because of the smoking ban etc... She went against her faith to help her friend Ethel end her life, which lead her to feel guilt and steal things and try to get herself punished as she felt she wasn't accepted by God as she had gone against the Bible. Dot appears and interesting character as she is shown as being in and out of touch with reality. These characters that are seeing don't just appear as actors etc... but can be seen in cartoons such as the Flanders family, from the Simpsons. Especially Ned, as the man of the family. He appears old fashioned and very religious; he often rings up the reverent and requests advice about his religious concerns. As a family, his wife seems to be a follower of Ned, although she is religious herself just not as deep as Ned. They have 2 children Rod and Tod. And these are only allowed to play biblical games, which is used as the theme as one of the episodes. Strange about the names, they rhyme with God. So as a family they appear old fashioned and out of touch from the modern world as Homer demonstrates with his acts as a neighbor. So I disagree and that a religious character can be portrayed as anything, whether out of touch from reality and old fashioned or aware and very in touch with the modern world. It al depends on the story line of the show they appear; I think the Vicar of Dibley is a great example of this, and shows that the statement is neither true and nor false. 3,434 words ...read more.

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