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Religion and Medical Issues

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Religion and Medical Issues In this piece of coursework, I will be looking at the religion and medical issues. Infertility is when the couple cannot have children naturally. Most doctors talk about 'sub fertility' rather than infertility. Infertile is the most common problem for both male and female. Infertility has becomes much more a problem in UK, recently with 10% of the couple in the western world in each years. For male the biggest fertility problem is poor sperm, and the causes for woman is there are a lot more varied and problematic. About 33% are male problems, 33% are female problems and about 34% are joint problem or idiopathic (unknown). Infertility affects in 1 in 6 couples in the UK. There is no cure for infertility without using the medical interventions techniques to aid the natural process of conception. These will cost in between �800 - �3000 but there is no guarantee process. ...read more.


More over, the Surrogacy is also known as embryo technology. Surrogacy is using either egg or sperm of husband and wife are fertilised and replaced in the other woman's womb. In case, after the women give birth to the baby and the woman hand the baby to the husband and wife. And, Gamete In-fallopian Transfer (GIFT) is also known as embryo technology. Gamete In-fallopian is using when doctors takes the sperm and egg and mixed together in a lab and inject it in with the needle into the fallopian tubes. Another embryo technology is ZIFT (Zygote In-fallopian Transfer). The fertilisation is like GIFT but these takes place outside of the body. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is also known as embryo technology. It is using when a single sperm is injected into a single egg - the embryo then transplanted into the uterus. Sperm is sometimes needs to be collected from the testicles via a microscopic needle. ...read more.


This means that all embryo technology is banned for Catholic. There are many reasons for this attitude, one of them are the IVF treatment that involves fertilising in several eggs some are thrown away and some are used for experiment which is the same as abortion. Another attitude is all forms of artificial insemination or surrogacy involve masturbation by the male which is a sin for Catholic. Catholic Church also have this attitude because catholic believe that children who born by using fertilisation treatment have the right know who their parent are and this are prevented surrogacy. Catholic also believe that all form of embryo technology involve fertilisation which taking place apart from the s*x act. As well as Catholic believe that God intended to know that they're wants to be part of the s*x act. Samuel shows 'For he love, Hamah, but the Lord has shut up her womb.' He means if women can not have children which it's happen naturally and God has already decided what will happen to the women. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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