Religion and the media

Mark Minogue 11A

1A. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial T.V.

    There are many different types of religious programmes, and seeing that there is so much choice over the five terrestrial channels, the importance of religious television has started to drop. An example of a religious programme is a magazine show. The typical features of a magazine show are a presenter, comments on a variety of different issues relating to religion and faith, interviews with celebrities as well as personal stories from ordinary people. An example of a magazine show is "The Heaven and Earth Show", normally shown around mid-day on a Sunday on channel BBC 2. The audience of this programme I thought would be of an old age, and would be people who are very religious, whereas after watching the show, I saw that there was no specific target audience, as the audience was people of all ages. The show concentrates on four main things, reviews, interviews, news and a viewer phone session.

1B. Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue has been dealt within a TV soap opera.

    For this I have decided to explain a religious and moral issue that has been dealt with in the soap opera, "EastEnders". In "EastEnders", Dot and Ethel are best friends and have been for many years now. After along time they discover that Ethel has a brain tumour. For a while she can cope, along with the help of Dot she struggles through the pain but in the end it gets too much for Ethel so she asks Dot to help end her life. This is an example of Euthanasia. Euthanasia is the bringing of a gentile and easy death instead of a painful one by disease.

    The issue displayed in "EastEnders" can be seen as both a religious and moral one. The religious issue is simple. Dot is a Christian and she abides by the Bible so what she is doing is classed as wrong because she would be taking someone’s life. So when Dot does this, this then means that she has sinned and will feel guilty. The issue regarding this is also a moral one because Dot knows right from wrong and knows that she has to go through the law to make this action, legal and often the law does not allow Euthanasia to happen. So they know that it is Ethel’s wish to die and not that Dot is killing her, but she doesn’t so if they find out that it was Dot that helped her kill herself, Dot could be done for murder. So Dot is put in an awkward position. Does she risk helping her best friend end her pain when she knows its wrong and could get put in prison for it or does she sit and leave her best friend to die a slow and painful death?

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    I think that the soap dealt with this topic very well and the way it was portrayed had many viewers around the country crying when watching it. I think soaps are very good ways of showing and expressing the ways that difficult situations, which most people don’t experience can be dealt with.


1C. Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme of concern has been dealt with in a film or television drama.

    The very recent film which I have seen which I thought dealt with religion and other things that surround ...

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