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GCSE: Baptism

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  1. There is nothing wrong with being a rich christian

    It says that it is only harder for the rich person to enter heaven. It never says that rich people cannot enter the heaven. Also, by the nature of their poverty, the poor always lead a humble life, and they don't have the same life as the rich and maybe want to be rich but they can focus their lives on praying to God and following Jesus, they cannot get distracted by money and wealth. Money is a luxury and a true Christian's happiness can lie within the hope and love from Jesus and God.

    • Word count: 503
  2. Give a brief account of a service of baptism in a Baptist Church explaining the symbolism involved.

    A prayer and a short sermon, often explaining the purpose of a baptism to the candidate, follow this. Another hymn is sung and then each candidate is interviewed. Then two church members explain the meaning and the importance of baptism. In Windsor Baptist church they can say, "We are not made Christians by baptism," and, "It is a constant reminder to us that we have embarked on a new life and have left the old behind us." Next, the candidate is asked three questions to which they answer, "I do." These include: "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God and that He came into the world in human flesh to save us from sin and deliver us from the wrath to come?"

    • Word count: 1259
  3. Who is Jesus?

    when Jesus said she was asleep, Thousands of other miracles were done but people couldn't believe; Only some accounts people chose to believe but not necessarily. Jesus amazed everyone when he walked on water, This was a true miracle and many couldn't believe what they had seen, The feeding of the 5,000 was one of the most famous miracles, How could anyone feed 5,000 people with 2 fishes and 5 loaves? But this is Jesus we are talking about, The Son of God!

    • Word count: 641
  4. AQA Baptism Coursework

    Just like how Baptism was the start of a life closer to God for Jesus; it is the same for Christians today, especially the case of the Baptist Church, where it is a way of expressing their faith in Jesus, and also it is the beginning of a new way of life, where they will try and do all they can to follow God's word. While the Baptists view of baptism, like other churches is a life closer to God, there are aspects of the baptism that differ between the Christian Churches.

    • Word count: 1573
  5. Religious Study and Ethincs on Seven Sacrements, Prayer and Self-development

    After baptized, we are all God's children. We are all brothers and sisters. Baptism is a path that reunites God and us, which reunite a Father and children. Before we baptised, the relationship between God and us is being blocked, but baptism will remove that obstacle and those who baptised will return to their Father's arms. After cleansing, the baptised people will have a new beginning, as their sins have been cleansed, they will be set right. They will become closer to God than before. I think this is the most important meaning of baptism, because it symbolizes that God have forgiven all the sins that the baptised have done, and an eternal relationship between God and them have been maintained.

    • Word count: 1020
  6. Christian Theology on the Holy Spirit

    Jesus died on the cross for the sins of humans and sin can be seen as selfishness. i.e- a pleasure just to satisfy the human self. God orders all humans to be pure and gives them laws/commandments to live by. The Holy spirit is believe to be part of the trinity which is another fundamental Christian believe. The trinity consists of the father the son and the holy spirit. Christians are called to Love God and the Holy Spirit. It is important that if a person wants the guidance of the holy spirit that they ask for it because the holy spirit will only work inside a person if a person allows it to work inside them.

    • Word count: 529
  7. What is a mass?

    Then we have the Penitential Rite, Penitential Rite means saying sorry to God. This process is to ask Jesus to forgive our sins. After the Penitential Rite, we will have the Liturgy of The Word and we will have the "Gloria" before that. Usually in Sunday mass, we sing out the Gloria. Gloria is the opening prayer, which expresses the theme of the celebration, follows the prayer of worship, thanks and praise. (Dimensions of Christianity) When the Gloria have finished, we have the Liturgy of The Word, three readings from the bible, there is one reading from old testaments, one reading from new testaments then the Gospel.

    • Word count: 675
  8. A Study Of Baptism

    When the believer descends into the baptistery steps, into the water, it identifies with Christ's death. The candidate is the totally immersed under the water; they have 'died' to their formal sinful way of life. Christ also died and was buried and God raised Jesus to life on the third day- this is symbolised in the believer's baptism by them coming up out of the water. He or she now has a new life with Christ. The Baptism Service is for mature teenagers and adults who have already come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord~ the Baptism Service is a way of showing this publicly.

    • Word count: 1100
  9. What is Abortion?

    Later on in the story he "breathes" his spirit into us, so we must be important as Gods spirit is living in us. The Holy Spirit guides us throughout our life. We know this from the New Testament, when Paul said "do you not know you are a vessel of God's spirit? ". Human beings are social and need to relate and interact with others. Anything that jeopardizes this relationship is viewed by religious and non- religious as wrong.

    • Word count: 562
  10. Explain how Marks Account of Jesus baptism has influenced Christian beliefs and understanding of the sacrament of baptism. Refer to the central features of infant and Believers Baptism in your answer

    Baptism is the sacrament which welcomes us into the Christian community and the Kingdom of God by using everyday substances such as water, oil, a white Garment, Candles and the sign of the cross. Water is a symbolism of our daily life and baptism, we use water for drinking, washing, cooking and life, oil is a symbolism of healing and strength used everyday in heating, healing, pollution and wealth, the white garment is a symbol of purity and light seen everyday in clouds, cleansing-ness and surrender, the candle symbolises light and new life found in fire and guidance, the sign

    • Word count: 3250
  11. Baptism for todays Christians

    In this statement God acknowledges Jesus as His unique Son, and the object of His love. His approval of Jesus is the assurance that Jesus will fulfil his mission of salvation. The baptism of Jesus is the moment His Father in heaven confirms Him as the Messiah. In baptism God is accepting us as unique, and also the object of his love. In baptism God also approves of us, and makes us members of the Body of Christ and in doing this He wishes us to continue Jesus' mission of salvation in our everyday lives by passing on the faith.

    • Word count: 2007
  12. Explain the meaning and significance of Baptism for Christians today with particular references to how being baptised might affect the behaviour, lifestyle and decision making of Christian believers today.

    There are some organisations which would help them at those difficult times. The next step in the baptism is the reading at the lectern. During this part, the "Word of God" is proclaimed to nourish faith of these present people in the church. It is to teach the children to talk to God in prayers. Children will learn this from their parents in the future life. The readings from the gospel will guide the candidate to be Christ like because they consist of the teaching of Jesus who is the example for them.

    • Word count: 974
  13. Explain how Mark's account of Jesus' baptism has influenced Christian belief and understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism.

    I am pleased with you." Jesus' baptism marked a significant moment in his life. He showed he approved of John's Baptism, when he allowed John to baptize him in Jordan. However his baptism was unique, it had certain characteristics that had not been part of the ritual of cleansing. When Jesus was submerged in the water, the entire Trinity was presented and God's voice marked not only the approval of what Jesus was doing at that time but also of what it meant for his future, a new life of teaching God's love.

    • Word count: 1467

    Before baptism parents attend a preparation class to fully understand what they are promising. At an infant baptism (Roman Catholics) promises are made by the god parents these promises are made because the godparents take a special interest in the child to encourage the child in the Christian faith. Usually a male infant will have two males and one female godparent and a female infant will have two females and one male godparent. Sometimes there can be more. Holy water is sprinkled onto the infants forehead this symbolises the sins getting washed away (the original sin)

    • Word count: 610

    One denomination that choose to baptise babies soon after birth are the Roman Catholics they believe that it is important to baptise infants because they believe when infants are born they are born with original sin from Adam and Eve. So baptism cleans the original sin and the infants start a new life. Also Roman Catholics have other beliefs about baptism one of their beliefs is to baptise infants as an introduction to god to show its faith anther belief is that baptism is way of welcoming a infant into the community another belief is

    • Word count: 500
  16. Free essay

    Baptism, and what is it?

    The exorcism and the anointing cast out evil from the child; the original sin of Adam is driven out by God's power. Augustine of Hippo said 'would indeed alone suffice, without actual sin, to bring man to damnation unless baptism occurs'. The child is anointed with the oil of catechumens. On behalf of the candidate, the godparents make promises to bring up the child in a Christian life by using the baptismal promises using the apostle's creed. Next, the actual baptism takes place.

    • Word count: 718
  17. Baptising babies is pointless, Do you agree with this statement?

    However if someone is not baptised they can not fully take part in their religion. Baptism opens doors to the other sacraments so without being baptised the child can't receive communion or tell their confessions. Also, baptism is a welcoming into the community so although the parents may not have much, or any, faith it is also up to the child's parish to bring it up religiously. Though, personally, I don't think that is reason enough to baptise people as babies rather than adults.

    • Word count: 694
  18. Explain the meaning and significance of Baptism for Christians today with particular references to how being baptised might affect the behaviour, lifestyle and decision making of Christian believers today

    Every Christian is called by God. Every Christian is given a vocation to use his/her life and talents as a member of God's family. Different people can fill their vocation in different ways. Some can chose to join a Religious Order, others may be called to be a priest, deacon, bishop or nun, and others may just be a good example of father, brother or any type of lay person. Christians who belong to the Baptist Church can chose to become a Ministers, preachers or lay people who live according to all commandments.

    • Word count: 1082
  19. AO2 BAPTISM (RE)

    I think this has a lot of influence on parents who understand this statement and believe it, so they have their children baptised so that God will forgive them for their sins, throughout their lives. Also this is why Adult baptism today tends to be more popular because as people get older they want to be forgiven for all their sins and cleansed of them so instead of them just doing a reconciliation they can be baptised.

    • Word count: 531
  20. Beloved, a Christ Figure?

    Originating from the highly spiritual land of Africa, the black slaves of colonial American often turn to their faith during times of need and hardship. Being forced to suffer many horrible and cruel ordeals, the slaves accepted the Christian faith that was being presented them. Nevertheless the slaves knew that the Christian faith was of the white man; therefore, it was necessary for them to incorporate their cultural indigenous beliefs in it. Baby Suggs is the oldest in the Suggs family.

    • Word count: 1000
  21. Free essay

    Baptism coursework

    Holy Spirit come upon us to give us strength to deal with the difficulties of life, and finally baptism means Salvation, it cleanses the person of original sin just as the water cleansed Jesus. There are two forms of when Baptism should be administered; these are known as Infant and believers baptism. In infant baptism, Christian parents want a new born baby to be part of the family of God the baby's parents make a decision to bring them up as part of the Church community of believers.

    • Word count: 982
  22. Central features of Baptism

    Water is used for cleansing too. Baptism brings inner cleanliness, cleansing the soul from sin. And finally, water also refreshes. Baptism refreshes the candidate by giving them joy and strength. They have begun a new and exciting journey with God. Infant baptism is the most common of the two. Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist and United Reform Churches practise infant baptism, each performing a liturgical service. The ceremony takes place around the font. This is a large basin or structure that holds blessed water and it is usually placed either at the door or near the front of the church.

    • Word count: 1050
  23. Explain how the story of Jesus' Baptism in Mark's Gospel helps Christians to understand why baptism is important in the Church today. Select and explain the most important features of infant and believers baptism.

    Jesus' baptism was the starting point of his public life which involved preaching, teaching and working miracles. These are the defining qualities of Jesus of which we base our faith on, and all of which happen after his baptism. This makes Jesus' baptism, and baptism itself seem all the more meaningful and it is why, to this day, Christians hold baptism with high importance and respect, and get baptised. There are two main forms of baptism: Infant and Believers' baptism. Infant baptism is when babies are baptised, whereas Believers' baptism is when adults are baptised. Consequently, the two ceremonies differ slightly.

    • Word count: 1173
  24. Baptism today

    It gives a person a clean start in life and cleanses them from original sin. This is very important in the modern day as sinning as become very common in the world. This helps people to change their ways and to follow a more Christian approach to life. Almost every Christian church in the world celebrates the sacrament of baptism. There are two different types baptism in the modern Christian Churches. The first and most common is infant baptism. Anglican, Methodist, Orthodox, Roman Catholic and the United Reformed Church all practice this method.

    • Word count: 1094
  25. Describe a service of baptism in a tradition with which you are familiar.

    Keane (1995) says, "These are followed by a homily and prayers of the faithful." After the priests homily the liturgy ends with the "Litany of the saints". The child id also exorcised at the ambo removing all bad or evil spirits and is anointed with the oil of catechumens and the party then move to the font. When all the party have arrived at the font the priest blesses the water and "Asks the parents and godparents to renew their baptismal promises" C.

    • Word count: 696

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