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GCSE: Baptism

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  1. "Baptising babies is pointless." Do you agree with this statement?Give reasons for your answer showing you have thought of more than one point of view." I do not agree with the statement, 'Baptising babies is pointless

    However, some may argue that a baby is not born with sin, therefore cleansing it is pointless. Baptism can bring the love of God to a sick child. In this way, baptism could be viewed as a protective sacrament, guarding the baby from harm. Infant baptism gives the family the chance to publicly thank God for the birth of their child. Infant baptism is practised by Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians, and Methodists. Although the parents make the baptismal promises on the child's behalf at baptism, it is the child's own faith that will allow them to live out their life as a Christian.

    • Word count: 624
  2. "Baptising babies in pointless" Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

    Many parents see baptism as one of the best things they can do for their child. In baptism the candidate is cleansed from original sin. Original sin is a weakness in all humans, which keeps us in a state of separation from God and so many people seen it as the very important to rid an infant of this burden of life as soon as possible. The grace we receive in baptism overcomes this weakness in us all and brings God into our lives. For centuries infants have been baptised, almost from the very start of the church.

    • Word count: 944
  3. Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers baptism.

    The celebration of the word of God includes a number of readings that stress the importance of this sacrament. One of the following readings may be read out to highlight the significance and meaning of this sacrament. 1. The Baptism of Jesus 2. Jesus' Conversation with Nicodemus 3. Paul's letter to the Romans. After the readings the 'prayers of the faithful' are said. These prayers will be for the child, the parents and godparents. There should be a prayer; for the new life given in baptism and asking the saints after whom the child is called to pray for the child.

    • Word count: 2842
  4. Baptism is the ceremony in which a person becomes a member of the Family of Jesus Christ and God;

    The priest may breathe upon the child's face and exorcise the evil spirit. It was said St. Augustine makes use of this apostolic practice of exorcising to prove the existence of original sin. Then the infant's forehead and breast are signed with the cross, the symbol of redemption which is the Salvation from sin through Jesus' sacrifice for His people (The New Covenant). A few Bible readings are read by a homily from the priest, whilst the meaning of Baptism is explained.

    • Word count: 909
  5. Explain the Meaning and Significance of Baptism for Christians Today

    Baptism is an outer sign of inner change. The outer sign is the celebration afterwards and the Anointment with the Oil of Catechumens and the inner change is the first sacrament in which you are deciding and choosing to believe in God and follow in Jesus' footsteps. When a Baby is baptised it is called an 'Infant Baptism', it is done to rid the child of 'Original Sin' and so that the child can grow up in the Christian Faith and be forgiven for any sins they commit throughout their life.

    • Word count: 795
  6. Describe the process of Baptism

    It marks an end to the person's former sinful life and a beginning to their new life with Christ. The other reason is that it is an act of renunciation. The candidate is asked if they will repent of their sins and denounce evil. They are giving up their past sinful existence and embracing Jesus's teachings. Baptism is only for teenagers and adults who recognise Jesus as their Saviour. Before being baptised, the candidate will be asked to attend preparation classes for approximately a month. These weekly classes consist of studying the Bible. The baptism service is usually part of the Sunday evening service.

    • Word count: 891
  7. What is Baptism?

    In a Roman Catholic Church we are baptised as infants. In infant baptism children are baptised using a font. Infant baptism is when a child from a Christian family is invited to become God's child. As babies are too young to take vows the parents and God parents do it for them. Their parents and God parents vow to bring their child up in a Christian environment. It starts off with the welcome. The priest asks the parents and God parents if they will bring up their child as a Christian. He reminds them of their responsibilities as Parents and God parents.

    • Word count: 715
  8. Christianity in rime of the Ancient Mariner

    Sure enough, the Albatross saves the sailors by breaking up the ice surrounding their ship and allowing them to float freely in the water. The bird saved the sailors as Jesus Christ saved mankind from a sinful destruction. Coleridge uses words of religious significance like "Christian soul" (65) and "God's name" (66) to describe the coming of the Albatross. These words invoke a sense of grandeur and power in the Albatross giving it a feeling of omnipotence. As the sailors are freed from their earthly bonds of ice, the Mariner, in lines 68-70 explains: And round and round it flew./The ice did split with a thunder-fit;/The helmsmen steer'd us through (68-70).

    • Word count: 1095
  9. Baptism is the rite of initiation into the Christian church and the family of God, it is important because it's the start of Christian life

    After a reading, which is usually about being born again to eternal life, the priest gives a short homily on its meaning. The bidding prayers are said for the child, parents and godparents. Next the exorcism, in which the priest raises his hand and says "o, God you sent your son to cast out the power of Satan, set this child free from original sins and he then anoints the child with oil of catechumens. It is after this the child is brought to the baptistery where the parents and god- parents renew their faith and answers the baptismal promises for the child which will be renewed at confirmation.

    • Word count: 641
  10. Belivers Baptism

    It is also to show that his whole body has been cleaned - not by the water, it merely signifies that our soul is cleansed from sin by the blood of Jesus Christ. Water is used because it is the substance that it usually used for cleaning things so by being baptised in water it shows you are now clean from sin. Water also gives life, revives us and helps to feed us. When the person emerges from the water the pastor exclaims, "You have been baptised "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.""

    • Word count: 828
  11. The Meaning and Significance of Baptism

    Jesus expressed his thoughts on baptism, saying "go, then to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples, baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Peter also reinforced this telling people to turn away from their sins and be baptised. Most Christian denominations believe in the importance of baptism, with exception of Quakers and the Salvation Army who do not believe in its significance. Infant baptism cleanses us of original sin. We are all born with original sin due to Adam and Eve.

    • Word count: 2344
  12. What do we mean when we talk about the Japanese lifetime employment system?

    At his baptism the Father and the Holy Spirit were present, meaning the trinity was present. After his baptism around the time of Pentecost Baptism had become to have a much deeper meaning as you had to promise to believe in Jesus as God's son, the true lord and in his resurrection. At Baptism they would receive the Holy Spirit and have their sins forgiven. They would also become part of the Christian community. As the faith became bigger and more people were getting baptised families started to get baptised and amount of young people increased and infant baptism became very popular.

    • Word count: 1950
  13. Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers' baptism

    Infant Baptism Infant baptism celebrated by many different religious within the Christian community including the Methodist Church, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, United Reformed and the Church of England. Baptism in these churches is very similar and contains similar main points in the ceremony but I am going to describe the main points in a Roman Catholic Baptism. There is a formal welcoming and an invitation to let the child become a member of the church at the door. The priest asks if the godparents are willing to help and have the responsibility of bringing the child up into the church along with the parents then the child is welcomed into the Christian family.

    • Word count: 2390
  14. Baptism in the Baptist Church

    Describe a baptismal service and the role played by all those attending. A baptismal service is usually performed in front of the church congregation and it would be common for the individual's relatives to attend. It is in front of these people because they are the witnesses of this giant leap of faith. In a Believers Baptism the individual is completely submerged in the water. The Baptism usually occurs during the Sunday service and at the start of the service a small bulletin would be given out. This would include a little background about those getting baptized during the service.

    • Word count: 1087
  15. Explain the difference between believers Baptism and Infant baptism?

    It is derived from the practice of John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus, and probably from the Jewish tebilah (a ritual bath). Matthew 28:19 calls upon Christians to make disciples and to baptize them. In the early church, baptism was administered after a period of preparation (catechumenate), preferably at Easter. It was performed in conjunction with the rites later called confirmation and Eucharist. The effects of baptism were believed to be union with Jesus in his death and Resurrection, forgiveness of sin, the gift of the Holy Spirit, membership in the church, and rebirth to new life in Christ.

    • Word count: 1643
  16. "Discuss the rite of Baptism. How might its meaning be explicated in a secular society?"

    In receiving it, we receive upon our persons the seal of his covenant promise. Moreover, one source which demonstrates the meaning of the rite of baptism is the sixth chapter of Romans. After having presented a lengthy discussion that it is by faith in Christ that people are redeemed, Paul admonished the Roman Christians to live as though they were indeed redeemed. Paul cited their baptism as a picture of their union with Christ. He wrote: "Don't you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?

    • Word count: 2027
  17. An Analysis of How Coppola Uses Editing, Sound and Camerawork to Create Suspense in the 'Baptism and Murder' Sequence In 'The Godfather'.

    Coppola uses editing, sound and camerawork to create suspense. He uses these scenes to show clearly to the audience how Michael's position in the family has risen in the family hierarchy, making him the new Godfather. To begin with, the scene opens with an establishing long shot of the inside of a Catholic Church. Here, Coppola has particularly enhanced the diegetic sound of the baby's piercing cries and the calm drone of the church organ. These two contrasting sounds cause an unsettling feeling, which to the audience can give the sense of suspense.

    • Word count: 1036
  18. Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers' baptism

    The priest then gives a short homily explaining the readings to the people. After this there are Bidding prayers asking God to help the parents and the godparents. All people are born with original sin (that is the sin of Adam). The priest uses God's power to exorcise the evil. He then makes the child holy by anointing them with oil, known as the oil of catechumens. (The meaning of this oil means strength against temptation, sin and evil.) On behalf of the child the godparents then make promises to live a Christian life.

    • Word count: 717
  19. Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers baptism.

    We were reminded that reading and preaching the word of God would stimulate our faith. The readings and psalm stressed the importance of baptism as a prerequisite for life and eternal life. The gospel told of Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus, about being born again to eternal life through water and the spirit. During the homily the priest spoke to us of the mystery of Baptism and encouraged us to accept the lifelong responsibilities which come with this sacrament. Prayers of the faithful followed this. These prayers were not only for the baby, but the parents and godparents also..

    • Word count: 1284
  20. Explain the meaning and significance of baptism for Christians today.

    The church does not know of any other means than baptism that assures entry into eternal beatitude". 'Catechism 1257' When we are born we are born into our family, our blood and genetic family. Parents want the best for their children. They want their children to have all the opportunities they have had, and to enjoy all the things they themselves have found enjoyable in their own lives. So parents who belong to a church want their children also to be part of the church.

    • Word count: 775
  21. Describe and explain the central features of infant and believers baptism

    "you are accepting the responsibility of training him to the practice of the faith. It will be your duty to bring him up to keep God's Commandments." The sign of the cross is traced on the child's forehead (symbol of belonging to God). "I will now trace the Sign of the Cross on your forehead and invite your parents and god-parents to do the same" A celebration of the Word of God Readings take place from scriptures, showing the importance of Baptism.

    • Word count: 823
  22. Explain the meaning and significance of baptism for christians today.

    In addition, the submersion in water represents Jesus' own death and resurrection. By using the same methods of baptism we are following Jesus' footsteps. The white garment in which the infant is clothed in, or the white clothing, which the adult would wear during Baptism, represents innocence and purity. They are cleansed from sin, whether it is original or personal sin. The messiah's holy colour was white as seen in the transfiguration. At a believers baptism they are already active Christians beforehand and so it is a significant part of their lives in that it is the sign that they are true Christians.

    • Word count: 555
  23. Describe and explain the essential features of infant baptism and believers' baptism.

    Also, they realise that God will still love any child that has not been baptised, so they can choose not to baptise until the person is old enough to decide for themselves, and they will still have the love of God. Also, they believe only adults should be baptised as they did during the time of Jesus, so they decide to follow the way of Jesus himself. They themselves baptise adults once they are over 16 and can choose to commit themselves to God's family.

    • Word count: 632
  24. My Turn.

    He had filed bankruptcy, and his debt came on my mom; thousands and thousands of dollars. My mom didn't have much money at the time; she was working as a full time Rn and working overtime everyday. My middle brother was deep into drugs and violence and at times wouldn't come home for weeks or months at a time. My oldest brother was in rehabilitation and was dealing with his own drug problems. My mom was already in debt plus she was paying for my brother's rehabilitation costs. My family has never been very religious, but usually went to Church now and then.

    • Word count: 831
  25. Infant Baptism in the Catholic Church.

    through exorcism. The priest then anoints the child with the oil of catechumens on the chest. The oil of catechumens is a sign of strength against temptation, sin and evil. The Baptismal promises now take place. The water is blessed and the priest asks the parents and godparents to renew their faith, this includes the rejection of all sin. Water is a sign of new life in the family of God and death to sin. The child now is baptised by pouring water over the forehead three times whilst the words, "I baptise you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," are said by the priest.

    • Word count: 2131

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