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GCSE: Christmas

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  1. Mark refers to Jesus by different titles. Explain the meaning and significance of these titles for Jesus' first followers and his followers today.

    Each time this title is used it is used at a significant and important part of the gospel. In the Old Testament, we can understand the meaning of "Son of God" by saying that it is used to describe a person who was close to God, and had a special relationship with him. When we refer to Jesus as the Son of God we have an idea that he has a special relationship with God because during the Baptism of Jesus God speaks to him directly: "As soon as Jesus came up out of the water, he saw heaven opening and the Spirit coming down on him like a dove.

    • Word count: 1923
  2. City in Winter

    Ants busily clamber into cracks in the jigsaw-like pavement, regardless of anything in their multiple "to and fro" paths. The wandering river trundles on, searching for new life to contain and nurture, perhaps to take. The mangled pieces of driftwood rise up and out of the swirling waters then sink down like a capsizing ship making its final groaning descent into the murky depths of the grieving waters. Under the arched bridge the newly woven starling's nest wavers precariously in the winter wind while red-breasted robins and energetic blue tits light up the dreary city skyline with their wonderful livery and chirping songs.

    • Word count: 715
  3. Relgious Studies : Disciples Coursework

    He finally realises he has wasted his father's money and returns to him, full of guilt. But when he arrives he hasn't got time for an apology before being treated like an honoured guest by his father, and having a feast laid on for him. Yet the older brother refuses to go into the feast, and complains that his brother is rewarded for straying from the traditional past. In this, the younger brother is a gentile, or a Jew who had forsaken God, who is the father.

    • Word count: 1166
  4. The dark side of Christmas

    The thought of how much technology has changed but how little the death of human death has changed. They still tried to fit the person's whole life into one small sentence fitted upon the gravestone. I thought graveyards was a thing of the past for me on several occasion I had to visit them but not for too much longer of both my granddads deaths. I was alone in the cemetery not a sole to be seen, this helped me to gather my thoughts towards the living and the dead.

    • Word count: 1051
  5. Explain What Christians Believe About The Death Of Jesus

    On the other hand fundamentalists would tell you Adam and Eve once walked this earth like you and me and they would also agree that there is a meaningful knowledge behind this for us all to look and take heed from. All Christians believe that Jesus was the Son of God, in Mark chapter one verse eleven a voice from heaven came and said, ' You are my own dear son, I am pleased with you' As Jesus was the son of God and in fact partly God that made him perfect in all ways.

    • Word count: 872
  6. What Discipleship meant to the first disciples and for Christians today.

    They both were fisherman to working for their father Zebedee. They were later known as 'Sons of Thunder'. They immediately left everything while fishing with their father to follow Jesus. The other seven were Matthew who was later known as Levi, he was a tax collector working for the Romans. The disciples would have hated him, as he was a tax collector. There was Bartholomew, Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaes and Simon of Zealot a violent man who hated the Romans. The only odd one was Judas who was from Judea. It is very important that Judas was different was different because he later was going to betray Jesus which was very damaging because later on Judas killed himself.

    • Word count: 2426
  7. “It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world.” Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

    They do not think it is possible for they do not have faith. Many people who agree with this statement do not understand the true meaning of discipleship, so they therefore think it impossible to be a disciple of Jesus in the modern world. They feel that a disciple was someone chosen by Jesus to follow him. People argue that although some Christians feel they understand what Jesus wants them to do, they actually don't, and it is far to complex for a normal human being to understand and to class themselves as disciples of Jesus.

    • Word count: 655
  8. Is it more difficult to be disciples of Jesus today, do you agree? Give reasons to support your opinion and show that you have thought about different points of view

    Every country in the world has Christians. This means that there are more churches, so that makes it easier to celebrate the word of the Lord. There are churches all over the world. There is probably a church within a mile from your house. Thirdly RE has to be taught by law in schools so you can get all the information about Christ from your teacher that you need. This also means that children from a young age know about Christ and his disciples. So you can have roughly 11 years of religious education.

    • Word count: 590
  9. Choosing one Eucharistic celebration show how it follows New Testament Teaching.

    It consists of two readings. The first is from the Old Testament, mainly about God's unfailing love. The second is from the New Testament. Usually from the letters of the Apostles, deepening our understanding of what we have been taught. We should listen to Jesus' teaching. In mass we do this by listening to the Gospel. It is a very important reading and the congregation stand to acknowledge the word of Jesus.

    • Word count: 571
  10. What picture of Victorian life is created by the novel A Christmas Carol?

    The mother of the family was very much the organiser of the family, planning dinner or parties. She would not be expected to do manual work around the house like washing, cooking or cleaning. She would be called 'mama' and saw upbringing as an important responsibility. Between her and the father they believed firmly that a child should be taught the difference between right and wrong and a child should be punished 'for his own good'. 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' is a quote often used by parents of that time. The children of such aristocratic families saw little of their friends and from an early to a late age spent most of their time in their nursery.

    • Word count: 1900
  11. Why Do Christians call Jesus Lord?

    This shows that he was a very special man who many people followed and loved. The word lord is a kind of verbal tag; it lets all nations talk about Jesus in a way that everybody can relate to. This is almost a universal language for the followers of Jesus. Normally only the rich and famous where called Lord it was a big thing for the person. It meant that he was respected throughout the land and by everybody. We must remember that Jesus did not live in Europe; the word lord may mean a totally different thing in Hebrew, Lord in Hebrew is "Yehovah" or "YHVH".

    • Word count: 703
  12. Why is Jesus’ example of self-sacrifice and suffering death and resurrection are important for Christians

    Then the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world and said to him, 'all these will be yours if you worship me' and Jesus commanded him to go, there by sacrificing his own wants for others. But the ultimate self-sacrifice was giving up his life, Jesus dies on the cross, he gave up his life for the forgiveness of our sins.

    • Word count: 507
  13. People Inspired By Jesus’ Teachings

    For example they did not have any possessions or any significant amounts of money except what was required. Also they took people in and cared for them while they were sick or they also anointed the people who were dying on the streets and in their hospice.

    • Word count: 439
  14. In what ways does the belief in the resurrection of Jesus affect a Christians actions in worship and everyday life?

    (Nicene Creed) This creed was drawn up to defend the Christian Church against the argument that Jesus was not really God but simply a very good human being who was awarded 'the rank' of God. Tariq Husseini Christians, also, ponder the meaning of Jesus' death. They, and the disciple, whom knew Jesus well, believed that he was not only an innocent person but was also the Messiah. Also Christians look into the meaning of the Resurrection. Many Christians want to emphasise the Resurrection without talking about the death.

    • Word count: 688
  15. The Last Supper

    So, little did the disciples know that what was essentially a Jewish feast celebrating the freedom of slavery, would result to the replacement of the Old Testament Passover, with a New Testament meaning. The importance of the meal for Jesus. Jesus, like any other Jew, celebrated the Passover meal. This was celebrating the event of the Exodus, which was the most important Jewish meal in remembrance of how God saved his people from slavery in Egypt. In any other Jewish house, or rented room, the atmosphere would be of laughter, enjoyment and remembrance.

    • Word count: 1006
  16. “In our society, prejudice causes just as many problems as it did in Jesus day. It can take as much courage to overcome it today as it did then."

    The tax collectors were employed by the Romans to collect extortionate sums of money from Jews who could not afford to pay up. The tax collectors made the Jewish citizens pay even more. Most tax collectors were fraudsters but even the few who weren't were still prejudiced against by the Jews. The tax collectors were viewed as traitors to the Jewish cause and treated w In Jesus' time Lepers were prejudiced against by Jews and Gentiles.

    • Word count: 443
  17. Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles.

    The disciples were shown to question Jesus' identity as to "Who is this man?" The cause for their bewilderment, is that to them, Jesus looked like a mere man and it was known to them that nature didn't comply with the orders of a mere man. But as Christians today, we know that Jesus was not just a mere man. This miracle meant to the disciples that Jesus was not who they thought He was, a mere man, Jesus was the Son of God.

    • Word count: 1850
  18. What Christmas means to Christians

    But for the Christian, Christmas means much more than this. For most Christians, the most important part of the festival is not the food or the parties, or the presents. It is the fact that they are celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    • Word count: 270
  19. Festivals Coursework:Lent, Holy Week and Easter

    According to the Gospels, Jesus spent forty days in the desert during which time he faced temptations and prepared himself for his ministry. Christian tradition therefore makes Lent last for forty days. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning time of Lent. However, this actually lasts for six and a half weeks before Easter which is more than forty days but most Christians say that the Sundays in Lent does not count which brings the days of Lent down to forty. Some other Christians make Lent the forty days leading up to Holy Week, but Holy Week is the time for special fasting and prayer.

    • Word count: 3456
  20. R.E. Coursework: Last Supper

    By saying on this night the Jewish family make the memory real for the present moment. This is important when looking at what Jesus did at the Last Supper. The Passover is divided into four main sections. The introduction is the first section. The meal starts with the blessing of the first cup wine by the oldest male. This cup is drunk as a symbol of Joy. With the first cup of wine, a dish of bitter herbs and a puree of figs, dates and almonds are served.

    • Word count: 1792
  21. The Meaning of Christmas for Christians

    'Christians believe that by coming into the human situation God was revealing himself and his purpose for mankind,' Westhill. At Christmas, people see their families and have fun. Jesus showed people that they should love their neighbour, and Christians make sure that they are kind to all people at Christmas. They also remember how Jesus taught people to help one another, and they think about the disadvantaged people in the world and pray for them. It is the season of goodwill and forgiveness for sins. The most important way for Christians to celebrate at Christmas is through worshipping God.

    • Word count: 1783
  22. What is Discipleship?

    Jesus eventually came across Levi, who was a tax collector, sitting in his office. Jesus said to him, ' "Follow me." ' (Mk 2.14) Levi got up and followed him. This call was so unusual because tax collectors were hated by the jews and so why would they listen to Levi's preaching. Jesus probably called Levi to make an example to people how Christianity forgives people for their sins and allows them a second chance. Levi must have wanted to change his life because he left immediately without any hesitation. When the Pharisees criticised Jesus for mixing with tax collectors he answered, ' " I have not come to call respectable people, but outcasts."

    • Word count: 2149
  23. The Suffering, Death and Resurrection of jesus in important to modern day Christians, as it gives a message of support from God

    If evil has been defeated, they must have asked, 'Why are we suffering instead of being rewarded for our faithfulness?' one of marks aims was to provide reassurance in the face of this question. He made it clear that Jesus felt he had been abandoned. "Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?" Mark15: 34 Mark shows that Jesus had foreseen that both he and his followers would suffer. Jesus also taught that the 'Son of Man' had to suffer in order to educate people of God's plan, therefore people could relate to him, even if his teachings were at times, unclear.

    • Word count: 1103
  24. What has Christmas Come to today?

    Christmas has changed through the years of celebration. During the Christmas season, there are so many things to take one's attention that we have tendancy to miss the true meaning of Christmas. Some link Christmas with decorated trees, sentimental carols, and parties. Sometimes people are so occupied with tinsel, toys, and turkey, that the real meaning of Christmas is lost. In recent generations, Christmas has involved spending money. In my opinion, money that we don't have for things that we don't need. Advertisements of toys for children. In many other articles people may have described Christmas as being too commercial. How can we define Christmas being too commercial?

    • Word count: 1030

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