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GCSE: Christmas

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  1. RE Coursework – Suffering, Death and Resurrection

    They expected Jesus to be like their last king David who was a great warrior. So when Jesus came and told the world he was the "Son of Man" people were surprised as he didn't look like a warrior. In fact Jesus was a preacher and a healer who would help the world in another way. Jesus told stories with meanings (parables) and tried to help people understand what God wanted them to do. To understand how Jesus differed from Jewish expectations you have to know about him. He was born in a stable, the first sign that he would not be a warrior king, and grew up as a carpenter, under the guidance of his stepfather Joseph.

    • Word count: 799
  2. Explain the meaning of discipleship for the first disciples and Christians today.

    Mark shows us the supreme authority Jesus had to call men, in such a way that they responded immediately. Not every one however responded positively to Jesus' call, 'The Rich Young Man' is an example of such. The young man boldly asked Jesus what he must do to gain eternal life. Jesus reminded him of the importance of keeping the commandments, naming the most practical ones in a random order. The young man said he had been faithful to them since childhood. Jesus felt this man possessed the qualities of goodness and would make a good disciple. Like the fishermen giving up their boats, and Levi giving up his position as a tax collector, this man was expected to drop everything and follow Jesus.

    • Word count: 1699

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