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GCSE: Quakers

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  1. The Quakers

    The rigid adherence in the l8th century to a particular form of "plain dress" (e.g. no lapels or buttons) did not survive the l9th. Only the "plain speech", noticeably the use of 'thee' and 'thou' and of numbers for the days of the week and for the months continued into the present century. The use of 'thee/thou' was not unusual during the first half of this century among Friends who had been brought up in Friend families (then termed "birthright Friends")

    • Word count: 530
  2. The Quakers (Society of Friends) was formed in the 17th Century. It was thought that a man called George Fox helped form the group and gave its name Quakers.

    they believe actions are not necessary and everything comes from your heart. The room had six sides this had no spiritual meaning; it was so each speaker could be heard in the room as they believe in equal rights. There was a table in the centre of the room containing various books, including the Bible, Quakers Faith & Practice, Structure of Friends, and Advices & Queries. The table was not called an Altar. The Meeting House didn't have any icons, symbols or even a crucifix. This was because Quakers believe in simplicity and are against wealth and corruption.

    • Word count: 689

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