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GCSE: Hinduism

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  1. The Fight For Indian Independence.

    At that time it was illegal to make salt without having a permit (a rule made by the British) so Gandhi and a lot of his followers marched many a mile to got to a river and make salt. The British ordered their soldiers to attack Gandhi and his followers. The press who were at the march made news reports saying that the British are cruel and shouldn't rule India. This is what Gandhi had tried to achieve. This made the British look bad all over the world.

    • Word count: 893
  2. When Pakistan was born and became an independent country.

    3.3 million Hindus fled East Pakistan, 1.3 million Muslims fled from India into East Pakistan. Meaning lots of people were immigrating and emigrating, this caused a huge rush on trains from Pakistan to India visa versa. The partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 resulted in the greatest migration of people in history. In the fall of that year, 12 million people became refugees as Muslims in India fled to Pakistan, and Hindus in Pakistan fled to India. (See refugees packed on a train on this poster right.) Many people crossed the border illegally but it was very hard to catch them out of the millions that crossed the border that month.

    • Word count: 727
  3. What Is Hinduism?

    They may worship the same gods, but they do not share the same beliefs. Ancient Persians first used the name Hindu over 2000 years ago to describe the people living near the River Indus in North India. Modern day Hindus prefer Sanatan Dharma to describe their religion. It means the eternal way of conduct. There are about 700 million Hindus in the world. Most live in India but also other countries including the U.K were around 360,000 Hindus live.

    • Word count: 352
  4. Select and explain the important aspects of a Buddhist Temple.

    A temple is made up of a few different buildings. Firstly there is the temple itself. This is a very ornate building where the Buddhists will meditate, pray and worship. Secondly is the building that the monks live in. There is also in some Temples a "meeting" building where the monks will welcome visitors. These buildings are usually named after a bodhisattva or some other strong influencing spirit in the Buddhist religion. Leading up to the temple, there are usually steps. These steps will be surrounded by incense sticks. I visited a Buddhist temple in Wimbledon, London, and these incense sticks were five foot high.

    • Word count: 550
  5. In the opinion of the house honesty takes you further than hypocrisy.

    Hypocrisy is what keeps you on your feet in the present world. Take George Bush for example. As president of the United states he is one of the most powerful men in the world today but yet he is claimed to be one of the biggest hypocrites. Dec 13th,2001- Headlines in the Hindu - ' Pakistani militants attack Indian Parliament ' Dec 14th ,2001- Headlines in the Hindu- 'President Bush condemns attacks and says that Pakistan should back their words with actions' Exactly 10 days later while flipping through the Hindu I see the headlines.

    • Word count: 854
  6. The Hindu marriage ceremony consists of several steps.

    The main three are- Pre marriage- Mahendi and Peethi The marriage ceremony (wedding) Post marriage ceremonies A day before the wedding the palm and feet of the bride are decorated with "Mahendi". A canopy or mandapa decorated with flowers is erected at the place of wedding. On the wedding morning, various ablutionary rituals are performed on both the bride and the groom in their own homes.

    • Word count: 347
  7. Social Structures - Sacred space.

    It may have a small statue of Krishna or a picture of Shiva or Durga. If the householder has a guru, a photo of the guru will appear, to remind the worshipper of the guru's teachings. This shrine will be the focus of household puja, (worship). Offerings of food or drink may be laid before the statues, and prayers may be said. Hindus also believe that rivers are sacred due to their idea of the river is meant to have purifying and healing powers. An ideal resting place after death and cremation is in water.

    • Word count: 913
  8. A Hindu Marriage Ceremony.

    Each family has its own priest who builds a sacred fire. A priest leads the ceremony. He prepares for the Havan by lighting the ritual fire and reciting hymns calling on the gods to bless the occasion. When the groom arrives he is garlanded with flowers. The couple are seated by the sacred fire. In the past there would have been a veil between the couple until they were married as they would not of known each other. Then the couple will have met but often the bride and groom partly cover their faces.

    • Word count: 580
  9. Descriptive Writing

    As we enter the small village of Ramappa, the stately palm trees standing tall on either side of the small dusty road seem to give us a grand welcome. Ramappa is surrounded by emerald green hills covered by a variety of trees from coconut and tamarind, to mangoes, neem and teak. With the lake as a water source, there are many paddy fields dressed in shimmering green, row upon row, seeming to welcome the rising sun. As we drive slowly towards the tourist bungalow (where we plan to stay for the night), we notice an island nestled on the middle of a placid, blue lake, at a safe distance from intruders, but close enough to spark our imaginations.

    • Word count: 738
  10. Hindu wedding traditions

    If you are hit by the kalira (bauble) on the bride's bangles, you are probably the next to marry! Preparations for a Hindu wedding To Hindus, marriage is regarded as a sacrament and the Hindu male needs to get married to enter a vital part of his life: grihasti (the householder). It is his socio-religious duty as it fulfils the three aims of a man's life: 1. Dharma: his duty to his family and society. 2. Prajana: children. This is where he is expected to have children to benefit his family name, the human race and appease the souls of his dead relatives.

    • Word count: 721
  11. Hinduism - When a Hindu does dies.

    At the point of death, the Hindu's family is able to mourn, however, they mustn't show too much emotion, as this disturbs the spirit. (I think that this teaching is good, because it helps the mourners to stop mourning ~ because not mourning, is the best thing for the dead Hindu's soul. This gives a reason for the relatives to stop mourning, and start coping with their loss.) In India, the dead Hindu's funeral must be within a day, wherever possible, and in England, it should be within three days.

    • Word count: 837
  12. What I think of Mohandas Gandhi.

    The British brought trains, planes, automobiles, cricket, and the English language. Why should someone have to ride around on a camel all day just to get to the grocery store, when one thirty minute train ride can get them there without the hardships? No one should ever want to drag India back to the middle ages. Natural tradition is not lost or forgotten. India has not lost her identity, just fixed it up a little. In chapter three, Creed of Non-Violence, Ahimsa is mentioned.

    • Word count: 886
  13. Hinduism - Have you ever wondered if Hindus worship one God or many Gods, why do Hindus worship images and icons, why does the God in Hinduism have multiple names and multiple forms of God?

    * There are human and animal forms of Vishnu. Brahman The syllable OM, also spelt AUM, is believed to have been the first word or sound spoken when the world was made. Brahman made this sound. There is not a picture of Brahman as Brahman is a spirit and he pervades the universe, which means he is everywhere. Brahman is God in Hinduism and all the other Gods are to show different aspects of Brahmans personality and characteristics. The Hindu Triad The Hindu triad consists of 3 Gods. The three Gods are called Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.

    • Word count: 575
  14. Hindu worship.

    Hindus wash thoroughly before prayers at home. When they enter a temple, they remove their shoes. They show respect to the gods by making offerings of money or food (rice, nuts or fruit) to the shrines of the gods. Puja begins with the washing of the images of the gods. They are washed with water, and sometimes with a milk based mixture called panchamrit. Next the images of the gods are anointed with a perfumed, coloured marks made of haldi (turmeric) and kumkum.

    • Word count: 372

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