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GCSE: Hajj

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  1. Analyse how one personal devotion expresses the beliefs of Islam. he Hajj is an Islamic religious ritual which incorporates and expresses the beliefs of Islam through the various stages of the pilgrimage.

    During the pilgrimage of the Hajj, it is the expected that all male Muslims wear white clothing and female Muslims wear simple clothing as it unites all Muslims together regardless of colour, race, and language with faith being the superior bond. The belief in the one and only Lord, the creator of all things who sustains and maintains creation is the first of the six pillars of faith. Through believing in this Muslims must single out Allah as the object of all worship and can demonstrate this through either physical or spiritual aspects.

    • Word count: 1177
  2. Describe what happens when a Muslim participates on Hajj

    The only stitched item that is not prohibited is a money belt if needed. Also, soap or other scented items, and I they are intentionally rubbed on the cloth, or the cloth is fouled by 'najas' (dirty) material, i.e. excrement, it must be exchanged or another, for fear of the Hajj being invalidated. As part of these preparations, all pilgrims are expected to ready themselves for the limitations that are opposed on them during Hajj, for example, they must not shave, cut nails, or engage in any sexual activity.

    • Word count: 1158
  3. What is Hajj? and what does it involve?

    The Ka'aba is a large, black granite stone structure set on a marble base. The four corners point North, East, South and West. ; I got this picture of the BBC website. This week-long event occurs two months and ten days after Ramadan ends, during the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah, and its culmination is a holiday known as Eid ul-Adha. The Hajj consists of several ceremonies, meant to symbolize the essential concepts of the Islamic faith, and to commemorate the trials of Prophet Abraham and his family. Over two million Muslims perform the pilgrimage annually, and the rest of the over one billion Muslims world-wide celebrate the Eid holiday in conjunction with the Hajj.

    • Word count: 1132
  4. Hajj GCSE

    Secondly a Muslim must be debt free and must have earned or made their money honestly. Finally Hajj is a tough and physical challenge so the Muslims must be fit, healthy and be able to manage the physical demands of the pilgrimage. Hajj consists of many activities, these are: Tawaf, circling the Kabah seven times. Saiy, running between mount Asafa and Almarwa seven times. Arafat, standing from noon till dusk on a Dhul Hijjah. Mina, making a sacrifice and stoning the devil, this is done on the 10th Dhul Hijjah.

    • Word count: 1593
  5. Pilgrimage R.E. coursework

    Pilgrimage was long and very dangerous - not at all like a holiday! It may have taken many years. The pilgrims would usually travel in groups, and stay in monasteries or inns overnight. The golden era of pilgrimages was, unsurprisingly, the Middle-Ages. Rome, Cologne, Santiago Compostela, Canterbury and Walsingham are but a few of the places which were not only key places of pilgrimage, but also cultural and economic centres. During the Reformation many pilgrimage centres were destroyed, yet the idea of pilgrimage remained strong in the minds of many Christians. In Chartres Cathedral a labyrinth is detailed on the floor, on which people would make an inner journey; a pilgrimage without an arduous physical journey.

    • Word count: 1554
  6. Fasting is the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food and in some cases drink, for a period of time

    For example David Blaine fasted for 44 days, drinking only water. In fact, the illusionist believed that he experienced a higher spiritual state and that living without food and human contact will lead to "the purest state you can be in". Fasting can also be linked to religious practices. For example the period of time called Lent. This is where Christians give up a certain food or drink for 40 days. The forty day period is symbolic of the forty days spent by Jesus in the wilderness. Another example is when Buddhist monks and nuns following the Vinaya rules commonly do not eat each day after the noon meal, though many orders today do not enforce this.

    • Word count: 1621
  7. What are the difficulties of living in Britain if you are of the Muslim faith?

    They represent the branch of Islam that came through the caliphate, which started with Abu Bakr. Shi'a Islam, also Shi'ite Islam, or Shi'ism (Arabic: ????, Persian:???? translit: Shi'ah) is a denomination of the Islamic faith. It is short for Shi'at 'Ali (Arabic: ???????? ?, or "the party of 'Ali"). Even though it is the second largest denomination of Islam, among the hundreds of millions of Muslims Shi'a Muslims are considered to be a minority in number. Shi'a Muslims adhere to what they consider to be the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the religious guidance of his family whom they refer to as the Ahlul Bayt.

    • Word count: 1087
  8. Describe why a Muslim would want to go on The Hajj?

    Being together all for the same purpose 'a common bond of devout servitude to Allah' unites the Muslims and reinforces that sense and bond of brotherhood and making them aware of their link to the Ummah. This is particularly important for Muslims living in a non-Muslim country, as they may feel more united to other fellow Muslims. This pilgrimage renews their faith in Allah and makes them feel more connected to him than ever before. Pilgrims express their devotion to Allah by going on the Hajj as they have to undergo various tasks that demand control and determination.

    • Word count: 1243
  9. Ramadan: "Describe what happens at the fast of Ramadan"

    So anyone of you who witnesses the month should spend it in fasting..."2 It is the month of fasting (not eating or drinking) between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Muslims must also refrain from having sexual relations and thinking or committing evil thoughts/deeds (such as envy, stealing, rivalry and lying) throughout this time. "If you do not give up telling lies, Allah will have no need of your giving up food and drink."3 Nothing must enter the mouth (including chewing gum and cigarettes)

    • Word count: 1031
  10. Fasting: "For Muslims fasting has both advantages and disadvantages"

    "After a day's fasting, I feel as if I have achieved something. I feel like I've somehow got stronger."4 This feeling is shared by many Muslims, contributing to the mutual feeling of unity. Knowing that they are part of a community who are all going through the same experience can help Muslims to keep going. It can also bring families and friends closer together. The hunger and thirst that they all go through is a reminder that everyone, man or woman, rich or poor, is equal in the eyes of Allah. This helps Muslims to develop sympathy for the poor as well as appreciating what they have more.

    • Word count: 1039
  11. In some religions pilgrimage is not an important commitment for all believers, in Islam it is essential. The Hajj, the Pilgrimage to Makkah, is one of the Five Pillars of Islam on which the faith is tested

    Hajj means to "set out with a definite purpose" and is a requirement of every Muslim, who can afford it and is physically able to undertake it, to go once in their lifetime. Hajj has to be made between the eighth and thirteenth of Dhul-Hijjah (the twelfth month). Hajj demand much more than all the other Pillars of Islam, it requires a complete suspension of all worldly activities for a few days. This means that for these few days the human soul is living and moving for God only.

    • Word count: 1873
  12. Describe What happens during Hajj All Muslims must travel to Mekkah, at least once in their lifetime, to perform Hajj

    This emphases their state of spiritual purity and shows they are all equal in the eyes of Allah. Next they say a prayer called Talbiyah, the first of many prayers performed during their journey. After the prayer they are guided to the temple by a mutawwif (guide) to do their first Tawaf, which is where they circle the temple 7 times, to symbolize when Allah did it hundred of years ago. It begins in the South East corner where the black stone is encased in a silver frame. This historic stone has stood there ever since the 17th Century.

    • Word count: 1677
  13. THREE POWERFUL RELIGIONS. Judaism, Islam and Rastafarianism.

    How do you know you are Jewish? If your parents are Jewish and you have not adopted another religion you are considered Jewish. As a Jewish child you are taught from a young age to read the Torah (holy scriptures), a part called the Shema which explains Jewish beliefs (and also needs to be said before death). Jews believe that using g-d as a role model is important, as g-d cares for eveybody, Jewish citizens believe that they are the holy ones so use g-d to set an expamle for others.

    • Word count: 1745
  14. Explain the importance of Ramadan for Muslims and the ways it might affect their lives

    When a Muslim has an "urge" he/she is told to think of Allah, this raises the level of God-consciousness. The month of Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, prayer, doing good deeds and spending time with family and friends. In the evening some Muslims go to the mosque to perform extra prayers in a congregation, called Tarawih prayers. Every night during these prayers, one thirtieth of Koran is recited, so that by the end of the month, the entire Koran has been read. People wish each other "Ramadan Kareem" or "Ramadan Mubarak", this means a successful, happy and blessed month.

    • Word count: 1541
  15. Muslims, who follow the religion of Islam, are widely discriminated against both here in Australia and through out the world largely as a result of various historical, political and legal occurrences that have given way to accusations and misinformed assu

    Harassment in the workplace and schools has also transpired with many Muslims feeling that they are denied equality in the workplace and school with regards to treatment and respect for their rights just because they are Muslims. This type of harassment has also take place on the streets as well, where many Muslims are able to recall incidents where they were on the receiving end of many negative barbs and insults and hostility. The physical and emotional effect of these types of examples of discrimination, prejudices and inequalities suffered by Muslims has affected them in various ways.

    • Word count: 1429
  16. I have decided to do my pilgrim work on Bethlehem and Lourdes using internet and books for research. So what is a pilgrim?

    Then Allah knows you had Niyyah (which means intention in Arabic) of going, and in his mind you are there and forgiven. Before a Muslim can go on Hajj they must be organised, finished all there duties and responsibilities and pay for any outstanding debts. Part of being a Muslim is obeying rules here are some rules: first you must be a Muslim; you must be physically fit because some of the challenges are tough like running between al-safa and al-marwa, you must leave previsions for your family & you must pay for Hajj in an honest way.

    • Word count: 1768
  17. Describe what happens when Muslims perform the hajj.

    As soon as Muslims arrive in Mecca for the hajj they should perform wudu in preparation to perform tawaf, once wudu is done they will begin tawaf and circle the Kaaba seven times. If it is the first time the pilgrim has performed the hajj the pilgrim will enter through a gate called Bab Al Salam which translates roughly as "the gate of peace". When performing tawaf the pilgrims will hold hands to keep the crowd moving, they will also recite the following, "O lord, grant this house greater honour, respect and awe; and grant those who respect it and make pilgrimage to it, peace and forgiveness.

    • Word count: 1639
  18. "What is involved in pilgrimage?"

    They are always surrounded by people who share their beliefs and they are all in the same place for the same reason. They all worship God together and care for each other and people on pilgrimage might feel they need to thank God, Mary or a saint for blessings they've received or they might want to ask God for forgiveness for any sins they may have committed. Some pilgrims have their own personal reasons for going such as in Lourdes.

    • Word count: 1000
  19. Misconceptions of Islam

    Islam can literally be translated to mean submission to God and is derived from the root word meaning peace. One should always remember to go to the true source of Islam and separate what the true religion of Islam says from what is portrayed in the media. Many consider Islam an exotic religion or even too extreme for the modern world. But this is because religion does not dominate everyday life in the West, where as, Islam is consider a way of life for many Muslims; who from the teachings of the Quran have learned to balance their material and spiritual life.

    • Word count: 1718
  20. "For Muslims, fasting has both advantages and disadvantages" - discuss in relation to Ramadan

    There are many clear advantages and disadvantages to fasting over Ramadan and I personally can see that it would definitely affect one's life for good and for bad. An official statement on an Islamic website about the way fasting should affect your life says - "Normally the fast should not affect the daily avocations, and it should not be a pretext for neglecting normal duties. A fast means a greater effort to perform all the usual duties and something else, more prayers and more charity, and all this in the absence of food and drink". The Qur'an says - "He(Allah)

    • Word count: 1108
  21. Hajj and Ramadan.

    Before entering Makkah Muslims have to perform certain things. They have to make sure their wearing ihram. Wearing ihram symbolises 3 things: > Equality > Self-sacrifice > Single-mindedness Once in Makkah to show their love and affection for god they circle the Ka'bah several times. This process is known as the Tawaf. Whilst doing this if the pilgrims can get close enough to the Black Stone they will kiss it or touch it. Once this is finished they perform another process called the Sa'i this is the process where pilgrims run or walk between mount Safa and Marwa.

    • Word count: 1509
  22. Five Pillars of Islam.

    The second statement says that Muhammad is God's messenger. Salah- Muslims are required to pray five times a day, just before dawn, at midday, in midafternoon, just after sunset, and at night. Salah is the most important demonstration of a Muslim's devotion to God. Many Muslims use prayer mats to ensure that the spot upon which they are praying is clean. The salat consists of reciting certain phrases and passages from the Quran in combination with special bodily movements. These movements are called Rakah and they include standing upright, bowing, sitting, and prostrating.

    • Word count: 1556
  23. Pilgrimage has been part of Christian tradition for hundreds of years.

    There are many different approaches to Christian pilgrimage. I'm going to focus on two differing approaches. The reflective, quiet, penitential approach, I will discuss the activities at Lough Derg to explain this type of approach and the communal, joyful, praising approach, I will discuss the activities at Lourdes to explain this type of pilgrimage. Off the coast of Southern Ireland is an island called Lough Derg. It is also called St. Patrick's Purgatory because the pilgrimage takes place on the island where St.

    • Word count: 1696
  24. 'O believers, you must fast so that you may learn self-restraint. Fasting is prescribed for you during a fixed number of days.

    One should try to curtail one's worldly pastimes as much as possible during Ramadan, and to be particularly inclined towards charity and alms giving. Human life is dependent on food and drink and the continuation of the human race depends on the marital relationship. While fasting one refrains from them both, as if bearing witness to God that for His pleasure man gives up the factors (temporarily) upon which his very existence depends. The various other benefits of fasting are that man gets to exercise sacrificing physical comfort and to endure hunger and thirst.

    • Word count: 1849
  25. Hajj is the pilgrimage Muslims take to Mecca.

    The first stage of The Hajj is at the Ka'ba; it stands in the courtyard of the great mosque. Muslims walk around this at a very fast pace seven times, anticlockwise, this symbolises love for God and is called Tawaf. The belief is that Adam was sent down from heaven and he walked until he got to Arabia, where god let down the Ka'ba for him to pray, The Ka'ba is now known as the house of God. There is also a black stone in the Southeast corner of the courtyard, which pilgrims try to touch or kiss this also shows love for God.

    • Word count: 1881

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