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GCSE: Miscellaneous

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  1. What is a mosque?

    Domes are very common to have in mosques now especially in the Middle East. They are decorated on the outside and inside they have beautiful tiles in a symmetrical pattern. MINARETS Victoria Park mosque use to have minarets; but due to the new extension they have none at the moment. However, in many Islamic countries have minarets. The minaret is a place where the muezzin calls for prayer (adhan). It is a tower that is either attached or built separately to the mosque. It is preferable for the muezzin to say the adhan for prayer from something high enough for the call to carry to the local people.

    • Word count: 3947
  2. The Mousque

    And anyone can pray anywhere if the put a mat down on the floor where it is clean and for example someone can pray in the side of the road or pray at home, therefore anyone can prostrate themselves to Allah. Such as the Musjid describe the practise of prostrate their selves to Allah. And Islam also means peace and blessing to Allah and it also brings peace in their people's lives. In the same countries you can recognise there mosque's because you can probably have a traditional and external features of a domed roof and minaret, and some mosques have elaborated mosques.

    • Word count: 1150
  3. Mosque Coursework

    Instead, he made the mosque splendid by the perfect domes and semi domes as well as the splendid minarets. The mosque covers a large area, there's a big courtyard where some ablution fountains are located. These ablution fountains are for people who are getting prepared to pray in the mosque. Before praying, one should wash his/her face, arms, neck and feet as well as mouth and nose. This is a basic cleaning. There are beautiful marble steps right in the middle of the courtyard, leading to the main courtyard.

    • Word count: 5201
  4. Mosque- a place of worship

    (Qur'an 20:14) The word mosque was invented by Spanish Christians over 500 years ago and means "mosquito" in their language, whereas the Arabic word 'masjid' literally means a place of prostration and is originated from the Arabic word 'sajd', which means to prostrate oneself. This is because a mosque is anywhere a Muslim kneels down to prostrate himself wherever he may be, as long as the place is clean and hygienic because Allah is present everywhere and is omniscient. The Holy Qura'an states: "Do you not see that God knows everything in the heavens and on earth?

    • Word count: 2349
  5. Fasting goes on every day (29/30 days) of the month of Ramadan and all fit, healthy adult Muslims should and must fast from dawn to sunset.

    Once the new moon has been spotted during the ninth month, the month of Ramadan officially begins. The Islamic calendar is a lunar one, so Ramadan occurs at different times every solar year, so that the season in which you fast always changes. Fasting goes on every day (29/30 days) of the month of Ramadan and all fit, healthy adult Muslims should and must fast from dawn to sunset. Fasting in Ramadan does not just simply mean giving up sweets or some other enjoyable treat. This means abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking and conjugal relations during the hours of fasting.

    • Word count: 2216
  6. Essay on the mosque

    The star and crescent is usually situated above the dome and the minaret. It is the symbol of Islam. The five pointed star symbolises the five pillars and the crescent and star symbolise the greatness of Allah. It is also a symbol of Allah's guidance throughout life. The internal features of a mosque consist of the prayer hall. The prayer hall is a large hall with no seats. There are no seats because everyone is believed to be equal before God and that there is space needed for prayer movement. Muslims sit side by side and the women and men are separated.

    • Word count: 932
  7. Free essay

    Festivals, Fasts and Special Days Essay

    They attend a congregational prayer in the mosque, and a special sermon is given to Muslims that attend. The Imam talks about the importance of giving to the poor. Families and friends gather together and share a meal. They also exchange gifts and cards and wish each other a happy Eid Mubarak. Many Muslims also visit the graves of relatives that have died and this unites the ummah, the brotherhood of Islam, and reminds them of their preparation towards the Day of Judgment. In Islamic countries, Eid ul Fitr is a 3 day holiday. b) Explain why Muslims keep Ramadhan.

    • Word count: 787
  8. Essay on Muhammed

    The angel held out a piece of silk cloth with words written on it in Arabic. The angel passed on Allah's first command to Muhammed which was to 'read', but Muhammed could not read because he was illiterate and had not learned to read or write when he was young. Angel Jibreal repeated the command three times and Muhammed repeated the passage on the silk after the angel. The angel then said to Muhammed, 'Muhammed you are the messenger of Allah and I am Jibreal'. The Angel Jibreal then left Muhammed. After the angel had left, Muhammed was scared and left the mountains to tell his wife, Khadijah, about the incredible miracle that had just happened,

    • Word count: 782
  9. Essay on Death and Life After Death

    The head is left uncovered and prayers are said. Both the rich and the poor are treated the same as they are equal before Allah. The body is then taken in procession to be buried in a cemetery. In Muslim countries a coffin is not used and the grave is therefore dug to fit the size of the body. This is because muslims believe that it is important to be in contact with the earth. However, if the body is buried in a non Muslim country and a coffin is used, the lid is usually left off.

    • Word count: 1027
  10. Five Pillars of Islam Essay

    Salah is the prayer performed five times a day - dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and night. This prayer can be performed anywhere that is clean, but it must be facing the direction of Mecca. Before Salah, Muslims must ritually wash and stand on clean ground or a prayer mat. Salah must be performed for the right intention or in Arabic niyyah. Salah is performed in a set pattern and there are movements that are performed called rakahs. Salah is obligatory for men, women and children from the age of 12. Zakah is almsgiving or giving money to the poor and needy.

    • Word count: 783
  11. Re- Muslim women should not have abortions, how far do you agree with this statement

    'Do not take life - which Allah has made sacred except for just cause' This shows that if a Muslim was to abort their child it would be an act of shirk because they are taking death into their own hands, they are acting as god. When you have an abortion you are killing the foetus of the child that is inside the mother but some people may argue that the foetus is not yet a child so it wouldn't matter if the mother has an abortion.

    • Word count: 901
  12. Muslim Views on Marriage in Modern Day Society

    Young Muslims face most problems, as in modernised countries such as Britain, it is normal for people to date. However Muslims are not permitted to date and so when they live in these countries it is hard for them to resist as every one around them does it. They may start to feel alienated and become withdrawn from their friends and due to this they may be pressurised into having a relationship to blend in with others. In Muslim countries like Pakistan all Muslims have arranged marriages, but the couple must agree to the match or it cannot go ahead, because if a couple are forced to marry it is believed that the marriage is doomed to failure.

    • Word count: 1038
  13. Outline the roles which Angels play within Islam

    These exercises concern the establishment of time and day and other functions. There are also daily tasks regarding souls being given and taken, the cycle of life and death. The conducting of these assignments by the Angels is one considered being very significant to our lives and our existence as it is when these very tasks are carried out which determine when we are born, when the day begins, when we must retreat from the sea further up onto the beach (because the tide is coming in)...

    • Word count: 410
  14. Islam Family Life coursework

    This continues until the parent's death. However the parents do expect this to happen, and expect their children to obey them, because for what they have done for them all their life, which is why Muslim families are so tightly bonded with each other. Children are expected to treat their elders, and parents with high respect: * They should listen when they speak * Not to walk in front of them * Not to sit down before they do * Do not speak badly of them or any others parents.

    • Word count: 1166
  15. The Life of Muhammad

    His nurse took him back to Mecca to be under the care of his grandfather. There Muhammad learned that Mecca was one of Arabia's most important pilgrimage cities. In 578 his grandfather died and then he went under the wing of his uncle who looked after him for many years when he was eight. It is believed that he thought God had given him shelter when it was needed. When he was a teenager he helped his uncle as a shepherd boy to earn his keep.

    • Word count: 621
  16. Can you be a muslim without going to the mosque? Discuss

    "Wherever the hour of prayer overtakes you, you shall perform it. That place is a mosque." (Hadith) Another reason is that, many Muslims believe that God is omniscient (all-knowing). So if God is all-knowing, do Muslims really need to worship in the mosque? Wouldn't God know that they are worshipping somewhere else? "Do you not see that God knows everything in the heavens and on earth? Three men cannot talk together in secret, but He is the fourth...Neither fewer than that or more, but He is with them, wherever they may be." (Surah 58.7) Some Muslims believe that as long as you have the correct intention (Niyyah)

    • Word count: 659
  17. The beliefs and practices of Christianity and Muslims

    It is prohibited in 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115. Christians are allowed to eat all meats and to drink alcohol. Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol because it is stated in the Quran that they are banned to do and Quran?s words Muslims follow as the law. 1. Muslims have to stick to their Dress Code because that is their religious belief and they should respect their religion as they law. Where in Contrast, Christian people does not have any dress code that they have to follow.

    • Word count: 1508
  18. The Hijab is not a political flag, nor a sign of extremism. Its a symbol of self-respect and modesty

    The Hijab is simply a piece of cloth which covers a woman?s hair, neck and bosom. Literally, Hijab means veil, which is a barrier. In a sense, our Hijab is a barrier between us and the public eye. It is meant to protect us from the dangers of society. The command for Hijab is addressed in Surat Nur of the Qur'an. Allah (SWT) says: ?Say (O Muhammad) to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty that is more purer for them; and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.

    • Word count: 1114
  19. Yasir Qadhi - the aim of life for Muslims(notes on Islamic beliefs and practices)

    believe in the books 5 you believe in the resurrection of the day of judgement 6 you believe in Qadr What is ihsan Is that you worship allah as you thou can see him even is you cannot see him he sees you We believe in the 6 pillars and we perform the 5 pillars 3 How do we perfect these aspects of worship We perfect our worship primarily through 2 matters 1 knowledge 2 spirituality (to get to a level of inner taqwa) e.g. the 5 prayers 1. the knowledge of how to pray and how the prophet (SAW)

    • Word count: 691
  20. The Islamic View of Teenagers

    Islamically this is a totally unacceptable phenomenon. There is no state of limbo in Islam ? an individual is either a child or an adult. If he is a child then the parents should be guiding him towards developing n Islamic personality. He should be taught how to live to attain Allah?s pleasure only.

    • Word count: 468
  21. It is important for Muslims to believe in miracles

    The Qu?ran is the basis of the faith and the role that Muhammad played in this is very important. Muslims also believe in other prophets and the miracles they performed, eg Moses and the Red Sea, or Jesus and healing people. This would show how important it is to believe in miracles or one is denying the greatness of Allah. The miracles or ayahs are signs to Muslims of Allah?s existence and how He intervened through Muhammad to reveal His teachings as well as the Qu?ran are testimony to the importance of this person and miracles.

    • Word count: 394

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