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GCSE: Sikhism

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  1. Sikhism (Detailed)

    began preaching to others that there should be tolerance of other faiths; it made sense to some people. He taught people that the differences in people's religions were not important in God's eyes. He tried to spread his teachings to everyone everywhere Although the exact account of his journey is unclear, he is widely known to have made four major journeys, across thousands of kilometres. The first being east towards Bengal and Assam, the second south towards Ceylon via Tamil Nadu, the third north towards Kashmir, Ladakh and Tibet, and the final tour west towards Baghdad and Mecca.

    • Word count: 2183
  2. What Are the Qualities That Have Kept Kim Constantly In Print For a Century?

    It was normal for a schoolboy to perceive a 'native' as a cannibal. Kim can be seen as different from the majority of these novels as it is not racist or one-sided. Kim maybe British but is influenced almost entirely by his upbringing into Indian life. Kim also has complex personality, which matures as he learns from other personalities, such as the lama. By birth Kim is a white, Irish boy, Kimball O'Hara, whose father was a soldier in an Irish regiment. But, as we see in Chapter 1, he has grown up as an orphan in Lahore, 'a poor white of the very poorest', looked after by a half-cast woman, probably a prostitute.

    • Word count: 2113
  3. R.E Coursework - Sikh Marriage

    The decision to seek marriage may be influenced by a number of considerations. Normally the older daughter should marry before her sisters. If the young person is undergoing higher education marriage will be deferred till after graduation. An older brother whose father has died waits until his younger brothers and sisters have received an education or training and the girls have been married. The emphasis upon family life as that which God has ordained is such that few Sikhs wish to remain single. The family assists in finding a partner. Suitability should have as its criteria virtuous qualities, temperament and age.

    • Word count: 2719
  4. What is the difference between a Sikh, a Sahajdhari Sikh and a Khalsa? Please explain in context with the definition of a Sikh given in Sikh Rehat Maryada.

    If a Hindu was interested in become a Sikh as many thousands were during this time then he would first dispense with his Hindu belief and study Gurbani and do the Nitnem prayers. Right from the times of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the procedure to become a Sikh was to get the Pahul from the Guru and follow the instructions given by the Guru. In 1699, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji changed the traditional method of giving 'Pahul' into 'Khandey di Pahul', he told all the members of the Sangat to adopt this way, if they wish to become part of the new Sangat - Khalsa.

    • Word count: 2623

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