Religious attitudes to miracles, euthanasia, abortion and family life.

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Believing in God – first paper.

Question 2

(a) Atheism is the word that means that god does not exist

(b) One religious experience is a miracle. A young boy, who was handicapped since born, could not eat, walk, speak or do anything for himself by himself. His parents took him to bibi Fatima’s grave (holy Islamic bibi) and as soon as the boy touched the holy grave, he was cured, he was speaking and walking. His parents were full of joy and could not believe there eyes. All who were there, around the boy, who saw what had happened, wanted to touch him as he was a miracle; Allah performed this miracle via bibi Fatima. This is a religious experience.

(c) A religious upbringing may lead someone to believe in god as if all your life you have been taught that there is a god then there is no reason why you would doubt that and automatically believe that there is a god as this is what your parents have taught you and what you have always heard. I am a Muslim and have been brought up in a Muslim household and so I know what it is like. I always have and always will believe that there is a god because this I what my parents have told me and this is my religion. I will never ever doubt that because I have seen miracles like that young boy, I have heard everything that my holy prophets went through in order to keep Islam, and so I know that there is a god. However, if I wasn’t bought up in a Muslim household, but in a household of no religion, then I don’t think that I would have believed that there is a god because my parents never told me and I would not have been bought up being told that there is a god or read the holy qur’an which tells me that there is a god and Mohammed is his messenger.

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(d) ‘There is plenty of evidence that God exists’

I agree with this statement as I believe that miracles prove that god exists. I don’t think that any human could perform a miracle and only something with an enormous amount of power could do that. Also the fact that there are so many religions that believe in god should surely tell you that there must be something out there seeing as millions of people believe there is.

Matters of life and death – paper 4

Question 4

(a) Voluntary euthanasia is when someone is dying in ...

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