Religious Studies - Euthanasia

        “Everyone has the right to die with dignity.”

        Some people might argue that “Everyone has the right to die with dignity.” They might argue this because it is your choice whether you want to die or not. Each human has their own rights to decide when they want to die and how to die. If one is terminally ill, one may want euthanasia which literally means ‘a good and easy death’. There are however many types of euthanasia that one may chose from. Active euthanasia is when one tells the doctor one wants euthanasia and the doctor will give something to kill one e.g. a lethal amount of painkillers. Passive euthanasia is when the doctor does nothing to help one live, hence, killing one. Voluntary euthanasia is when one knows one has a disease and cannot be cured; therefore one asks the doctor for euthanasia. Non-voluntary euthanasia, however, is the opposite of voluntary euthanasia. Non-voluntary euthanasia is when one’s life is ended without their consent. Living will, the final type of euthanasia is when one writes in their will, if one is very ill, one gives instructions about speeding one’s death up.

        Another argument they might have is that euthanasia is only helping the patients in pain. Some patients want to die rather than to suffer and endure lots of pain. The patient should never be in excruciating pain. The doctor should be able to stop this pain. These patients will tell their doctor they want euthanasia. However, not all doctors want to do euthanasia because they have a risk of being prosecuted and imprisoned. They will have to go to court and answer lots of questions.

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        Further evidence to support their view is that they shouldn’t be forced to stay alive. Neither the law nor medical ethics requires that everything should be done to keep a person alive. Hospice can be of such help. That is the time when all efforts should be placed on making the patient's remaining time comfortable.

        However, others argue that euthanasia is not acceptable. This is because they think life is sacred and should not be taken away by humans. God is the one who created life, therefore should be the only one that can take it away. To kill oneself ...

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