Religious Views on Peace and Conflict Assessment

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Mati Saidzai 11R                20 Oct. 11

1-  Peace and Conflict Assessment:

  1. What is conflict resolution?

A conflict resolution is when you have to stop a conflict.

  1. Religious people should not fight.

Do you agree? Give two reasons for your point of view.

Yes I agree, because for example in Islam they have the Holy Quran, Allah has stated that the Muslim people shouldn’t fight since Islam is about peace and love, so they will have to follow that rule since Allah has said not to, if they do it will be counted as a sin. If there’s a disagreement just solve it by discussion and forgiveness just like Mohammed forgave Josephs brothers
Same goes for Christianity, it states in the Holy Bible not to fight, it’s not the right thing to do, so mostly no religion accepts fighting so why do it?
Also I think they shouldn’t because they would be setting a bad example to their younger followers in their religion, as they see what they do eventually they will think its right and do the same.

  1. Explain how the United Nations try to bring about world peace.

The United Nations try to bring world peace by letting people bring their problems and let them get heard by every other participating UN country, so it lets people get help from other nations such as the diseases, famine, political instability, etc. The UN provides relief in the form on food, clothing, money, medical expertise, or military presence.
Also if two nations have issues with each other the UN can provide mediation to end the problem, which helps to bring world peace since they are solving problems and making peace.

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  1. ‘If religions practised forgiveness and reconciliation, there wouldn’t be any family conflict.’
    In your answer you should refer to at least one religion.
  1. Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.
  2. Give reasons why some people may disagree with you.
  1. Yes I do agree with this, that’s mainly because in Islam you have to forgive instead of raising a conflict between people in your family, the people in your family are more than other people that walk outside our own brotherhood. If they would forgive their family there will be no conflict between them, just ...

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