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I have been asked to write and research about abortion. Abortion is a very controversial issue and many people think its right and ok, others think the opposite and then there are people that believe it is right only in extreme cases such as rape or under age sex. In my essay, I am going to include, figures and statistics, quotes from the bible and different sided arguments on whether abortion is right or wrong.  


In 2003 the total number of abortions was 181,600, compared with 175,900 in 2002, a rise of 3.2%. The age-standardized abortion rate was 17.5 per 1,000 resident women aged 15-44 (17.0 in 2002). The abortion rate was highest, at 31.3 per 1000, for women in the 20-24 age group. The under-16 abortion rate was 3.9 compared with 3.7 in 2002 80% of abortions were funded by the NHS, of which just under half took place in the independent sector under NHS contract. 87% of abortions were carried out at less than 13 weeks gestation; 58% were at less than 10 weeks. 1,950 abortions (1%) were under ground E, risk that the child would be born handicapped. in 2003 there were 9,100 abortions for non-residents carried out in hospitals and clinics in England and Wales


There are many definitions to what abortion means. Here is a list of a few of them.

Miscarriage/ termination of a pregnancy,

Termination of a pregnancy before 24 weeks gestation, which results in the expulsion of a fetus, which shows no signs of life.

Spontaneous: A pregnancy loss during the first twenty weeks of gestation.

It is the non-spontaneous termination of a pregnancy before the fetus can survive outside the uterus.

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy.

Different sides to abortion

If a woman finds herself pregnant, and does not want to be, what is the best (or least worst) solution for her, the potential newborn that she is carrying, and all the other people involved -- including her boyfriend or husband and their families?
1) To take no action, have the baby and raise it herself (hopefully with support from others).
2) To take no action, give birth, and give the baby up for adoption.
3) To have an abortion and terminate the pregnancy. If a woman finds herself pregnant, discusses her options with her physician, perhaps her spiritual counselor, and the other people involved, and decides to have an abortion. The media often refer to two opposing abortion groups:
 pro-life and pro-choice. Actually, reality is much more complex than this simple either-or binary system.  There are a few individuals, sometimes referred to by the term "anti-abortion," who are so opposed to abortions that they occasionally bomb or set fire to clinics and/or murder abortion providers. The pro-life and pro-choice movements are not homogenous. There is a range of beliefs held by members of both groups. Others believe that abortion is acceptable under some unusual conditions, perhaps when the pregnancy happened as a result of rape or incest. Others say it is acceptable in cases where an abortion is needed in order to prevent the woman from being seriously and/or permanently disabled. Others say it is acceptable in a broader range of cases in which a continued pregnancy would very seriously affect the woman's health.

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Pro-choicer hold a different range of beliefs about the morality of abortion some say that only very early abortions are morally accepted. Some say that only abortions during the first trimester are OK. Some say that an abortion before the fetus becomes viable is OK. Some say that a woman should be able to choose an abortion up to the time that the fetus is born. There is no single right or wrong. Many different sets of beliefs exist among individuals and groups. Most pro-lifers and pro-choicer agree:

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