Should Capital Punishment Be Made Legal?

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Should Capital Punishment Be Made Legal?

In my opinion, capital punishment should be made legal. There are a number of reasons why I have formed this opinion.

Although some people may argue that Capital Punishment is simply a case of 'an eye for an eye', which most people see as wrong, I don't see this as the case, and think that the information I have included here explains why I think this.

The first is that the death penalty would act as a deterrent to criminals contemplating committing crime. An example of this is in Singapore, where death sentences are carried out, and there is generally far less serious crime than there is here.

Secondly, the friends and family of the victim(s) get retribution. In execution the criminal is made to suffer in proportion to the crime, and is a very 'real' punishment, rather than rehabilitative therapy.

Capital punishment permanently removes the criminal from society. This is much cheaper and safer than life imprisonment, and society is given complete assurance that it is safe from this person.
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The cost of keeping people in prison for life is much higher than the cost of executing a prisoner. (Typically, 15 years of imprisonment for an ordinary prisoner costs us £375,000). We also pay for the facilities available to prisoners whilst in prison, such as the facilities available at Parkhurst prison, on the Isle of Wight;

'Within the gymnasium compound we have a large selection of facilities which are available to the prisoners. There is a large multipurpose sports hall to hold activities such as 5-a-side Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton. There is also a Cardiovascular Suite, ...

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