Should Capital Punishment be re - introduced?

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MOHAMED PANCHBHAYA                                                                                  11L


Should Capital Punishment be re – introduced?

   Capital punishment is the legal execution of individuals who have been judged to have committed a serious crime. It was abolished in 1963 after Ruth Ellis was hanged for committing a crime of passion, this execution created a public outcry because it was felt that she had endured an injustice trial. This is still a controversial issue which provokes a lot of debate. M.P’s have consistently voted against the re – introduction of the death penalty, 13 times in total because they believe that we as members of a civilised society should not revert to such an atrocious method of punishment. However, I am in favour of it’s re – introduction due to the staggering increase of atrocities committed in our society since its abolition.

   Nowadays if you switch on the television, radio or read the newspaper, or just reflect on the previous night’s news, the amount of children who have been made to meet their destiny through brutal measures arouses great sympathy. We as members of an advanced society together should without doubt put a stop to this. The only way to put an end to the record number of crimes being committed is to resurrect the only effective deterrent ever known; the legalised method of death. The opposition may argue that by executing the murderer, the punisher is just as evil as the criminal himself, but if a doctor was to remove the hand of a patient because it was infecting the rest of the body, then would you categorize him as evil and ‘blood thirsty’? Similarly by re – establishing the death penalty, punishers are removing the ‘scum’ who are infecting the rest of society.

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   If the retribution of death was to be bought back, then it would discourage murderers from taking innocent lives. Those against may state that capital punishment may be suitable for those whom are rational thinkers, but the fact that some have pre – meditated an act of murder proves that they are not civil members of our society, but instead are abusing the trust of our ‘advanced community’ for their own motives.

   Once again the rival will shield themselves with the excuse of ‘miscarriages of justice’, however, revolutionary developments in forensic science now mean that it is ...

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