Should Women Bishops be Allowed in the Anglican Tradition?

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Should Women Bishops be Allowed

in the Anglican Tradition?

Ever since the ‘Fall of Man’, women have been labelled as ‘lesser’ beings because Eve tempted Adam to eat the fruit off the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Women were housebound, their primary job was to look after the house and their children. Men would go and get a job and earn money for the family. However in the 20th century there was a turning point in women’s’ rights. Certain laws were put in place to ensure that women had equal rights to men, especially in the workplace. But what I am going to discuss in this essay is whether women bishops should be allowed in the Anglican tradition.
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In the Roman Catholic tradition, men and women are treated as equals, co-stewards of creation; they were made ‘for each other’. Pope John Paul II has been keen to support feminism.

Just recently the Pope met the Archbishop of Canterbury to discuss plans of allowing the Anglican community to enter full communion with the Catholic Church, yet also preserve elements of the Anglican traditions including the possible use of Anglican prayer books. However there is discord among the worldwide Anglican communion from the election of an openly gay bishop and the blessing of same-sex unions.

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