"Society in 2005 wants to re-introduce the death penalty in prisons

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“Society in 2005 wants to re-introduce the death penalty in prisons.”

        In this piece of work I will be exploring the death penalty to discover the public’s opinion on the death penalty in 2005. I will be researching students of 2005’s opinions on the death penalty returning in the UK’s prison punishment system. I will look for examples both supporting the death penalty being re-introduced or not supporting it being re-introduced. I used my title to see if people agree or disagree with the hypothesis. I will use my title as a basis to public opinion on the death penalty being re-introduced.

        The various reasons for punishment in prison are based on five main theories developed within the punishment system; these are protection, retribution, deterrence, reform and vindication. Each of them have their own different effect upon those being punished. For example:

  1. Protection- Punishment is to protect society by removing those in danger or removing the danger from society. For example one would be imprisonment.
  2. Retribution- Equal punishment to crime committed. (An eye for an eye.)
  3. Deterrence- Punishment to make the convicted see the error of their ways by committing crimes, hopefully the deterrence will stop those who had committed crimes from doing so again.
  4. Reform- Needs help to be reformed from crime to a responsible citizen. The theory is to make them see the error of their ways and change their personality to not commit crimes any more.
  5. Vindication- Crime should be punished to support laws and stop others committing crimes.

I did a survey using 119 people on their views on the death penalty. I decided to ask random people as they are the generation of 2005 and may be at an age where they may not have known too much about death penalty from previous experiences and so I can get a wider rang of results from different age groups to view the entire public as a whole’s view on the death penalty. I asked 60 Males and 59 Females ranging from all ages. I asked 8 questions along with sex and age.

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Two of the questions were they positive and negative effects on society for re-introducing the death penalty. The two main positive effects of the Death penalty being re-introduced were because it “Gets rid of criminals” and “it’s safer for the public”. The two main negative effects of the Death penalty being re-introduced were “Killing won’t solve any problem” and “you could kill the wrong person”. All points are valid points for and against the death penalty’s re-introduction.

I will also show you more results from this survey. I will show the statistics of my questions using the Microsoft Excel programme ...

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