Suffering, Death and Resurrection - "A cross or crucifix is not suitable for a piece of jewellery"

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Suffering, Death and Resurrection (2)

The statement, “A cross or crucifix is not suitable for a piece of jewellery” leads to many views and opinions, in my opinion I choose to disagree. This is because the cross and crucifix are very important to Christians including myself because it represents Christianity as Jesus died on the cross; this is shown by the crucifix. By wearing a cross or crucifix as a piece of jewellery shows that I am proud to be a Christian.

The cross or crucifix originally was the symbol for all Christians, this is because Jesus died on the cross and the crucifix shows Jesus on the cross. So why shouldn’t a cross or crucifix be suitable for a piece of jewellery? The cross represents my religion and the crucifix shows and reminds me that Jesus sacrificed his life for Christians everywhere as he died on the cross.  By wearing a cross close to my heart reminds me that god is in my heart and all around.

However, some people have different attitudes towards wearing a cross or crucifix. This is because they think that a piece of jewellery made or gold, silver, or diamonds represents their wealth and not their religion at all. So this makes across or crucifix not suitable to wear as a piece of jewellery as the attitude behind wearing it is wrong. A religious symbol should represent your beliefs- not your wealth. Some people wear jewellery because it shows their wealth, but others wear jewellery to look good and attractive. If a cross or crucifix is to represent a person’s looks then again the wrong attitude is behind wearing it. This is because the cross is an important symbol to Christians and should be respected and not worn just to look attractive, but should be worn because you are proud to be a Christian and believe in the beliefs of Christianity.

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If people wear a cross or crucifix and have the right attitude, which is wearing it because you are a Christian and you are proud and respect the religion, then there should be no problem in wearing it. Other people of different religions wear their religious symbols, so why shouldn’t Christians?

However, Christians and other people shouldn’t have the need to wear such religious symbols because if they believe that god is all around then there is no necessity in wearing one. But by wearing a crucifix or cross, it reminds Christians that Jesus sacrificed his life ...

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