Suspense Story - The sun rose over the little town of Glandhill.

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Suspense Story

The sun rose over the little town of Glandhill. The church tower struck seven and far away you could see the farmer setting to work on the fields. It seemed like the perfect town, but all was not well in Glandhill. Only last night 36 year old Brian Fuller was found dangling by his intestines from a lamp post, a pool of congealing blood blood underneath him. The police said that the killer must have been a professional, a doctor or a surgeon as the incisions into the man's flesh had been done very accurately and with a very sharp object, most likely a scalpel.

A week had gone by, everything had nearly settled down, there had been a cremation and the family had got on with their lives.The whole town has held a minute of silence in respect of Brian Fuller. The police had brought in a man but they had little evidince and that that they had was circumstantial. The trial the next day collapsed as he was a tourist and hadnt even been in the country on the night of the murder, the police had failed to check that before the trial.

It was that night that the second murder was committed. Codger and Barry Wallace were walking down their road, only a few meters from the warmth and safety of their home. All of a sudden the streetlights went out. They said to each other that they should have still been at work at the nuclear power station, they would get it sorted. But it was no accident. The very second the street was plunged into darkness Codger saw a gleam, the gleam of the blade. The gleam of the blade that would tomorrow be found protruding out of his torso. Barry was found several meters away, bludgeoned to death with the heavy duty clippers used to cut the power.
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This put the entire city in shock, it was, in effect, a ghost town. Speaking to people other than family became almost as unusual as the murders themselves and going around somebodys house, that was considered mad. The police had arrested several people by now, all of them looking shifty. Among them was Danny Tapp, Craig Allcorn, Ryan Eldridge and Jake Farren. Jake was sentenced but only because he repeatedly stole the constable's clothes. The police force was only making desperation arrests, they were as clueless as anyone. The killer was most masterful, no fingerprints, no hair or ...

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