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The Causes of Divorce

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The Causes of Divorce In America today, one of many people's main life goals is to marry the first person they fall in love with, live happily ever after, and skip gleefully away to live the American dream. However, millions of married couples quickly find themselves turning to divorce as an answer, to ending the fairy tale they had once dreamed. Many people would ask "why?" the perfect couple would choose such a negative ending to their once happy marriage. In some cases, many couples have to question their own motives for divorce. Although there are many alternate roots to fixing the simplest problems that may occur in a marriage, for some, simple does not always mean easy. It is certain that the cause of divorce varies from couple to couple, yet lack of communication, money and children, is among the most common causes of divorce. Lack of communication in a marital relationship, is one of the most common causes of divorce, because when two people lack communication, they are unable to solve problems that may occur in the marriage. ...read more.


Another common cause of divorce is money. Many people say, "Money is the root of all evil," as in a marriage it can be the root of all problems. When one spouse makes all of the financial decisions, and the other spouse does not agree with the decisions that he or she is making, then conflicts can occur between the two of them. Financial obligations that accompany the birth of a child can also cause conflict between the two, when they are not financially prepared for the increase in financial responsibility, which a couple gains when having children. This financial responsibility can affect the marriage drastically, when what seemed to be enough for the two, is not enough to provide for a family. For many married couples, an over-spending of funds by one or both partners can occur. This situation can put the couple in debt, and the debt can become a burden hovering over the marriage. No matter how much love that two people have for one another, it takes money to live a normal life. ...read more.


This often causes spouses to become jealous, because they feel that they are no longer getting the attention that they were once use too. This can often lead to adultery among one or both partners, as the feel they are no longer important to their spouse. Many couples experience this conflict in a marriage, and as a result, they turn to divorce as a way out of an unhappy situation. Divorce, no matter the reason, is never easy. Whether a couple's decision to divorce is for the good or bad, it is certain there are many affects that it has on the couple's individual lives. Many people experience depression, lose property, and find themselves in single parent households, because of divorce. Nevertheless, millions of married couples today, lack the knowledge of how to deal with marital problems. Many couples often go through their marriage ignoring the fact that Problems can and will arise. They tend to take their marriage for granted. Even so, it is certain that no one ever expects the worst to come out the marriage. Many fail to realize that lack of communication, money, and children, is among the most common causes of divorce. ...read more.

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