Aakash Pandya                                                                                                    12/10/2007 R.E. Homework       THE CHRISTIAN VIEW OF ABORTION Throughout this essay, I will be discussing the Christian views on abortion. I will be presenting arguments for and against abortion then will conclude on if abortion is right or wrong. Many Christians believe that abortion is wrong because it is the termination of the
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unborn foetus. They also believe the life is sacred and belongs to God; only he has the right to end a pregnancy. An abortion should never be the answer no matter what the circumstances may be. Christians oppose the deliberate killing of the unborn baby when the mother's life is not in danger. Some pregnant women or girls have their unborn babies killed because they do not want the responsibility of looking after their child. Or they think that if the child lives they will have to give up their career. Or they think it will be too expensive, too ...

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