Explain the Cosmological Argument                

Plato's argument is based on the idea that a thing cannot be self-moving. By this he means that if, for instance, we see a ball flying through the air, we must assume that something caused that ball to move. If we then say that the ball moved because a bat hit it, we can then ask what caused the bat to move - and so on infinitely.

From this Plato concludes that there must be some first cause of motion, which is not itself, the result of some other cause. For Plato, this was "Soul" or "Life", which gave motion to the whole world.

Aristotle tries to prove that movement is eternal and that there is an eternal Prime Mover. He argues that since movement is eternal there can be no first or last change. If there was a first change there would have to have existed something capable of causing change, and to explain why something caused a change at a certain time and not before we must assume some actual change just prior to that time, or a change before the supposed first change. Change therefore must be eternal. Eternal change is explained by the assumption of the existence of a being, which is unmoved (for if it were self-moved it would cause change and also experience it) which can cause eternal movement. This immaterial Prime Mover causes all movement and maintains the eternal life of the universe. In the book “metaphysics” he calls this Prime Mover "God," whose only activity is pure thought. It must think of itself only, since it is the most excellent of all things. It is also believed that Aristotle thought the Prime mover was not religious, as it takes no interest of what goes on in the world.

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In my opinion, Aristotle raises a valid point in the first mover argument. It does not seem logical that the universe was just a coincidence. I believe that something must have started and made the first move and not just fall out of place by chance. However, I would disagree that the prime mover is eternal. I think that what had created, now ceases to exist. In my opinion there seems to be no activity in the world of which is suggested by Aristotle. Also it could be argued that there is more than just one mover within the ...

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