The Existence of God - questions and answers.

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  1. (a) What is a natural evil? (2 marks)

Natural evil are things that cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans such as Natural disasters such as Tsunamis or earthquake

(b) Do you think scientific explanations of the world show that God does not exist?  Give two reasons for your view point (4)

Yes, I do think that scientific explanations of the world show that god does not exist because of scientific theories, as it shows how the world has been designed with solid evidence such as the evolution where simple life forms developed into complex life forms. Therefore science can explain the appearance of design without needing god.

Also, natural elements such as volcanoes and earthquakes, no designed could have created these things.

(c) Explain why the design argument leads some people to believe in God (8 marks)

The design argument approves of God’s existence as it say anything that has been designed needs a designer and only god could have created something as wonderful as the universe. Also, if the world has been designed, the world must have a designer and the only possible designer of the universe would be God. Therefore the appearance of design in the world proves that God exists. Moreover, there are plenty of evidence that the universe has been designed such as laws of science, DNA, Evolution etc

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(d)  “Answered prayers prove that God exists”

 I) Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion (3)

ii) Give reasons why some people may disagree with you (refer to one religion) (3)

  1. No I don’t agree with the statement above as these answered prayer could be just chance and may have nothing to do with God.  For example if someone prays for a cancer victim to get well, they could just go into remission. There can always be natural explanations for a prayer appearing to be answered, and if there can be a natural explanation, then answered ...

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