The Libation Bearers & The Eumenides

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Naquib Rupawalla

Myth and Meaning Learning Log

04th March 2002.

The Libation Bearers & The Eumenides

In the Libation Bearers I do feel that there is a certain parriality between Orestes and his mother. She, too, appeared in public proudly displaying the body of her victim. She, too, declared that the murder was in the name of justice, and that finally the cycle of violence was over. She, too, displayed the robe that ensnared her husband. Orestes does all of these things as well. Although he confidently proclaims that he has done what needed to be done, but this time around the chorus agrees with his doings, whereas they had not agreed with his mother, Clytemnestra.

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Orestes himself says, that his reasons for killing his mother are strong. She murdered his father. She had disinherited Orestes and his sister, and the god Apollo has commanded Orestes to kill her, threatening punishment if Orestes does not follow through with the act. But duty is not as easy in this case. Orestes was still committing a morally repulsive act. He would not escape punishment. I feel that The Furies are symbolic of a simple justice, that the murderer must be punished. In The Libation Bearers I also felt that the spotlight was more intensely on the house ...

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