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The Punishment must fit the crime

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The Punishment should fit the Crime Oliver Latham 10J A young teenage girl walking home was murdered. The murderer who had been following the girl on several occasions planned to kill her when the opportunity arose. This was the murderer's first crime. What should be his punishment? Death? Prison sentence? Many religious groups have different views on the matter and I will refer to some of these in the essay to come to a final conclusion of my own opinion. Murder is both a crime and a sin. Sin is an act against god's teachings which are set down by the Ten Commandments in Christianity and for Muslims, the Qur'an their holy book. Crime is an act disobeying laws set down by secular organisations like the government. In Christianity ones of the Commandments: 'Thou shalt not kill' states that no human may take another's life without punishment from God. The Commandments, set down by Moses after he rescued the Hebrews from the hands of slavery in Egypt, tell Christians what they must never do if they wish to follow God correctly. To break any of these would be seen by a Christian as very wrong. In a similar way in Islam religious teachings from the Quar'an teach that murder is wrong. As Muslims believe their holy book is directly from god they know they must follow all the laws and that if they break any of them they will be punished by Allah severely. In English law that is formed by the government it is a serious crime to commit murder and is punishable by the courts who will decide what punishment to give the murderer. However first they would have to distinguish between murder and the lesser punished crime man slaughter. To do this they would have to prove whether the man had the evil mind or mens rea. This means the person actually intended to kill the victim. ...read more.


This is quite a good aim because not only will the punishment make it quite unlikely that the murderer will commit the crime again and it will be an example to any others who are considering committing exactly the same crime. Secondly we have the idea of reform which is the belief that a person can be changed for the good of him/herself and the people around him. This is the main idea behind prison sentence where it is thought an offender can sit and think about their actions and change something about themselves that is wrong. This may not be a very good aim because in my opinion if someone has committed such a dreadful crime then there is nothing stopping them doing it again. On the other hand people should always be given a second chance and I also believe that people really can change for the greater good. Another is retribution also known as revenge. Many Muslims believe in this theory of punishment as they believe that what you do to others you must expect to be done back to you. This would be a very good aim of punishment for the family of the victim. If my daughter was brutally killed for no apparent reason I would want revenge upon the killer. Lastly is protection which is quite self explanatory. The theory is that if a criminal is locked up or killed then it will protect those who he/she has abused and also others who are vulnerable. An excellent aim as there is nothing to suggest that the murderer won't do exactly the same so locking him up will provide protection to other families and keep them safe. So what do Islam and Christianity have to say about punishment? Are there similarities between the two? In the Muslim faith the Qur'an teaches that life is precious and that no one but Allah may take it away. ...read more.


In my opinion capital punishment could be a just punishment because putting a murderer to death is the only effective way of protecting society and making sure it does not happen again simply because the person is dead. However it could be quite unjust because in my opinion no human may claim another's life that is gods' job and to do it for him is disrespectful. However some people are so violent that they only understand the language of violence and so death is the only effective deterrent for people. But overall I think it is barbaric. Life is sacred ands should not be taken away. Especially in a civilised society! Society is just as bad as the murderer if they put one to the death. In conclusion I have decided to punish this criminal by imprisonment. It was vitally important that the punishment was taken seriously and justice was carried out because of the seriousness of the crime and the family of the girl would want the man severely punished. I have chosen this punishment because in my opinion cap p is the easy way out. Although many other religious organisations would disagree that pain is over after death ultimately the man will not have to endure the social discrimination he will receive when going to the prison and if he was released. As well as this I that as a Christian I do not judge others how I would not want to be judged myself. If I was put on trial would are think it was just to be put to death? Capital punishment will never be just as far as I am concerned no matter the seriousness of the crime. Furthermore imprisonment will allows a certain amount of deterrence to potential murderers and who knows the man many even change after his life in prison. I believe everyone should be given a second chance to redeem themselves no matter what they have done. ...read more.

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