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GCSE: Abortion and other medical issues

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  1. Explain the differing Christian responses to abortion

    The Roman Catholic Church believes that doctoring of double effect is acceptable. This is when a woman has an entopic pregnancy. The egg occasionally gets trapped in the fallopian tube, the foetus will continue to develop and in time, it will rupture. This will lead to the mother's death. The doctor would want to save the mothers life by operating on her. As a consequence of the surgery the foetus will die. This is not the same as an abortion because an abortion is when you deliberately set out to exterminate the foetus.

    • Word count: 523
  2. Explain the responsibilities a Christian might have towards those at the beginning of their life.

    Christians have many different views, but the legal age is 24 weeks after conception. Most Christians believe that all life is sacred; this means that all human life is special because god has created it, and in the 10 commandments that God gave to us states 'Thou shalt not kill.' These clearly outline what God wanted. The main issue in this subject is abortion - Termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a foetus. When is it acceptable to have an abortion?

    • Word count: 682
  3. Anti-abortions speech

    Gianna Jessen was a "botched abortion". Because of this she had cerebral palsy. They thought she would die. She lived. They thought she wouldn't be able to crawl. She walked. There is hope. There were many witnesses to her entry into the world a room full of mothers waiting for the deaths of their babies, sent into a state of hysteria. She says "I am happy to be alive", "everyday I thank God for life" she was a "botched abortion". In a saline abortion the baby will drink the fluid injected into the mother. Thrash about in a desperate plea for life, and the die in 24 hours the mother will deliver a smouldered dead baby.

    • Word count: 615
  4. Moral Issues in a Soap Opera

    When they go to get the first ultrasound they find out that the baby will be a girl, as the nurse tells Bianca and Ricky this she rushes out of the room to get a doctor. In the doctor's office he reveals to Bianca and Ricky that their baby has spina bifida and Hydrocephalus which would cause the baby to be severely disabled, both physically and mentally. When offered an abortion, Bianca automatically says no. the doctor continues to explain that if she did have an apportion that it would be a late abortion, as she was twenty weeks pregnant, and she would have to "give birth" and when born the baby would be dead.

    • Word count: 666
  5. Free essay

    Contraception and abortion

    For it to be legal. Christians believe that life begins at the point of fertilisation and therefore they would state that the foetus is definitely a human life. Christians do not think that abortion is tolerable. This belief derives from the teaching about the sanctity of life. The Catholic Church forbids the act of abortion totally. It states; ' From the time the ovum is fertilised, a new life is begun which is neither that of the father or of the mother.

    • Word count: 512
  6. Matters of life and death

    Explain why there are different beliefs about Christians about life after death (8 Marks) Most Christians believe in life after death as they refer to Jesus arising from the death. In the bible Jesus also said: 'I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies. The above quote is interpreted by Christians as living after dying, be at as a soul, hence their belief in life after death. However, along with the above beliefs Roman Catholics also believe in a place other than heaven and hell known as Purgatory.

    • Word count: 774
  7. Autobiographical Writing

    I can't make sense of anything around me; I'm too excited to care about anything else other than my friend. My cat keeps meowing at me, she knows something has happened. She wants constant petting and reassurance that I am ok. She calms me down. The words still don't feel real. Were they really said?

    • Word count: 522
  8. Examine and Comment on The Beliefs About Abortion

    This is believed to be the revelation of the will of God, given to the final prophet Muhammed (pbah) in a series of visionary experience. Moral principles set in it are therefore seen as coming directly from Allah. The Hadith which a collection of the sayings and deeds of the Prophet Muhammed (pbah) is used as an example for all Muslims to follow. The Shari'ah (path) refers to natural law created by God to guide everything in the universe. In the following sections of the essay I will be referring to the teachings based upon the Holy Quran, Hadith and the Shari'ah law.

    • Word count: 3608
  9. Free essay

    Explain What Christians Believe About the Sanctity of Life and Especially Their Responsibility for Those at the Beginning and the End of Life.

    This shows that God has already given the child there special personalities and talents even before they are born. This quote forms the base of the Vatican's Stance on contraception. They completely disagree with condoms, 'The Pill' and any other forms of contraception. They are also totally against the idea of Abortion. This is shown in the Humane Vitae. Mother Teresa is totally against Abortion as from this quote we can tell that she thinks that it is a sin. 'Any country that accepts Abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants'.

    • Word count: 621
  10. Free essay

    What Christians Believe About Life Is Up To Them. They Should Not Try To Make Others Accept Their Position Would A Christian Agree Or Disagree.

    As Christians believe that the bible is there guidance in life and that it tells them that life scared and nothing should take precedence. "In the womb I knew you" Jeremiah 1: 5 shows that before anyone has seen you in real life God knew exactly what you look like and what your talents would be. Christians use these quotes that they hear from other members of the community to back up their beliefs about abortion and euthanasia and to show other that find abortion acceptable that they are totally wrong and there actions are very much unnecessary and immoral.

    • Word count: 629
  11. Abortion is a highly controversial topics, everyone has an opinion on it, whether you are pro life, pro-choice, or even Judis

    If you say that it is only a potential life then you can say that a child is only a potential adult you don't know if it's going to survive so there is no point of bringing it up, because a child would rely on you just as much as foetus relies on the mother. Eugenics is also another part of abortion; eugenics is the practice of aborting babies with a disability. Statistically in 2003 out of a total of 190,660 abortions performed in England and Wales, 1,941 were for suspected handicap.

    • Word count: 4079
  12. The Sunshine Clinic

    * Your local social services can also assess you to see if you are in need of extra help. They maybe able to provide services like, nursery, or a support worker to come to your home. * Home - Start is a volunteer organization where a volunteer may be able to visit you at home and give you free practical and emotional help. You can contact them on 0800 068 6368 or on the Internet at www.homestart.org.uk * Sure Start (www.surestart.org.uk) can offer help with early education, childcare, and family support. I understand that your family and friends are offering you conflicting advise, but you must sit them down and tell them that you are grateful for their help and advice.

    • Word count: 904
  13. Free essay

    Explain how Christians would respond to the issue of abortion and euthanasia.

    Some Catholics would protest outside of an abortion clinic and show the people that abortion is wrong and that Catholics offer lots of support instead of the women having to go through an abortion. Others may put pressure on local MP's to get the law changed so that at least abortion is not offered so freely to anyone. They could do this by getting as many signatures as possible on a petition and have many letters sent to them. Catholics would recommend to people, who want an abortion, to go visit Catholic Care, an organisation set up to offer advice

    • Word count: 1019
  14. Pregnancy assignment

    Tell your midwife or gp when you first feel a movement. 24 weeks Your abdomen in getting large as time is passing and you may start to develop stretch marks. A doctor may be able to hear your baby's heartbeat ask to listen. The increasing size and weight of your womb will also affect your posture, and you will throw back your shoulders and stick your bottom in and relax if you take regular exercise this helps. This is the time your shoes need to be comfortable because you are gaining weight and try to spend time with your feet up.

    • Word count: 2776
  15. child development

    Praise of encouragement 2. A place which the child can call his or her own and where possessions are kept 3. Opportunities for parents and child to play or read together 4. Space for play 5. Opportunities for conversation 6. Opportunities to help 7. Opportunities to meet other adults 8. Opportunities to play with other children 5 benefits of television for children are: 1. Stimulates curiously 2. Increases knowledge 3. Enlarges vocabulary 4. Entertains 5. Encourages family discussions and conversation 5 harmful effects of television for children are: 1.

    • Word count: 2418
  16. Free essay

    Human growth and development-Conception to Birth

    * The placenta is formed, which lies against the uterus wall and acts as the liver, lungs and kidneys for the embryo and the foetus. The placenta is connected to the embryo's circulatory system by the umbilical cord. Nutrients pass through to the embryo and digestive waste products and CO2 pass from the baby to the mother.'(Btec national early years, Penny tassoni) * Week 4 - the neural tube closes( if this does not close spina bifida occurs)The embryo is around 6.4mm in length * Week 5 - the baby's heart be can be detected and the embryo is now the same size as a small seed.

    • Word count: 1961
  17. Religious Studies: Abortion Coursework

    � The woman could be pregnant as a consequence of rape A woman could choose to have an abortion due to any one of the above reasons, or she may decide that she just does not want the child even if it isn't a serious burden. Such a matter as abortion has strict laws due to its divisive moral and ethical state of affairs. In Britain, up until 1967, abortion was considered a serious crime- in Ireland and some other countries it remains to be severely punishable.

    • Word count: 3638
  18. Religion and medical issues ai) There are six different infertility treatments which are able to help infertile couples have children

    People who use AIH are sometimes couples who cannot conceive but the male is not completely infertile. The third treatment is called AID (Artificial insemination by donar) AID is when an anonymous donor donates his sperm to a woman.Prepared semen can be preserved for long periods by refrigeration, and it is frequently shipped over great distances. The forth treatment is egg donation this is when an egg is donated by another woman and is fertilsed by IVF using the husbands sperm, then it is placed in the wifes womb. Some woman who are egg donars feel passionaltely about giving couples the chance to have a family like their own.

    • Word count: 807
  19. breastfeeding

    Making up feed is easy once you get to know how to do it. Full instructions are always given on the container of the milk powder and it is important that you follow them because preparing the feed is important for your baby's health. You must also make sure that your work surfaces and hands are clean. One of the useful tips when bottle feeding is to plan ahead and choose bottles with wide necks. It is better to feed your baby according to his demand- feed him as much or as little as he wants.

    • Word count: 548
  20. What is a legal abortion?

    Note that the stage of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the woman's last period. Note also that different laws apply outside England, Wales and Scotland. How can a woman get an abortion? To get an abortion on the NHS, a woman needs to be referred by a doctor. This can be her own GP, or a doctor at a local family planning clinic or Brook Centre (for under 25s). If a doctor has a moral objection to abortion, s/he does not have to be involved.

    • Word count: 836
  21. Christian views on abortion and euthanasia

    The Church of England believes that abortion is wrong however, there are a few exceptions such as; rape. If the mother has been raped should she ha to bring up the baby and have to look after her rapists face on her baby all her life? Another reason is if the mother is in danger of losing her life if she carries on with the pregnancy or finally if the baby will be born severely disabled and would not be able to live a normal happy life. The final way in which Christians respond is by their individual conscience.

    • Word count: 1031
  22. What your baby will be doing

    When you put toys out for your baby to play with put the toys further away from your baby so they have to crawl over. Social Development; When your changing your baby nappy or feeding her/him talk to her, get other people to speak to him/her so they can develop their skills. Emotional development; Always make sure you make your baby feel happy and secure, and always make them feel loved; always try to speak in a soft voice as this will comfort them.

    • Word count: 1584
  23. A baby has many needs

    The prone position (laying on stomach); your baby will use straight arms to help her lift her head and chest of the ground. Usually by 5 months she is able to roll from front onto her back and then after a while of doing this she will learn to roll back onto her front, when she has learnt this you will have to be very careful because it will be very easy for her to roll of a bed. Learning to walk; your baby can now support herself on her legs with some support, and she will thoroughly enjoy bouncing up and down.

    • Word count: 775
  24. Religious Studies Coursework - Abortion

    In 1861 abortion became a criminal act under any circumstances and it was punishable by imprisonment. It wasn't until 1929 that the Infant Life Preservation Act amended the law stating it would no longer be regarded as a felony if abortion was carried out in good faith for preserving the life of the mother. But then "The Abortion Act" was passed in 1967, The law gave the rights and responsibility for decision making to doctors not women. It did not legalise abortion, but allowed for exceptions to the illegality of abortion. Originally the time you could have an abortion was up to 28 weeks.

    • Word count: 2403
  25. Christian view on when life begins

    This is a celebration of their birth and they are baptized in holy water (baptism). When their lives have came to an end, the celebration is known as a funeral, they can either be buried or cremated. This is a celebration of their life. They know God has control over life and death, but it is up to us on earth (humans) to protect one another and live our lives as he would have wanted us to. Bible quotes to prove this are "one must protect the weak", "let man rule over the earth", "thy will be done on earth

    • Word count: 800

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