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GCSE: Charities, Poverty and Development

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  1. Describe how Christian Aids work reflects its Christian values

    Christian values show that we should give to the poor and help people. The aid is also driven by the Gospel of good news and Jesus' teachings. How we should help others who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Jesus wasn't scared of speaking out what was right, even if it meant that he would be killed. He said things about God and he did miracles like heal the paralyzed, make the blind see again, feeding the 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish and many more. Christian Aid help people in ways you wouldn't believe, they are an organised workforce, unlimited kindness and they have millions of people around the world helping.

    • Word count: 1622
  2. Explain why there is a need for world development

    Also their education is high quality which would lead to develop the new techniques. Also the rate of people who are suffering malnourishment is very low because the government find the job for the people and helps people who do not have money. Some countries that are classed as developed are USA, Japan, England, Italy, Australia and Canada. To describe as developed country, countries should have high gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and high HDI rating. Many people in Developed country have been educated because they can access to the education very easily. Thus, they have many high skilled workers which can make the product to export to other countries to make profit.

    • Word count: 1240
  3. Wealth and Poverty

    * Jesus said, 'Blessed are the poor for yours is the Kingdom of God' * In the parable of the sheep and the goats, the righteous feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit prisoners. They are rewarded at the judgement. * In the parable of the Good Samaritan, a man is commended for helping out a victim of robbery who would have been his enemy. Christian teaching about use of wealth * Christians believe money is not sinful but loving it more than God is.

    • Word count: 1073
  4. Describe the teachings of the religion you are studying about the way in which believers should treat people who are less fortunate than them selves.

    This special love is Christian love towards all people and is unconditional. Christianity gets this tradition of caring for the poor from the Old Testament where writers emphasized that God cares about the poor and wants them treated well. Also Christian Churches are against prejudice and discrimination based on the belief that humans have been created in the image of God and they are all equally valuable in his sight- its not the case of being rich and wealthy to be looked upon by God, you could be poor and still be thought about.

    • Word count: 1051
  5. wealth and poverty

    The Bible teaches that no human need should be ignored in the story of the good Samaritan (Luke 10.25-37), it tells us that no human beings should be able to pass by on the other side when they see somebody else who is in need, the wealth of the world is divided unfairly, which means some people end up with much more than they need and many with much less or next to nothing at all. The Iona Community is a Christian community who believe that wealth and possessions should be shared and they follow this view, they contribute evenly

    • Word count: 1390
  6. world development

    The LEDC's are poor due to several factors such as war. The civil wars between corrupt government and harsh political events lead to poverty. Like in Africa the civil wars destroyed crops, houses and hospitals causing more poverty. Also natural disasters such as the floods in Bangladesh that happened in 1998 destroyed homes, families and businesses. Debt is also a really big issue, when Chile borrowed $3.9 billion in the early seventies by 1982 the country had paid $12.8 billion including interest.

    • Word count: 1477
  7. Why is there a need for world development?

    However, there will always be injustice, because the rich countries control the price at which the poor countries sell their crops at by moderating the import taxes to make the poor countries crops expensive forcing them to lower the price. It is taking advantage of vulnerable people. $350 billion is payed in subsidies by the rich countries to there farmers and only $57 billion is given as aid to the poor countries. It is estimated that if the rich countries halved the subsidies and import taxes then it would increase the economies of the poorer countries by $150 billion a year.

    • Word count: 1540
  8. Islamic views on wealth & poverty

    Zakah, is the third pillar of Islam. This pillar means to give alms to the poor. Muslims do this by annually giving 2.5% of their income to the poorest in society, But Muslims only have to do this, when their annual wealth exceeds a minimum level. This charity can be used to; relieve people from any debt they may be unable to pay back, to help refugees, stranded travellers, people with no homes, and can even be used to educate people about Islam.

    • Word count: 1018
  9. Why is there need for world development

    This war stricken country has had all of it's economy disappear in just four years, making it one of the poorest and most under developed country in the world. The instncts of the humans to survive here, in one of the most harshest environments has pushed the citizens of this nation to their boundaries. This has resulted in drug trafficking which the only way parents can earn for their families for basics such as food and shelter, is through these illegal methods.

    • Word count: 1734
  10. R.E poverty coursework

    War and The Arms Race consume an enormous amount of third world countries money. Also wars can ruin trade for citizens within the country at war. Therefore, this deprives countries of such amenities as food and medicine. War divides many countries unnecessarily. If we all lived as Jesus taught then war wouldn't be an existing problem. Jesus said that if you are struck on your left cheek, turn your right cheek. This is referring to forgiveness and not retaliating. If we all lived in this manner then no wars would commence and that would inevitably leave countries richer and more capable of keeping themselves in an economically stable condition.

    • Word count: 1623
  11. Analyse and Explain the work of one Muslim Agency working for world development

    said: "Best people are those who are useful to others." This hadith shows that those who help others, in this case a Muslim Agency, are the best people in the sight of Allah and that whoever helps anyone in any way or gives them something that may prove useful to them in any way they will be rewarded either in this world or the Hereafter. As I said before Islamic Relief deals with Short-Term Aid i.e. immediate help of fulfilling basic needs in response to a disaster for a short period of time.

    • Word count: 1472
  12. There should be no rich people as long as there is poverty in the world

    Other Muslims would agree with the statement for different reasons, that is the concept of Equality in Islam, the unity Muslims should have. Muslims should make sure that they share their wealth with others to create a feeling of equality so that there are no ill-feelings in the poor for the rich. In the sight of Allah everyone is equal there is no difference between the rich and the poor. The Prophet (s.a.w): "Allah does not look at your appearance or your possessions; but He looks at your heart and your deeds."

    • Word count: 1136
  13. outline muslim teachings on wealth and poverty

    They say "usury is the same as trade"; but God has permitted trade and forbidden usury." (2:274) This verse from the Holy Quran is basically pointing out that there are people who will receive reward from Allah i.e. those people who give in charity. Then there are those people who involve in usury (a form of unlawful earnings) which Allah has clearly forbidden and they will be punished for disobeying the command of Allah. Also Muslims believe Wealth is a test therefore Allah is watching us to see how we spend this wealth of ours, whether people waste the wealth on idle things or whether they spend the wealth in the way of Allah.

    • Word count: 1416
  14. thre should be no rich people int the world as long as there is poverty in the world

    In disagreeing with the statement some Christians agree that some rich people work very hard to create their wealth. As they went to school, then university, then work long hours studying and working so really they deserve the money the make. If you made every one have an equal amount of money it could result to people not working as hard as others so it might not really help. So some rich people would have no motivation to work and say why should I make the effort?

    • Word count: 1302
  15. Religious teachings on wealth and poverty

    When they have the wealth, it is a gift from God. Christians get this attitude from the bible, for example "they must help anyone who is in trouble" (Luke 10:25-37). Statements from the church, "God blesses those who come to the aid of the poor..." (Catechism of the Catholic Church). Another statement "the church should concern itself first and indeed second with the poor..." (Archbishops). All this is trying to tell you if you are a true Christian and you have wealth you should try and help those in need.

    • Word count: 1099
  16. indepentdent learning on world poverty

    have to borrow a lot of money from the banks of developing countries to survive and develop. However, the banks are charging interest so that LEDC's are finding they are paying back more than they earn. Foreign currency markets can also affect their repayments. In order for LEDC's to develop and get themselves out of poverty they need the MEDC's (More Economically Developed Countries) to cancel their debt. Another main cause of poverty is natural disasters. LEDC's are situated in areas of the world where natural disasters occur a lot more frequently. A flood or earthquake that might not affect us could distroy many homes, roads and farmland in a LEDC.

    • Word count: 1581
  17. Free essay

    religion wealth and poverty

    Kshatriya- these are the warriors, leaders and rulers. Vaisya- these are the traders, merchants, agricultural workers and other forms of commerce. Sudra- these are manual labourers, servants and beggars. This is the lowest caste. You cannot get a job which is not of your caste and you do not choose which caste to be in, but you are born into it. You cannot change between castes in your lifetime. The only way to change between castes is to be reincarnated into another one. The cast you are reincarnated into depends on your karma.

    • Word count: 1267
  18. Tearfund Coursework

    George Hoffman, a Church of England minister. The organisation was renamed The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund (Tear Fund). The name no longer functions as an acronym, giving the current name Tearfund. Rev. Hoffman was awarded the Order of the British Empire (or "OBE") for his stewardship of Tearfund in its early years. In 1974 TEAR Fund financed Richard Adams to make a major purchase of handicrafts from women's organisations in Bangladesh. This led to the creation of Tearcraft and subsequently to Traidcraft. Both organisations have been instrumental in raising practical awareness about international trade and justice issues amongst UK Christians.

    • Word count: 1095
  19. Describe Christian teachings about the way in which believers should treat people who are less fortunate than themselves

    Due to the large difference in wealth between the rich north and the poor south the north tends to benefit very highly from this and sells necessities at very high prices because the south can't afford to make thing's such as medicine themselves. The north in the past have, and continue to do things such as when a country from the poor south needs hospital a country from the rich north will agree to pay for the construction itself, but in return there would be large interest rates and eventually in the case that the country can't continue paying, it will be removed leaving former employees of the hospital unemployed and another small part of the countries economy gone.

    • Word count: 1025

    He argues that in poor societies (Third World) the poor have different culture with values, norms and attitudes that are different from the mainstream culture. This culture is represented by attitudes of resignation and fatalism that makes the poor accept their situation instead of improving it. In this culture the poor is only concerned with the present, not the future. This "fatalism" prevents them to seek help, because they feel hopeless and marginalised. People don't get involved in the community; they don't belong to trade unions or other associations.

    • Word count: 1687
  21. the need for world development

    many civil wars have been caused by Europeans who change countries whenever they want very selfishly not thinking about the people of the country itself and what harm this may do to them countries like Ethiopia and Somalia were "chopped and changed" by Europeans without giving any thought to ethnic links language or even traditional grazing rights so when the countries became independent the different ethnic groups fought for control this left them in a worse state than they were in the first place because wars often destroy crops, homes, schools, hospitals causing even more poverty this also make people

    • Word count: 1258
  22. islamic and christian teachings on wealth and poverty

    The causes of poverty are categorized into four different groups in the bible. Firstly is oppression and fraud. The second cause of poverty is misfortune, persecution, or judgment. The third cause of poverty is laziness, neglect, or gluttony. The fourth cause of poverty according to the bible is the culture of poverty this quickly shows to me that a biblical view of wealth is more complex than this. Scripture teaches three principles about wealth: Wealth itself is not completely disallowed.

    • Word count: 1794
  23. Does the developed world have a moral responsibility towards the under developed world?

    SCIAF's campaigns looks at debt relief and structural adjustment while other organisations like Fairtrade focuses on only making the underdeveloped world have a fair wage for their work so that they can slowly crawl its way out of poverty. Many people are now in favour of Fairtrade. In the 1970s fair trade coffee was regarded by many as poor quality and drunk by only by the hippy generation but in today's world, with more than 850 products now carrying the Fairtrade mark of quality and all major supermarkets selling Fairtrade goods many are buying the products.

    • Word count: 1178
  24. Explain How Christian beliefs can effect the Christian attitude to wealth and poverty

    The poorest people of the world (The South) * $573 spent on health per person * 79% of the population with toilet facilities * 98% of women and 99% of men able to read * 18 in every 100 children die before fifth birthday * Only $2 spent on health per person * Only 9% of the population with toilet facilities * 29% of women and 55% of men able to read * 176 in every 1000 children die before fifth birthday Facts of death related to poverty: * 35,000 people die every day as a result of hunger * More money is spent on armaments in one

    • Word count: 1604
  25. Hindu Teaching on Wealth and PovertyGoddess Lakshmi means Good Luck to Hindus. The word 'Lakshmi' means 'aim' or 'goal', and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual

    Wealth can be defined in several ways - e.g. non monetary, i.e. Spiritual wealth, a wealth of knowledge, etc. In relation to poverty, wealth is the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money; a commodity which, according to the rich doesn't bring happiness though according to the poor, it brings something quite closely resembling it. Hindu Teaching on Wealth and Poverty Goddess Lakshmi means Good Luck to Hindus. The word 'Lakshmi' means 'aim' or 'goal', and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual.

    • Word count: 1580

Religious Studies involves more than just study the world's great religions. In studying the subject you may end up covering how spirituality underpins our culture, how belief systems inform how we treat each other, animal life and the world around us, and the role religion plays in societies around the globe. Youll pick up some valuable skills along the way too: analytical thinking and critical judgement, the ability to work with others, skills of expression and discussion, and ways in which you can negotiate and resolve argument.

You will cover the major global religions (and specialising in one or two), ethics, crime and punishment, personal relationships and the family and the response of societies to issues like poverty in different parts of the world. You'll need to be able to clearly discuss relevantpoints in your assignments and Marked by Teachers have a comprehensive range of assessed RS essays, which you can access to build the skills you need.


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  • To What Extent Is the Welfare State Responsible For Creating a Culture of Dependency?

    "In conclusion, it would appear that if sociologists and politicians wish to understand the reasons why individuals do not give up a life on welfare for a job, the world of work needs to be examined. The government however, are doing very little to tempt people back into the workforce, therefore it could be said that the government are somewhat contributing to this dependency. It would then seem that in this instance that the government wants to have its cake and eat it."

  • THERE SHOULD BE NO RICH PEOPLE AS LONG AS THERE IS POVERTY IN THE WORLD" DO I AGREE? In this essay I intend to analyse the above statement and hope to come to a justified conclusion.

    "In conclusion my personal view , even though I am a Catholic ,is I do not think people should have to give excessively to charity. I feel that people should be made aware of those who suffer and as Christians should act and help them but not to the point where they themselves become unable to feed themselves. So charity in moderation would be my view. I do not think it is fair on those that have worked hard to give their money away however it comes down to a matter of personal choice. The teachings of the Catholic faith are clear - we must love others as ourselves and do unto others as we would want done to us."

  • Describe, analyse and explain the Christian teachings on wealth and poverty charitable giving and charity.

    "In conclusion, material wealth is unnecessary to get into heaven, in fact it is bound to ensure refusal to the Kingdom of God. It is important that we know this because for many people, going to heaven is their life's ambition, and so knowing how to do it is a key feature. Also, knowing ones churches views on poverty and their solutions can help one to lead a fulfilling life according to the religion they follow, and knowing other peoples religious views can help one to understand why people do what they do. Understanding other people is important for the development of society. Abbie Taylor"

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