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GCSE: Euthanasia

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  1. Euthanasia is the act of painlessly ending a person's life, before they are naturally ready to die. Euthanasia is not new in fact it has been used throughout history.

    When euthanasia has to be performed because the person has a certain illness or has reached a certain age. ?Passive Euthanasia. When doctors give a pain-killing drug, but do nothing for the patient. ? Active Euthanasia. When doctors give the patient a drug to take the pain away, knowing it will also kill them. There are other methods euthanasia these can be mixed together to make different combinations- -Passive voluntary euthanasia. -Active voluntary euthanasia. -Passive involuntary euthanasia.

    • Word count: 443
  2. To pull the plug or not to pull the plug...is that the question? The question of Euthanasia has received increased attention in recent years as the result of the dramatic advances that have been made in medical technology

    By saying that it is okay to Legalizing "euthanasia" you are saying you want to permit all types of it as well. Some people assume euthanasia deals with choice, but that is not always the case. There are many situations where people do not have a choice, such as Permanent Vegetative State patients or people who get their destiny chosen for them. Another problem with this thesis is that if you were to legalize euthanasia who would qualify under this law?

    • Word count: 2472
  3. What is meant by euthanasia?

    In the case of someone who is very ill the relatives may make this decision on behalf of the person in question. Both of these acts are illegal under the present law. "Voluntary Euthanasia" is the act if terminating the life of somebody painlessly on his or her request, or on the request of his or her legal representative. Under the present law, voluntary euthanasia is considered illegal. However, a significant number of organisations are campaigning at present for this law to be reconsidered.

    • Word count: 651
  4. The Language of Euthanasia

    In this case advocates of Euthanasia are able to build their case by feeding off society's lack of knowledge. These advocates use euphemisms like "deliverance," "death with dignity," "aid-in-dying" and "gentle landing." If their position has to be promoted with euphemisms, this may be due to the fact that the use of accurate, descriptive language would make the distressing reality too apparent. It's disturbing then to think that it is the definition of a term that often compels one to take either a negative or positive approach on an issue.

    • Word count: 3228
  5. Euthanasia -Humane or insane?

    Through weeks of consideration and debate Betsy had decided that she wished to die with grace and dignity and own her own terms. First she spoke to Brian about the idea, although he didn't want her to die he could see it was best all round. Her and Brian announced the news to their family, initially shocked and distraught they pleaded with her to changed her mind but with Betsy's usual charismatic charm she convinced them that it was in her and her families best interest.

    • Word count: 2897
  6. What is meant by euthanasia?

    This is the type of decision that is the hardest to make as it is not being made by the person whose life is to be terminated, it is being made by relatives or doctors. The main problem that a doctor or a relative face when trying to carry out Euthanasia is that at the moment the law stands that any form of Euthanasia except suicide is a crime although turning off a life support machine is covered by the idea of "not striving officiously to keep alive".

    • Word count: 2794
  7. Discursive Essay:Euthanasia

    Having the right to control over their own life and death helps people keep human dignity in the face of their suffering. Another popular argument is that people should not be left lingering in pain. They should not have to suffer when death is inevitable. People do have the right to commit suicide, although most of the time it is a tragic and individual act. However euthanasia is not suicide. It is not always a private act, meaning a person could have the support of his/her family or friends.

    • Word count: 1062
  8. “Whose life is it anyway?” is not just a play about a man who has lost the will to live.

    After Ken realises he has no chance to survive without dependency on hospitals for the rest of his life he chooses to be discharged. "I will spend most of life in hospital not able to move. As far as I can see, that is a act of deliberate cruelty". "I don't wish to die, nor do I wish to live at any price. Of course I want to live but as far as I am concerned, I'm dead already. I merely require the doctors to recognize the fact.

    • Word count: 918
  9. Under what circumstances if any do you approve of Euthanasia?

    It is also a religious debate, as people look to the teachings of their church for guidance on whether or not this could ever be permitted. On the medical front, doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff look to medical practice and ethics to inform their discussions on this issue. And for MPs and Peers who are asked to consider legislation, it is a political debate, with a very different set of considerations than the purely academic or religious.

    • Word count: 552
  10. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Human life is sacred.Explain how this teaching influences its attitude to Abortion and Euthanasia, showing that you understand other points of view.

    Both of these are an integral part of the Church's teachings that life is sacred. "Love thy Neighbour" means that we should respect all human life. The Catholic Church also teaches "All humans are made in the image of God". If we have no respect for other human life then how can we have respect for God? If we are modelled on the same image as Him, then every time we don't show the proper respect for our fellow humans then we are not showing the proper respect for God or His work. This shows that all humans are responsible for the lives of everybody else around us.

    • Word count: 3005
  11. eChristians must never support euthanasia.f Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view.

    The view of the Roman Catholic Church is that euthanasia is a violation of natural law; it 'represents the rejection of God's sovereignty over life and death', and is therefore never acceptable. The idea that it is for God, rather than for human beings, to bring life to a close is therefore central to many Christians' beliefs, especially Roman Catholics. As Saint Paul put it: 'None of us lives to himself and none of us dies to himself. If we live to the Lord and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then whether we live or die, we are the Lord's'.

    • Word count: 599
  12. Is Euthanasia Right or Wrong?

    Some terminal pain cannot be controlled, even with the best of care and the strongest of drugs. Pain is not always the issue, quality of life is an important factor. Most people want to die with dignity, but some people may spend the last moments of their life, in a way, which to them, is undignified. Having the right to control over their own life and death helps people keep human modesty in the face of their suffering. People should not be left lingering in pain. They should not have to suffer when death is predestined. People do have the right to commit suicide, although it is a tragic and individual act. However euthanasia is not suicide.

    • Word count: 1301
  13. Should Euthanasia be legalised?

    The old lady didn't want to be a burden to her family and friends, so she pleaded with her close friend to help her die by giving her an overdose of drugs. Her friend was a Christian and believed that it was a sin to do this as the church thinks only God should have the power to give and take life, and tried to persuade the ill lady not to put her in this position. The lady became very ill and pleaded once again with her friend to help her die; she said that if she was an animal a vet would put her to sleep because it would be cruel to keep it alive.

    • Word count: 896
  14. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacrede. Explain how this teaching influences its attit6ude to abortion and euthananasia, showing that you understand other points of view.

    God blessed them and said to them, be fruitful an increase" this means god created human beings, he created human beings, he created them equal, no matter if there in the womb or not. You should not kill another human being. " human life is sacred pope paul Vl said all men must recognize that fact." He is saying that all life is sacred and we must recognize that fact. The thing that is important is one of the commandments "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" this is saying do not kill any life if it is still in the womb or walking about.

    • Word count: 1520
  15. Would removing life support from an individual in a permanently vegetative state be morally wrong? Discuss with reference to: a) the sanctity of life and b) the doctrine of double effect.

    However a person who is terminally ill is not the same as a person in a PVS. A person in a permanently vegetative state (PVS) has no knowledge of anything, not even themselves, and they never will have. This maybe painless, however we are in no position to assume that the person cannot hear or respond to anything at all. Some philosophers argue that the person is no longer a person and just a being with no moral status therefore euthanasia is acceptable, however others believe that the person has a right to life and should not be killed.

    • Word count: 1053
  16. An Analysis of the Moral and Religious Issues Raised by Euthanasia

    Euthanasia can be divided into four categories: * Suicide - This is self-administrated euthanasia. Suicide is not illegal, although it may be considered morally wrong, but helping someone to commit suicide is illegal. * Voluntary Euthanasia - This is carried out at the request of the person who wishes to die, but is not able to commit suicide, or for a person who is no longer able to ask to die, but has left prior instructions that he or she wishes to be helped to die in certain circumstances.

    • Word count: 2208
  17. Discuss the theological and philosophical views on euthanasia.

    It influences the denominations differently however. If you take a Bible reference, e.g. 'Do not kill' (Deutronomy 5) then the different denominations will have different meanings for the reference. The Roman Catholic Church will take the reference literally, his is a fundamental and absolute morality, but Protestant denominations such as the Church of England interpret the reference. They have a liberal and a relative morality, so 'do not kill' becomes 'do not murder' and Euthanasia isn't murder. All denominations of the Christian church are against euthanasia, but many feel that in certain circumstances (relative morality)

    • Word count: 1963
  18. What is meant by euthanasia?

    It's clear from Mr O'Donohoes behaviour that he had changed and he'd became very depressed and suicidal; which put a huge amount of emotional pressure and stress on Mrs O'Donohue " For a substantial period of time" The Daily Telegraph 15 May 1991. Mrs O'Donohue provided everything for him to give as comfortable and happy life as possible, eventually having to put him in a good home, although the home was a good one Mr O'Donohue was still suicidal and depressed "he would fix his eyes on me for a quarter of an hour without looking away" The Daily Telegraph 15 May 1991.

    • Word count: 907
  19. Should voluntary euthanasia be legalised?

    The legalisation of euthanasia would indeed give the terminally ill the right to choose. In the cases of many people the option of euthanasia is a welcomed one, and the Voluntary Euthanasia Society believe that patients who are incurable should be given the right to die peacefully and quietly to relieve themselves of the pain and unbearable suffering. However I find these reasons cannot be backed up by hard evidence, in my opinion euthanasia whether or not it is voluntary should not be legalised. The reasons supporting my opinion are: 1. Voluntary euthanasia is unnecessary because there are alternative treatments.

    • Word count: 1396
  20. Motion: This house believes that euthanasia be legalized in this country.

    Mercy killings in my opinion are inhumane as there cannot be a distinction between euthanasia and murder, especially as both are premeditated. One recent example was the Dr.

    • Word count: 213
  21. Life Is Sacred - Do you Agree?

    Life Campaign activist's believe that since human life, begins at conception i.e. fertilisation, and since all human life should be equally protected by the law from conception to natural death, they feel even if the child is handicapped or at threat from a terminal disease it is still morally wrong to purposely kill it. According to the group "Life Campaign" after conception a foetus is a human being after all and its rights to life should not be taken away. The groups in favour of abortion are mostly humanitarian groups the have their own point of view, according to National Abortion Campaign the decision to end pregnancy is so important that it can only be made by the mother and father.

    • Word count: 1665
  22. Euthanasia is an Issue that must be Considered and Applied to our Everyday Lives.

    I can cope with Pa's death. I cannot accept how he died. Pa had prostate cancer, but instead of moving to a major organ and killing this kind and courageous gentleman, the cancer worked its way through his bones, causing pain and suffering beyond what I thought the human body could bare. Despite the best in palliative care and a sympathetic caring doctor, the suffering became progressively worse until Pa's death almost three years after the onset of cancer. The final six months were under the most traumatic circumstances.

    • Word count: 1446
  23. Euthanasia- coursework on Christian belief, ethical philosophers and that of the medical establishment.

    patient from the prolongation, perhaps for many years, of a miserable life, which could impose too heavy a burden on their families or society. It is therefore, necessary to state clearly in what sense the word is used in the present essay; by euthanasia is understood an action or an omission which of itself or by intention causes death, in order that all suffering may in this way be eliminated. Euthanasia's terms of reference are to be found in the intention of the will and in the methods used; therefore, a Christian understanding of euthanasia is that nothing and no

    • Word count: 4927
  24. Analysis of a Scene From Brookside

    I will now go on to discuss how the issue affects characters in Brookside. I shall start by conveying what has occurred in the scene and previous episodes related to this scene/episode, In the soap, the characters Elaine and Mick are married. Elaine's mother Gladys is very ill and is diagnosed with cancer and bedridden. She had previously tried to commit suicide but this was in vain as Mick and Elaine found out what she was planning to do and intervened. One night Mick and Elaine had just entered Gladys's room and were shocked to find that she had a pillow over her face and that she was trying to suffocate herself.

    • Word count: 1172
  25. Should Euthanasia Be Legalised In England?

    This in most cases has been successful, however there have been too many cases where consent has not been given. Is this a risk that should or should not be taken? Another key factor is what has happened in America. Over there, euthanasia is illegal, but still happens. As it is illegal it can cause less professional and more painful variations of euthanasia. Many would say that the only way to stop euthanasia is to legalise it over there and I feel the same needs to be applied here.

    • Word count: 508

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