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GCSE: Family, Marriage and Divorce

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  1. Religion and Relationships

    The only way the marriage can end is if one of them dies. However marriage is not for everyone. Unmarried people who have either chosen to remain single or who have lost their spouse for some reason are neither incomplete in Christ nor personal failures. There is no suggestion that Jesus was ever married. The marriage is permanent, so it's everlasting. In the vows they say, "Till death us do part." This shows that they together until they die, so to the end. As the marriage is a bond between the couple and God it is sacred. In the vows they say, "According to God's holy law."

    • Word count: 3152
  2. Describe a catholic wedding ceremony and the ideals expressed within it.

    - The last ideal is that marriage is life-giving and that a married couple should produce offspring to show the couples love for each other and love for god. The actual marriage ceremony is both sacred and joyful. It begins with the greeting where the bride and groom are welcomed by the priest before the mass begins. This is for the priest to show the couples love to the rest of the congregation so that they can all share the joy together.

    • Word count: 3379
  3. Religion Coursework

    Adoptive Family An Adoptive Family can be a nuclear, blended, or single parent family. As long as there is a child that has been legally adopted by the family. They are take into the home and brought up as one of the family, learning that families religion, culture and morality. Chapter 2 Family Responsibilities are patterns of behaviour by which individuals fulfil family functions and needs. Family responsibilities play an extremely important part in healthy family functioning. According to http://www.ext.vt.edu/pubs/family/, most researchers agree that the establishment of clear responsibilities within a family is directly connected to a family1/4s ability to deal with day-to-day life, unforeseen crises, and the normal changes that occur in families over time.

    • Word count: 3692
  4. What impact does divorce and separation have on children and what effect has this rising rate had on youngsters viewpoint?

    50% of marriages now end in divorce in the Untied Kingdom; I want some idea as to how this will affect my cohort as a whole. For example, due to many parents getting divorced or separated, will my generation and future ones see a decrease in the number of marriages? Despite this, I must bear in mind that official reports state Britain still conducts far more wedding sermonises than many of there counterparts in Europe and the rest of the world.

    • Word count: 7385
  5. The Catholic Wedding Ceremony And the Ideals Expressed within it

    By doing so, they are showing public commitment to each other and that the congregation bear witness of the couples love. After the Mass has begun, the priest will then welcome he congregation to join in the celebration of marriage. After this, the priest leads the way into the Liturgy of the Word then the Gospel followed by the Homily. In the homily, the priest will talk about the meaning of Christian marriage and mention the dignity of married love and how this will help the couple grow closer to God through one another.

    • Word count: 3120
  6. Love and relationships in Hinduism and Islam.

    Within Hinduism there are many different marriage customs. These customs vary from one region of India and another, and also they depend on circumstances. For example a widow will have a less elaborate ceremony than that of a young bride getting married for the first time. Hindu weddings take place after the horoscopes of both partners are consulted. Several days before the wedding there are many preparations and celebrations that take place within the bride's home. On the actual day of the wedding many blessings are sung.

    • Word count: 4711
  7. Why are marriage rates declining?

    > Unmarried couples have lower levels of happiness and well-being than married couples. Young couples prefer to cohabitate because if things don't work out they don't have to seek legal or religious permission to dissolve their union. Changes in women's roles: three quarters of divorces are started by wives, which means that women are becoming more economically independent, and they don't always rely on their spouse, as they are sometimes the 'breadwinners' of the household. Women's expectations from the marriage are also increasing. Goode argues that historically marriage, was not based on love but was for economic support, with lower expectations regarding companionship.

    • Word count: 4723
  8. Does the community have an interest in whether a marriage should be preserved or dissolved and, if so, why?

    As a female, which 'she' believed caused her to be discriminated against, 'she' was refused the opportunity to portray herself as a female on her birth certificate. She claimed this was a breach of Article 8: Right to respect of ones private life. Since she was denied the right to marry a male person, she also contended that Article 12 was breached. The domestic court stated that a 4(i) Fair balance had to be struck between the right of the individual and the interests of the community (ii)

    • Word count: 4117
  9. What do the marriage vows demand from a Catholic couple, living out their marriage?

    At the actual exchange of vows is the point where the sacrament takes place. The sacrament of marriage is a life long commitment in the eyes of God. Once a couple have made their wedding vows they promise each other that they will love them no matter what. The Catholic Church understands that there are rocky times in a marriage and the couple must strive to make them better because they promised to in their vows. In the marriage vows the candidate promises to love and to cherish until death splits them apart, in any circumstances.

    • Word count: 3889
  10. What Do the Marriage Vows Demand From a Catholic Couple In Living Out Their Marriage?

    The Celebration of a sacrament is a way to improve a relationship with God, as is praying and Thanksgiving. Marriage is a sacrament because it does all four of these things. The outward signs of marriage are the words and actions carried out by the Priest, the Bride and the Groom: Actions such as the exchange of rings, and words such as the mass readings, and the Priest's introduction all emphasise the inward grace which the couple receive. When two people give themselves to each other in a marriage, they are promising to put their spouse's needs and intentions before their own.

    • Word count: 3815
  11. Describe a Catholic Wedding Ceremony and the Ideals Expressed Within It.

    The Catholic Church also states that marriage is fruitful this refers to the fact that marriage should produce offspring to show the couples love for each other and love for god. There are many references to marriage and divorce in the bible most of them coincide in the New Testament in such chapters such as Matthew, Mark, John, Corinthians and Ephesians. Most of the passages in new testament really describe a man and a woman being faithful to each other like Jesus was faithful to the church, for example in Ephesians 5 21-33, it was written "wives, submit yourselves to your husbands as to the Lord.

    • Word count: 3416
  12. Religion and human relationships Religion and medical ethics - views of Christians and Moslems.

    Various ceremonies outline the nature of Christian family life. Parents should: 1. Provide their children with the necessities of life, a home of Christian faithfulness and love. (Ephesians 6 tells parents to treat their children in way that will not provoke them to anger). 2. Teach their children to pray, morality and how to live a Christian life. (Discipline your son, and he will give you peace. Proverbs 29:17) 3. Set a good Christian example and celebrate Christian festivals, take their children to Sunday School and encourage them to be confirmed/ baptised. Children should: 1. Obey and respect their parents.

    • Word count: 22470

Religious Studies involves more than just study the world's great religions. In studying the subject you may end up covering how spirituality underpins our culture, how belief systems inform how we treat each other, animal life and the world around us, and the role religion plays in societies around the globe. Youll pick up some valuable skills along the way too: analytical thinking and critical judgement, the ability to work with others, skills of expression and discussion, and ways in which you can negotiate and resolve argument.

You will cover the major global religions (and specialising in one or two), ethics, crime and punishment, personal relationships and the family and the response of societies to issues like poverty in different parts of the world. You'll need to be able to clearly discuss relevantpoints in your assignments and Marked by Teachers have a comprehensive range of assessed RS essays, which you can access to build the skills you need.


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  • Men and Women are not equal- Discuss

    "In conclusion, equality has become a reality. Let's just face the fact that women are often not given enough responsibility based on the possibility that they might become pregnant. The numbers of sexual harassment suits have increased over the past 10 years. A lot of things are randomly happening to each and every one of us; even a man or a woman suffers. What can we do is face the problem and treat ourselves equally. This can help each and every one of us and we will have a better world."

  • Is love more important than friendship in a marriage? Discuss the views of Christians.

    "In conclusion, love and friendship are vital to making a marriage work. Without love the relationship can't be sustained and the same applies to without friendship. This is true as in the real world there are many examples of marriages that haven't worked out well because of a lack of either love or friendship; "<I hate divorce,> says the Lord"- Malachi 2:16. In my opinion, to truly make a marriage work and last forever, you need both; it is not just enough to have one without the other. They are just as important as each other, "Jesus said, <Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no-one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends>"- John 15:12-13. You could try to make a relationship missing one of them to work but it would backfire as it is just not possible to keep it up. Njeri Chege"

  • Compare Marriage in Thailand and the UK

    "In conclusion, marriage in countries varies from culture to culture. The backgrounds of countries affect their behaviour. Although there are many different cultures and ways of life between in Thailand and in the UK, for instance, the majority of families in Thailand are extended families while nuclear families in the UK, Children in Thailand stay with their families until they get married while children in the UK can stay with their partners if they want. However, whether Thailand or the UK, the most important things for two people who want to stay together are try to adapt them for staying for a long time, and have responsibilities in their families. 2"

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