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GCSE: Morality of War

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  1. 'If the government wants to make a serious impact on the crime problem it should concentrate resources not on tackling street crime but on violence in the family home'. Discuss.

    Nevertheless, in the late 1960's, early 70's, women's liberation groups started to voice their concerns, contradicting social attitudes towards domestic violence and set about making society wake up and see what was going on behind closed doors. Today, violence is no less a crime (albeit, still with some difficulties) because it is happening in the home, than those who commit crimes on the streets. Today many people still believe that cities, and their residents, harbour criminals (including many who live in them), and moral panics along with media discourses, (in particular, national tabloids)

    • Word count: 1668
  2. Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people.

    the rich man had everything and did not share what he had. The poor man had nothing. The rich man, because of his greed, suffered in hell and the poor man had everything he wanted in heaven when he died. In today's society, many of us have chosen to ignore what is happening to the less fortunate people around us and around the world. Even though, we hear of famine, drought, epidemics, war and natural disasters every day on the news, internet or newspapers, some Christians still choose to neglect responsibility for themselves and for others. Some Christians only live for today not for tomorrow.

    • Word count: 742
  3. Biological weapons

    The first recorded use of a biological weapon happened in Kaffa, in 1346: an army besieging the seaport catapulted plague infected cadavers over the city walls. In the 1800s blankets infected with smallpox were deliberately given to Native Americans, causing widespread epidemics. In 1925 the Geneva Protocol was done to prohibit the use of chemical and bacteriological agents in war. In 1972 a treaty that prohibits the possession or development of biological weapons was signed; it was called the Biological Weapons Convention.

    • Word count: 1137
  4. Forms of violence in The Bluest Eye

    Consequently, these ritual and terrible fights, which is here physical violence, create a terrorific mental violence to Pecola. It can be seen in the passage where she prays God to make her disappear during one of her parents' fight "Please God...Please make me disappear"1 (p.45). This desire of vanishing demonstrate very well the state of her spirit that is to say she is desperating and for her, life has no value anymore. Indeed, she is the witness of the destruction of her family. Moreover, this psychological violence does not stop here, it goes further. Indeed it reaches the most unbelievable and violent point of this novel, namely the rape from Pecola's father; he not only rapes her but also impregnates her having sexual intercouse a second time.

    • Word count: 1894
  5. Religion and politics

    There is a danger of becoming caught up in the web of politics and the world's system, resulting in ungodliness. Therefore, if one is to remain pure and unstained by the evil of the world, then he must remain segregated from politics and political activity. This argument has frequently been used by Christians from Anabaptist or Pietistic traditions that believe that political involvement can taint one's sanctification. The assumption is that politics is intrinsically evil, and that a person cannot remain unsoiled by becoming involved in it.

    • Word count: 1769
  6. 'There are more important things for Christians to do than to go on pilgrimage.' Do you agree?

    Christians should also help those who are less fortunate than themselves and should help those in their local community. By helping them they might help them have a better quality of life. If they were to help out in an old people's home the residents would be happy because they probably would not have many visitors and having some visits from the younger generation would bring joy to their lives. Christians should not just help those who are less fortunate but those who are close to them whether they are sick or not. Jesus told his followers to help others and to treat others, as you yourself would like to be treated.

    • Word count: 674
  7. What Causes Teens to Be Violent?

    problem-solving skills and the ability to adjust their behavior because they may experience difficulty in telling the difference between nonviolent solutions and situations that could result in conflict (Bartollas 73). What causes a violent response in one teenager may not affect the behavior in another. Each person's reaction depends on how he or she processes information and this is shaped by such factors and influences as brain injury, stress, and hormonal activity. Many people worry that media may cause young people to commit violent acts.

    • Word count: 1467
  8. Should There be War in Iraq?

    The latest U.N Resolution on November 8, 2002, passed unanimously, required a full disarmament but Hussein still evaded and refused the requirements. Time and time again Hussein barred entrance to suspect sites, delayed inspections, and eventually threw all U.N. inspectors out of Iraq. A prolonged effort of the U.N. had come to a failure. Possession and attempts for possession of WMD are always a great concern to be had. Iraq has possessed WMD before, both biological and chemical, violating a cease-fire treaty signed when Iraq lost the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

    • Word count: 915
  9. Manichean psychology and violence

    Hegel continues to say that a human's search for recognition is not one of peace. A struggle will ensue that will give rise to the master-slave dialectic. But as Bulhan (1985) points out, neither adversary must die or else recognition will not take place. Therefore each adversary must take on opposite behaviours - "one risking life till recognized, the other submitting for fear of death" (Bulhan, 1985, p. 103). Whereas Hegel approached the subject of oppression from an academic perspective, Fanon wrote about it from lived experience, he could identify with the victims of oppression (Bulhan, 1985).

    • Word count: 2216
  10. Analysis of speech extract: Tony Blair

    They have no concrete evidence, hence the fact of not being able to produce any concrete nouns in his speech. There are also a few concrete nouns in the speech, as shown in bold type, in the extract below. "Confidence is the key to prosperity. Insecurity spreads like a contagion. So people crave stability and order. The threat is chaos. Tyrannical regimes with weapons of mass destruction, and extreme terrorist groups who profess a perverted and false view of Islam." However, the concrete nouns are all of very little importance, in relation to the actual topic of the speech itself.

    • Word count: 875
  11. Violence in the South of Thailand

    For a brief period, violence had subsided and there was peace around. However, recently in the past few years violence has erupted again in the South due to misunderstandings between the government and the locals. Present Problem The present Violence that has erupted in Southern of Thailand has been reported to start in January 4th 2004 when a group of Muslim Separatists burst into an army camp, stole nearly 400 guns and ammunitions, killed 4 soldiers and burnt 20 schools in the province of Narathiwat. The army responded with a fiery of raids around major Muslim towns, reporting torture, attacks and also few deaths.

    • Word count: 1756
  12. The repercussions of Karachi violence

    The month began with suicide bombing at Hyderi Mosque that killed 22 people. Apart from the violence observed at the May 11 by-election's that killed six people a further two people were killed when a bomb blast occurred at the Karachi Port Trust Building on May 25. A day later two bombs exploded at the Pakistan American Cultural Centre and on May 30 the unthinkable occurred, Mufti Shamzai, a highly respected Muslim cleric was assassinated. A suicide bombing on May 31 at the Ali Raza Imambaragh killing 18 people spoke volumes of the hypo-ethical situation that has developed in Karachi, a city that was once the pride of Pakistan.

    • Word count: 815
  13. Negative language - Positive message? Does exposure to media violence have a negative effect on you?

    So although on the surface there is a lot of negative language could you see the positive message? Eminem is a significant example as his controversial music has triggered many protests against his explicit lyrics and has been said to cause people to act violently, but can he be completely blamed for other people's actions? Are his lyrics often misinterpreted? In one of Eminem's popular songs called 'Sing' he raps "They say music can alter moods and talk to you, But can it load a gun for you and cock it too?"

    • Word count: 2088
  14. 'If the government wants to make a serious impact on the crime problem it should concentrate resources not on tackling street crime but on violence in the family home.' Discuss.

    Domestic violence and child abuse are not a political or public concern and as such they are usually omitted from national crime statistics. Until rather recently violence in the family home was a hidden crime, hidden from public awareness and discussion. Close personal relationships are developed around the unit of the home, separate from the outside world, without interference from the state. If there were problems in the family that may include violence they were seen as social problems that required welfare institutions to become involved; therefore they were not classed as a crime in the same contexts as other crimes that happen outside the home.

    • Word count: 2225
  15. Nelson Mandela, "Little more than a terrorist" or "An abused leader of his people"?

    Many people might say that Mandela was "little more than a terrorist"; this is because in 1961 the ANC resorted to violence after the Sharpeville Massacre. Many innocent people died when groups under order from the leaders of the ANC decided that force was the best option. In Source A, Mandela explains his links with communism and he says that the ANC has worked with them even though he gives a good reason. Anyone who read this source would have thought that communism was bad because of what had happened in Russia and other countries, in the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950 the NP implied that anyone who used change by the promotion of disturbances and disorder were communists.

    • Word count: 2201
  16. 'Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives.'

    Most denominations agree that sex education in schools should be taught in order to stop women having unwanted pregnancies. Christians also have rules for when reaching the end of their lives. Many Christians believe that God created life and every life is valuable and should not be ended before it is naturally taken away. Even if the motive is good Roman Catholics believe, that it is wrong to take away someone's life. The Roman Catholics say that there is a need for " a positive understanding of the mystery of suffering." John Paul 2nd. This means that the Roman Catholics believe that suffering will bring you closer to God as it helps you to share in the suffering of Christ.

    • Word count: 1162
  17. "Should America have gone to war against Iraq?"

    Hisorically, there were differences between Iraq and Iran. These differences can be seen in religious matters, border disputes and politics. These led to animosity between the two countries which heightened during the rule of Saddam Hussein. Fortunately, the war was ended in 1988. Since then, Saddam had an interest in developing what is known as "weapons of mass destruction". These weapons can exist as chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Somewhere in the middle of the year 1990, Iraqis accused Kuwait of stealing their oil and selling it at low prices, thus damaging the Iraqi economy.

    • Word count: 1247
  18. Domestic violence.

    The study will also incorporate the English National Board (ENB) ten key characteristics. The author of this in depth study is an F Grade midwife working within the maternity unit of a National Health Service hospital. This role incorporates rotation into the local community. The topic was chosen by the author due to an interest in the problem of domestic violence, and a belief that there is a case for positive midwifery intervention within the subject. The author will attempt to demonstrate this throughout the study. 9699564 Historical Background Relating to Domestic Violence In order to give the reader a full understanding of the subject, the author feels it is essential to include some historical background relating to the subject of domestic violence.

    • Word count: 10764
  19. Football, the beautiful game - The mostpopular sport in England yet tainted by the violence that accompanies it.

    An example of this is the risk of fans ruining England's chances in Euro 2004. This has already been touched upon during the English fans awful behaviour during the qualifying matches between Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Macedonia & Turkey and if not considered thoroughly could force FIFA to disqualify England from the tournament. This would be a major blow for the team and could lead to subsequent problems such as the sacking of the manager. Nowadays people even arrange riots on their mobile phones.

    • Word count: 1035
  20. Anthrax Threat.

    Anthrax may also be spread through the inhalation of bacterium spores. If not properly treated, the disease may be fatal"(webmd). "Anthrax is the preferred biological warfare agent because is highly lethal, inhalational anthrax is virtually always fatal, the low cost of the anthrax material facilitates massive production, it is easy to weaponize, it can be stored almost indefinitely as a dry powder, and it is difficult to detect"(defense). More than 10 countries have, or are developing, a biological warfare capability. Production of biological warfare agents does not require specialized equipment or advanced technology.

    • Word count: 921
  21. Saddam Hussein - chief conspirator.

    She aims at consolidating her military presence in the Gulf under the pretext of defending its countries. Hence, she is always hyping the threat posed by Iran and Iraq against the Gulf states, in order to make their rulers cling to the American protection. At present, America has huge aerial, territorial and naval forces stationed in the shores and the lands of the Gulf statelets. The latest crisis instigated by Baghdad, when she expelled the American inspectors, had other aims than the general aim reflected in strengthening the American presence and hegemony over the Gulf.

    • Word count: 567
  22. How might a Christian apply these beliefs about justice forgiveness and reconciliation in situations of conflicts today? Refer to 2 specific situations to illustrate your answer.

    this led into the forming of Conscientious Objection; people who refused to be enlisted between the age of 18-41 to fight in the war. This is because they believe in peace and justice to solve conflict in war. However, their conscientious conviction caused them to be discriminated and jailed as they refuse to fight for their country. Some people agreed with their views of non violence and supporting Christians' view of "thou shall not murder" from the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20:1-7.

    • Word count: 693
  23. Explain Christians' beliefs about justice, forgiveness and reconciliation.

    Justice to Christians enables them to become better Christians and have their sins forgiven by God when they treat others fairly. Other world religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Baha'i emphasise the importance of justice in their prayers. This is evidenced when they are translated, such as Baha'i's prayer "Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity. Be fair I judgement and guarded in thy speech." Another example is from the Jainism's prayer, "Peace and universal love is the essence of the Gospel preached by all."

    • Word count: 575
  24. Iraq: A Focus Misdirected.

    They had pledged to do whatever necessary to prevent Iraq from losing its war with Iran. The U.S. continued to support the Iraqi efforts until at least 1992, supplying them not only with intelligence, but also with lethal chemicals that were knowingly being used in chemical weapons.2 In 1997, the U.N. concluded that Iraq had been concealing information about biological and chemical weapons1 even though it was well known that the US had provided them with such weapons, and that the weapons had not been used for some time. There are many truths about Iraq, but to the same effect there are many conjectures.

    • Word count: 1019
  25. How do different agencies respond to Domestic Violence?

    I am going to collect statistics based on domestic violence to show the extent of the problem, this will then lead onto the responses there are to domestic violence, and how these groups/organisations etc help to prevent it from happening again and how they help the sufferer of such an offence get back on track with their life. The responses to domestic violence will include responses from the police, charity groups and the government. These responses will cover all aspects of domestic violence from what happens to those who are abused and those who are the abusers.

    • Word count: 3036

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