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GCSE: Morality of War

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  1. How might Christians apply their views on forgiveness and reconciliation to conflict today?

    The populations of the two sides feel that Justice has not been served and particularly the families of the victims feel they are not receiving Righteousness. Since the prisoners have been set free violence has escalated. Many prisoners realised have re-offended an example is Johnny Adair and at the present time we do not have tranquillity in Northern Ireland. Jesus himself taught that ' if someone hits you on the right cheek turn the left one.' This teaches us that violence is never the answer.

    • Word count: 882
  2. Investigate domestic violence and the reasons why it occurs

    The second concept that I am going to look at is the word Victim. A victim means a person who is injured or hurt by another as the result of an event or circumstance. In this case, the woman is assaulted by her husband. I chose this word to use as one of my concepts as the word victim plays a big part when looking at domestic violence. 'Wife battering, all in the family' is a study written by Elizabeth A Stanko, which claims that only 1 out of every 270 cases of domestic violence, is reported.

    • Word count: 1255
  3. Domestic Violence

    Women on the other hand are supposed to be submissive and unquestioning of this authority. Also in the booklet Donovan says that many women will have attempted to make a go of a violent marriage for the sake of their children. The threat of loosing their children (particularly if they cannot find a place to live) is another reason why women stay. Closer to the present, however, in late November 2001, Patrick Wintour and John Carvel wrote an article in the 'society' section of the Guardian newspaper.

    • Word count: 1230
  4. For a Christian, Nuclear War Can Never Be Justified

    Crusaders could believe in Just War in some cases, if it is carried out as a last resort in the best intention to avoid more violence. Some Christians believe that to use nuclear weapons, could be justified. Because if a country is in the possession of such weapons, it prevents other countries form attacking them, due to a fear of a nuclear war to take place. That is probably a reason why no major European war has broken out since 1945.

    • Word count: 720
  5. War, Peace and Violence - Teachings of Jesus

    But Jesus answered, "No more of this!" And he touched the man's ear and healed him.' (Luke 22:49-51) The Salvation Army, the Mennonites and the Quakers follow this teaching today. I have studied the Quakers. The Quakers otherwise known as, the Society of Friends is non-Liturgical (Waiting on the Sprit) they believe actions are not necessary and everything comes from the heart. In the Quakers Meeting House they had no ministers or priests as they believe in equal rights and the meetings were held simply for the community and worship to a higher power or God.

    • Word count: 498
  6. War in the modern world includes terrorism and the threat of nuclear war. Explain how the Bible, the church and the teachings of Jesus may guide Christians in these matters.

    I says that warriors "Will beat their swords into ploughs" meaning that the soldiers of Earth will become as peaceful as the farmers. "Nation will not take up sword against nation." Obviously saying that nations should be and will be at peace with one another. "no-one will make them afraid" (speaking about every man on Earth). This is very significant. It says that when God brings peace, there will be nothing for men to scare people with. This is important because it is saying that all means of war will be taken away, therefore saying that they are bad.

    • Word count: 2699
  7. Christians use the Bible, the Church’s teaching and conscience to help them make decisions about personal moral issues. Define each of these terms. Explain why Christians should use each of them.

    Therefore a Christian can be guided by the words of God through the book. 'Do not commit murder' and 'Do not commit adultery' are just two of the Ten Commandments recorded in the Book of Exodus, given to Moses by God. Christians live by these rules, they learn to recognise their dignity and rights as children of God. The bible also discusses many issues of personal morality, such as The Prodigal Son, through stories, it teaches Christians right and wrong, and so they are able to turn to the bible when they need help in certain issues of personal morality.

    • Word count: 508
  8. How should authorities handle protest groups of up to 100,000 protesters?

    They basically ride around city centers on their bikes. A few hundred people normally turn up each month to generally irritate British drivers in attempt to get more people to do the same. (www.critical-mass.org. 1st October 2001) However in Italy a different kind of demonstration is going on, a more violent demonstration is about to start. The main eight world leaders of the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Canada and Russia meet up annually to discuss world economical issues, so then a protest is called to demand better rights and freedoms for immigrants and refugees. It is the start of the demonstration against the G8 summit.

    • Word count: 1592
  9. Sample Politics Questions

    How essential is a knowledge of the life and background of an artist, writer or musician to the appreciation of his work? (1990) 4) 'Mathmatics is the most perfect language of all.' Discuss. (1991)

    • Word count: 219
  10. Violence Is The Province Of Evil People/evil Nations

    were to be found .It has been speculated that the violence inflicted on the people by the fire and brimstone had to do with "the ignition of natural gases by lightning, in association with an earthquake disturbance in this rift valley, which possibly started the conflagration with its rain of sulphurous fire and the pall of asphalt smoke". A counter philosophical position seems to suggest that Sodom and Gomorra's destruction would never the less be supernatural for the timing and the extent of the fiery havoc "were precisely ordered to fulfill the announced word of God and the discriminatory purpose of his judgement".

    • Word count: 1170
  11. Why Were the Early Christians Persecuted?

    In the Roman Empire, everyone undertook the worship of the emperor and pagan gods. However, Christians did not tend to these rituals and kept to themselves. They were considered anti-social and started getting the attention of the police, something they did not want nor need. The Romans saw many Christian practises as strange and even unacceptable. Talk of eating the body and blood of Christ and the customary greeting with a kiss brought charges of cannibalism and incest.

    • Word count: 480
  12. The Potential of Biological Weapons-Agents of Mass Destruction or Simply of Fear?

    Today, scientists here and abroad tinker with some of the most deadly pathogens known to man. Biological weapons have the potential to be immensely destructive. In the right environment they can multiply, and so self-perpetuate. And they can naturally mutate, frustrating protective measures. Chemical weapons, for all their horrors, become less lethal as they are dispersed and diluted. But even the tiniest quantities of disease organisms can be lethal. For example, botulinum toxin has been described as 3 million times more potent than the chemical nerve agent sarin. (7) Biological weapons, in particular, are easy and quick to make.

    • Word count: 837
  13. Should Christians take part in Sporting events or go shopping on a Sunday?

    A Sunday is a day for which people should go out and enjoy themselves and do whatever they want. Some people work for six days and Sunday is the only day off and would be the only chance for them to spend time with their family to enjoy themselves. It is not fair for leisure centre and shopping centres to be closed on Sundays, as some cultures don't agree with this commandment.

    • Word count: 421
  14. T.V and video Violence Article Evaluation

    She is against violent movies, videos and television programs and children being able to view them. She doesn't like children mimicking the violence they see on T.V and video that are being broadcast early in the afternoon so that the children can watch it. The headline could also mean that people who won't accept the truth are mediocre. In the opening paragraphs Melanie Philips uses a conversational tone to entice you into reading her views. She also uses rhetorical questions to make it feel like she is talking to you.

    • Word count: 1144
  15. Rich and Poor

    However one of the problems with the workforce is the fact that if one employee makes a stand they are fired, there are always many more willing workers to take the persons place. Christians feel that this is very unfair as the worker is only standing up for their rights as a citizen of humanity. Leo says, "I really want workers to be valued and not treated as commodities which can be discarded. Without us no shoes would be made, yet our own children don't even wear shoes!

    • Word count: 1181
  16. What Teachings would I include in a Christian Booklet on Warfare

    I will also look at some specific church views, such as the Quakers, who are a church that believes in pacifism and love. The just war theory was developed in the 17th century and was written to try to make it possible for a nation to defend itself against an opposing army or to conserve human life while still complying to Christian beliefs and teachings. It separates hostilities into two classes; an armed attack against a peaceful society and an injurious action taken against the same.

    • Word count: 2073
  17. What Christian Teaching I Would Include In A Booklet On Warfare?

    Adolf Hitler in World War 2, and Joseph Stalin). The final commandment I would use in a booklet about warfare would be remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy, and if you're fighting in a war, then there is no way that you are going to be able to stop the fighting every Sunday, just so the Christians can keep it holy, is there? I would also have to bring situation ethics into the equation, because in situation ethics, you are supposed to do the most loving thing, and I don't really see how the most loving thing

    • Word count: 1141
  18. Charity begins at home. Christians should only support charities in their own country. Discuss

    These types of people, who believe these ideas, are mostly Capitalists, (I don't say that all Capitalists think this way, but some do.) The people, who agree with the quote above, think that because there are enough charities that help all the foreign countries, their own country is loosing out on aid. A majority of people believe this, because poverty can cause the downfall of a country, and this is when affluence occurs.

    • Word count: 554
  19. To what extent if at all might a religious ethic be pacifist?

    It does not therefore mean it is acceptable to allow yourself to be exploited. Because of this, pacifism does not directly correspond with a Christian ethic, for whilst a Christian should act fairly, force may still be considered necessary, for to not rightfully defend yourself indicates little love for yourself. These personal enemies of pride, sloth and anxiety are considered to produce an unloving attitude towards yourself but also prevent you loving your neighbour, defeating the Christian ideal of agapev. Pacifism overcomes such problems by taking a variety of forms. Whilst the absolutist stance of rejecting any form of violence correspond greatly with the New Testament teachings that we should 'turn the other cheek

    • Word count: 2900
  20. How far do you agree with the claim that the Duke of Northumberland’s unscrupulous conduct as a ruler was necessary in order to solve the problems left by the Duke of Somerset? Give reasons and evidence.

    He also made a deal with France so that they would get back Boulogne early, and for a smaller sum of money. Though this was potentially very embarrassing to England, Northumberland had decided that the country's financial well-being was more important than its reputation abroad. Though the reputation of England abroad seems a trivial thing now, in the 16th Century it was of utmost importance. Leaders were often judged by how well they conducted their military campaigns, and the peace treaty with France and Scotland could have showed leaders of other countries that England was weak, and encouraged them to declare war.

    • Word count: 1240
  21. Causes of Youth Violence

    These acts are not looked down upon. Instead the acts are depicted as heroic. Shows like "Walker Texas Ranger" feature multiple fighting scenes. These scenes often involve firearms and are very realistic. These "heroes" are not judged by the content of the character but by how severely they mutilate their adversary. Even in dramatic shows violence is prevalent. These shows, although not as flashy, are often more true to life in the violence they depict. Often they use "dry-humor" to make the violence seem less severe and in some cases even humorous. Reality and News programs both show real-life violence.

    • Word count: 693
  22. Does screen violence influence people?Discuss.

    The shocks and tension created raises the heartbeat and heightens awareness. People can become absorbed in the story line and characters but they know that it is a movie and that it's not real. Others do not feel that this true however. They believe that some people, especially young children, find it hard to distinguish between reality and realism. Screenwriters have been trained to make anger more appealing and exciting so it is often teamed with sex and your favourite actors. Take Tomb Raider, this had a twelve rating, it also had Angelina Joli to make it more entertaining.

    • Word count: 969
  23. ‘Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security’ (UN Dec. Human Rites) - Does Christianity accept the need for countries to have nuclear weapons?

    They believe that the commandment 'do not murder' is broken when nuclear weapon are used. This is because they are killing millions and millions. This is evil because humans and animals will die, the environment will be in a mess. They believe that the use of nuclear weapons can never be justified and therefore a war with nuclear weapons can never be just. At the forefront of Nuclear Disarmament, nuclear weapons drove some Christians to pacifism because they so totally disagreed with the use of them. Christians who oppose nuclear war oppose nuclear war, but they believe that the use of conventional weapons is needed in the modern world, these are called 'Nuclear Pacifists' In

    • Word count: 3147
  24. The important aspects of a Christian ceremony.

    The vows establish the various commitments made to each other by the bride and groom. They are designed to ensure that the marriage will always be happy and loving and that each partner will always love and support the other, no matter what happens. Christians believe that marriage is an ever-lasting commitment to each other and to God and is made under his holy law. The vows highlighted above have special meanings as they are spoken by the bride and groom during the ceremony, they are, "For better, for worse"- This means that each partner should support the other whether things are going well or not.

    • Word count: 628
  25. Explain what religious people might do to help the victims of war

    They believe that GOD makes everyone in his own image so by harming other humans we are harming GOD. The quote in the Islamic Quran says in Hadith 13 that to treat others how you would be like to be treated. This teaches Muslims that they should help people and victims because that?s how they would like to be treated.

    • Word count: 407

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