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GCSE: Religion in the Media

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  1. Describe the Variety of specifically religious programmes on the main television channels:

    Worship programmes are shown regularly on many channels such as Morning worship is shown at 8.10 am. This programme mainly shows a service exploring the theme of contentment from High fields Church in Cardiff, led by Rev Peter Baker. The programme also includes Readings: Psalm 34:4-18 and Philippians 4:8-20. This programme is a Christian programme but is not only aimed at the followers of Christianity but those who like to explore religions in detail and are always keen to learn new things. A very good example of a religious discussion programme is "The Big Questions". It airs on BBC1 at 10.00 am. In this programme Nicky Campbell presents a topical debate from Michaelston Community College in Cardiff.

    • Word count: 4922
  2. Unrealistic Standards

    She giggles as her mother attempts to hold the squealing toddler still, lathering her legs with self-tanner. She begs for her mother put on hair extensions, and false eye lashes. This is the reality for toddlers who enter beauty pageants. She looks up to women like Miss America, and she feels like she has to look just like her. This young girl feels the pressure to have the perfect skin, perfect walk, and an overall perfect look. For this girl that means taking off their glasses right before she walks on stage even if she can not see, because she has never seen Miss America wear glasses before.

    • Word count: 814
  3. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels

    These are aimed at people that are not sure about their faith or are interested in finding out more. A third style is documentary style programmes. These are no generally aimed at religious people, but the people that are interested in religious issues and debates. On the four most popular television channels, programmes are shown to advertise religion. Songs of praise is shown on BBC 1 during the evening and is aimed at specifically religious people. This is a worship style programme and allows many Christians to go to church during the day and carry on with their religion when home on the night.

    • Word count: 434
  4. Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue has been dealt with in a television soap opera OR the national daily press

    However, Nick was rebellious and ended up in prison. Dot rushes to church, with feeling of guilt and asks God whether she had been a good mother or not. After this question, she hears a baby's cry and discovers a baby in a sports bag, left alone. This could symbolize her prayers being answered for another chance to raise a child. Underneath a sign in the church that says 'Suffer little children, come unto me', this is a quote for Jesus in the Bible, Dot leaves a note with her address so the mother can claim her child. The baby is then taken back to Dot and Jim's home.

    • Word count: 624
  5. Are the 10 commandments still relevant today?

    Most people don't believe in God because they can't see him. But I once heard a great description; "God is like the wind, you cant see it physically but you can see the effect of it and it working in things." You can see the wind working in fans ect, like you can see God working in people. I believe this rule is not relevant to society any more, because it only really affects the Christians, its in the top 4 religious rules of the commandments. It could affect society if the people wanted it to, and became believers.

    • Word count: 2166
  6. What should Christians think of criminals?

    This story should show Christians to not want to take Revenge, because in the end God will make it fair on Judgement day, like the Father made it fair to the son, by not still making sure they had both equal property and the other son would get no more, just because he came back. Also it shows that if God can value a sinner, and could see them as a person; this is what the father did to the by letting the son back.

    • Word count: 1190
  7. Religion and the media

    Often people say that media takes over adolescents lives, e.g. they want to be what they see on the TV which isn't always good. There is always a dark side to anything that is involved in the media. There are very little religious programs on TV regularly but the BBC has quite a few for example: * Songs of praise - Christian - Songs of Praise is a weekly celebration of Christian heritage and experience featuring the very best inspirational music and stories.

    • Word count: 725
  8. Religion and media

    One of the local stories being on Mary Queen of Scotts and all about her baptism. The hymn 'Tell out My Soul' is sung and then linked to the joy of children, closely linking into the Christian calendar, advent. They visit a school for the deaf during the programme. The school involves students between 3 and 18. They then interview a teacher at the school, Donald Richards. They also visit a new maternity wing at a local hospital and talk about how birth has become easier. A related hymn is sung 'Light of the World' to celebrate children and birth.

    • Word count: 3480
  9. Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme has been dealt with in a film or television drama.

    omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent). God, Bruce, Grace and Evan are the main characters. In the story Bruce is unhappy and he blames God (e.g. Evan getting the anchor position instead of him).

    • Word count: 351
  10. Analyse and explain the way in which a religious or moral issue has been dealt with in a television soap opera

    This is a religious issue because the bible and some Christians disagree with abortion. In the soap Danielle is looking for her biological mother - which she knew was Ronnie Mitchell before she went to Walford but she just had to find her, but Ronnie doesn't know - so she goes to Ronnie for help, as a "friend" she tells her to go along with the abortion, but as a Danielle's "mother" she would think so differently and tell her to keep the baby, understanding

    • Word count: 441
  11. Religion amd Media

    Since then it has evolved into a programme which gives information, shows us different church communities around the country and tells real life stories about people interviewed from all over the world. For example, on a recent show someone from an emergency rescue team was interviewed who told us a story about how he had saved someone's life that was stranded in the ocean. 'Songs of Praise' has changed because less people attend church so they would not know what happens in a church service.

    • Word count: 2233
  12. Television Presents Religious people as out of touch with the modern world

    She has a very strange but modern sense of humour which people these days could associate with. On the other hand, she dresses in a rather old fashioned way; wearing thick knitted jumpers which you would rarely see in today's society, and she is very well spoken which could portray her as out of touch; as the use of slang is increasingly dominant. Dot Branning from Eastenders is a classic religious character. She is very true to her beliefs and tries to influence Christianity on others; quoting from the bible and praying in times of need.

    • Word count: 640
  13. Religious theme of concern in film

    In the film, black people are seen as a lower class to whites. This is highlighted by the fact that White kids are promoted on weekdays on a daytime TV show, whereas Black kids only get a monthly slot on the show (n***o Day). It is also said in the film that the demographic of a Black person is a cleaner or something on that level.

    • Word count: 552
  14. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the 5 main channels.

    Magazine shows make the viewer reflect on moral issues and are looked at from a range of perspectives. They also give you a colourful insight to the topic being discussed. An example of a worship show is 'Songs of Praise'. This show is believed to be the most-watched and the longest-running religious television programme in the world. It is broadcasted on a Sunday as it is a holy day for Christians when they tend to rest from work. It usually includes congregations from various churches and cathedrals singing famous hymns whilst the presenter explores that week's theme.

    • Word count: 556
  15. What Different religous views are there on Animal Hunting

    I believe there is a fine line between killing animals for meat which have been bred for that specific purpose and for hunting animals in the wild, especially if it is for their fur. Many different religions have different views on the subject, which can bring about many ethical debates. In the Islamic religion, the people are only allowed to hunt for food and under no circumstance for sport. Muslims believe that all living creatures were made by Allah and that he loves all animals as they exist for the benefit of human beings and they must be treated with kindness and compassion.

    • Word count: 1081
  16. Analyse and explain the way in which a religious theme or concern to christians has been dealt with in a film or television drama

    At the end of one of the worst days of his life, Bruce ridicules and rages against God, who is acted in a human form by Morgan Freeman. God responds to Bruce, by providing him with divine powers and challenges Bruce to take on the mighty role of God, to see if he is able to do any better. After a while Bruce realizes how impossible it is for him to fill the place of God and begins to understand the magnitude of God's job.

    • Word count: 1498
  17. Give your responce to the view that 'Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world'

    She also does not accept her step-granddaughter's sexuality, as she mentions 'I can not say I agree with what you are doing...' Homosexuals are more openly spoken about in modern society and therefore the modern view is to accept homosexuals, which would show Dot to be out of touch with the modern world. Another television programme which is broadcasted internationally, for all ages, is 'The Simpsons'. The central character is Homer Simpson, an obese, alcoholic, neglectful father. His neighbor, Ned Flanders, is the opposite, and is seen to be very religious and is described as 'irritatingly optimistic and cheerful'.

    • Word count: 1734
  18. Describe the variety of specifically relgious programmes on the four man television channels?

    If religious broadcasting is given a wide definition like this, it enables broadcasters to have more freedom and explore innovative ways of incorporating topics not just related to belief systems and religion but to spirituality, ethics and values into their programs. BBC, ITV and Channel 4 were able to perceive rating success they achieved from religious programmes when new ways of approaching religion were found. "Audiences are more receptive to new and innovative ways of approaching religion and other belief system" is quoted by Ofcom as part of the broadcasting code.

    • Word count: 905
  19. Analyse and explain the ways in which a religious or moral issue of concern to christians has been dealt with in a television soap opera or the national daily press?

    The programme makers regard it as a 'slice of life'. The producer Julia Smith reported 'We decided to go for a realistic, fairly outspoken type of drama which could encompass stories about homosexuals, r**e, unemployment, racial prejudice, etc, in a believable context'. The programme makers accept that the programme has an informational or educational function for viewers, offering a discussion of topics of concern to them, but they are more concerned with raising questions than with providing answers. Forgiveness is the mental, emotional and spiritual process of bringing to an end feeling of resentment or anger against another person for a perceived offence.

    • Word count: 1311
  20. relegious themes explored in a film

    She writes to the magazine with her fantastic imaginative writing. She aspires to be a writer but her parents are not interested because they just want her to pass all of her exams. When a new girl moves in next door to Meena and her family the whole story starts to unravel. The girl that moved in next door was Anita. She is a leggy 14-year-old blonde who ahs a rebellious streak which is manly caused by her turbulent home environment. When Anita befriends Meena, she is overwhelmed because Meena looks up to Anita because she is the first real friend she's ever had because many people turn away form her because of her skin colour.

    • Word count: 2460
  21. Why Studying World Religions is Important

    Respect is fundamental in the process of learning. Effort is second most important in the learning process. If the student does not want to learn, what will they learn? Will they learn everything, or nothing? If the student does not give full effort and listen every time a lesson is presented, he will not learn anything, therefore failing the course.

    • Word count: 537
  22. Religion in the Media :Analyse and explain the way a religious/moral issue has been dealt with in a TV soap opera or national press

    Before Dot gives Ethel the pills, she asks for reassurance that what she is doing is what Ethel really wants because she wants to do the right thing, regardless of her own opinion. People often disagree amongst each other as to whether euthanasia is right or wrong. Many Christians believe in the sanctity of human life, and that life is holy and sacred. They believe, like Dot that God gives life and only he can take it away. Christians are also not agreed if euthanasia is right or wrong because the Bible doesn't mention euthanasia.

    • Word count: 3990
  23. Describe the variety of specifically Religious Programmes on the 4 main television channels

    30th November BBC2 11:15-13:30 Archbishop For York Thursday 1st December Channel 4 02:15-03:15 Preachers To Be Thursday 1st December Channel 4 03:15-3:20 3 Minute Wonder: Shopping For Religion Thursday 1st December Channel 4 03:20-04:20 Priest Idol Thursday 1st December Channel 4 04:20-04:30 3 Minute Wonder: Shopping for Religion Friday 2nd December Channel 4 03:50-03:55 3 Minute Wonder: The Ten Commandments Friday 2nd December Channel 4 03:55-04:55 Priest Idol Friday 2nd December Channel 4 04:55-05:00 3 Minute Wonder: Shopping For Religion Saturday 3rd December Channel 4 19:00-20:00 Preachers To Be Saturday 3rd December Channel 4 03:40-04:40 Priest Idol The above table

    • Word count: 1307
  24. Religious TV shows

    diwiali. These are shown late at night as it would be a minority that would watch these shows. Most main TV channels make documentaries based on religion. The religions or practices shown in these documentaries are often different from Christianity or a strict form of Christianity. This is yet again because we live in a Christian country, so most people know the beliefs and morals of Christians but are interested to know other religions beliefs and morals. Many shows will be based on Islam as this is the second biggest religion in the world after Christianity. This is good because it can help to cut back on ignorance between religions that causes hatred.

    • Word count: 806

Religious Studies involves more than just study the world's great religions. In studying the subject you may end up covering how spirituality underpins our culture, how belief systems inform how we treat each other, animal life and the world around us, and the role religion plays in societies around the globe. Youll pick up some valuable skills along the way too: analytical thinking and critical judgement, the ability to work with others, skills of expression and discussion, and ways in which you can negotiate and resolve argument.

You will cover the major global religions (and specialising in one or two), ethics, crime and punishment, personal relationships and the family and the response of societies to issues like poverty in different parts of the world. You'll need to be able to clearly discuss relevantpoints in your assignments and Marked by Teachers have a comprehensive range of assessed RS essays, which you can access to build the skills you need.


Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • In an essay of not more than 1200 words, discuss the claim that the most compelling reason for studying religion today is to reach a better understanding of contemporary society.

    "Karl Marx, who studied the impact of religion on society, concluded that religion shows the connection between the need to have an afterlife to look forward to especially if their lives have been difficult. Marx's approach to the study of religion was objective and sociological. In his observations he arrived at the conclusion that 'Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people'. Religion and politics have come full circle as in today's society there are laws which govern the recognition of a new 'religion'. For example, a legitimate religion has the right to claim tax exemption and must promote the moral and spiritual welfare of the community. It is my opinion that although there are other reasons for studying religion, the most compelling reason by far is to better understand and cater for the diversity of modern society."

  • "In modern society, religious beliefs and religious behaviour are changing rather than declining" assess arguments and evidence for and against this view.

    "So in my opinion I agree with the statement that religious beliefs and behaviour are changing not declining, because people in today's society are been offered a more varied choice of what ways are acceptable to serve god so the people are choosing these methods and are still religious because of it they are just asserting their right to be an individual, religion is still a strong influence in most peoples daily lives but some of us need to accept the way it has altered to adapt the people wishing to access it, and alter there way of viewing religion to coincide with this change. The Sociology Of Religion Esme . J . Owens Words 1154 1"

  • Describe analyse and explain the variety of specifically religious programmes on the terrestrial TV Channels

    "The programme steered away from addressing the more religious sides of having a child. Only alluding to the fact that she did not have a husband for a short while. It also briefly talks about destroying human life. It came to the conclusion that in killing the embryo you are killing a human. Though even when it addressed this issue it looked more at the fact that she would be destroying her child instead of looking at the issue of whether abortion is murder or humane and sensible. The programme preferred to look at more simple issues such as whether she could afford the child and that the operation could harm her. This shows us that the public are not really interested in hearing about the religious issues and regard them as old fashioned, having the religious views coming from and old woman and not even discussing whether abortion is compassionate or not. It shows us that the public are more interested in health and safety issues and the fact that poverty is a problem rather than taking a serious look into the religious pros and cons of abortion itself. Describe how a moral issue of concern has been dealt with in either a TV drama or Film "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world""

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