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GCSE: Religion in the Media

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  1. Describe the Variety of specifically religious programmes on the main television channels:

    Worship programmes are shown regularly on many channels such as Morning worship is shown at 8.10 am. This programme mainly shows a service exploring the theme of contentment from High fields Church in Cardiff, led by Rev Peter Baker. The programme also includes Readings: Psalm 34:4-18 and Philippians 4:8-20. This programme is a Christian programme but is not only aimed at the followers of Christianity but those who like to explore religions in detail and are always keen to learn new things. A very good example of a religious discussion programme is "The Big Questions". It airs on BBC1 at 10.00 am. In this programme Nicky Campbell presents a topical debate from Michaelston Community College in Cardiff.

    • Word count: 4922
  2. Religion and media

    One of the local stories being on Mary Queen of Scotts and all about her baptism. The hymn 'Tell out My Soul' is sung and then linked to the joy of children, closely linking into the Christian calendar, advent. They visit a school for the deaf during the programme. The school involves students between 3 and 18. They then interview a teacher at the school, Donald Richards. They also visit a new maternity wing at a local hospital and talk about how birth has become easier. A related hymn is sung 'Light of the World' to celebrate children and birth.

    • Word count: 3480
  3. Religion in the Media :Analyse and explain the way a religious/moral issue has been dealt with in a TV soap opera or national press

    Before Dot gives Ethel the pills, she asks for reassurance that what she is doing is what Ethel really wants because she wants to do the right thing, regardless of her own opinion. People often disagree amongst each other as to whether euthanasia is right or wrong. Many Christians believe in the sanctity of human life, and that life is holy and sacred. They believe, like Dot that God gives life and only he can take it away. Christians are also not agreed if euthanasia is right or wrong because the Bible doesn't mention euthanasia.

    • Word count: 3990
  4. Discuss the merits of theories of secularisation with regard to religion in modern Britain

    The concept of operationalization, in this context, refers to the way we can put such definitions into practice; in effect, the extent to which it is possible to use such definitions in the measurement of ideas like "religious activity", "religious vitality and decline" and so forth. Not only are we faced with operational problems relating to the concept of secularisation, we are also faced with problems that relate to how we can define "religious activity" in the first place, because if we are trying to measure whether or not it has declined (and if so, by how much)

    • Word count: 11632
  5. Discuss the merits of theories of secularisation with regard to religion in modern Britain

    Many sociologists have tried to define secularisation, Bryan Wilson (Religion in Secular Society, 1966), describes secularisation as, "The process whereby religious thinking, practices and institutions lose their social significance". While Peter Berger (The Social Reality of Religion, 1969) argues that it is "The process by which sectors of society and culture are removed from the domination of religious institutions and symbols". For the purpose of this essay will be using Wilson's definition on secularisation and will be concentrating on changes in participation and practices between pre-industrial and Britain today.

    • Word count: 3896
  6. RELIGION AND THE MEDIA Specifically religious programmes are those created by television channels and religions, to portray an image of

    This is the case of the Muslim program "the essentials of faith", which focuses on the core beliefs of Islam. Many of the Christian specifically religious programmes are surprisingly aimed at a wide range of generations, as there are programs for seniors and adults as well as for teenagers and young people. This is the case of "Holy smoke" a Christian programme aimed specifically at the under 25's, as a result its content will vary from another programme aimed at a different generation. Most of the religious programmes previously mentioned, do take into account the importance of our multicultural society.

    • Word count: 3069
  7. Are Near Death Experience's a valid form of Religious Experience

    However, in circumstances of the numinous, the person can feel a distancing between themselves and God. There are no perfect words and feelings to describe God; awe is present. However with such definitions comes debate. Many different explanations have been criticised and counteracted with arguments. Further add-ons come from Schliermacher and Otto. Schliermacher defined the religious experience as a 'feeling of absolute dependence.' This feeling of dependence comes through the experience and individuals feel the power of God at work. They are not in control of the experience e.g a person cannot control the way a vision is laid out.

    • Word count: 3358
  8. Religion and the Media - questions and answers.

    In 1998 there was much upset caused after it was announced that there would be no coverage of a church service on Christmas day. The Archbishop of York pledged a formal complaint to the BBC. Television programs of this type are the only link that some homebound people and country living people have to a church event of this importance. With respect to the question asked I will watch and use the information I receive from three terrestrial television programs. One of these programs I have watched/studied was the first episode from the series 'The Son of God', BBC 1.

    • Word count: 4355
  9. Televisions representation of religious people.

    An older viewer would expect more religious activity, not an interview with a b-list celebrity. It has been placed at a later time of 10.00am as on Sundays younger people tend to have a lie in thus the programme is at a later time. It is also on Sunday as this a day off for many people and more viewers would join in. The target audience might enjoy the programme as it is cheerful and not intense as say the "Songs of Praise" this programme tends to make younger people turn off due to the fact that they find it quite boring.

    • Word count: 3025
  10. Is There A Decline In Religion...In Today's Society?

    that this is mainly reflected statistically in declining church attendance and membership but he also argues that religion is losing influence over public life and affairs. Wilson mainly focuses on statistical evidence relating to religious institutions and their activity. These will be some of the key concepts I will be investigating further. What is the evidence for secularisation? Attendance The strongest evidence for secularisation in Britain comes from church-attendance statistics according to the 1851 Census approximately 40% of the population attended church.

    • Word count: 4345
  11. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels.

    The programme is in the format of a magazine style, this means the show is laid back and the presenters sit on a sofa and discuss both moral and spiritual issues. Out of all the issues and subjects brought up only one or two are specifically religious. The "Heaven and Earth Show" lasts for one hour and is normally broadcasted on Sunday morning, the content varies from time to time but there is always the minimum of one religious mentioning.

    • Word count: 4568
  12. Religion in the media.

    This tactic is also used for other religions such as Hinduism and Judaism when they have important festivals up coming such as Deepawali and The Passover. This is quite a useful way of broadcasting other religions and showing to the viewers that the programmes on the television concerning religion are not biased. I have concluded that if comedy is added to religious programmes, this will increase the number of younger viewers. This is because they will find the church much more than a chore or a place of no fun with loads of old people, but of a place that makes religion enjoyable and fun for others.

    • Word count: 5791
  13. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial T.V.

    Conclusively, a magazine show, in my opinion, is very interesting and is not always about religion. Another type of a religious programme is a religious documentary, which has examples like "Everyman" and "Heart of he Matter." This type of programme sometimes does not even look at religious viewpoints and usually displays a debate or a documentary about something, which is important in the public's eye e.g. the Iraq crisis at the moment. Religious documentaries look at all the viewpoints to then construct a list of arguments for and against the matter. Their ending is quite stereotypical, as they seem to end in such a way that allows the viewer to make up his/her own mind.

    • Word count: 3995
  14. What do the grounds and buildings of Wimpole Hall tell us about the owners?

    The owners have kept the church looking good to either show off or to show the importance of God and religion in their lives. Inside the church, there are two main styles, Classical and Baroque. The organ loft is in classical style with pillars and balustrades possibly to make it look good for God. The owners were also showing how rich they were when they had a marble tomb put in the centre. The monuments could be symbols of their importance in life and society or showing how important religion was to them.

    • Word count: 3006
  15. Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels.

    Over the Christmas period the amount of shows religiously based are increased across the 4 main television channels. This however was not the case, so I settled to watch BBC1's Songs Of Praise, shown at 5.30 on a Sunday afternoon. The timing of the programme seemed to me to be perfect for people looking to watch the programme as it is shown in the late afternoon, so it is after most people have eaten dinner and are sitting down to relax and rest. It also seemed to me that the show would probably be aimed at people who had missed their own service but who still wished to join in one.

    • Word count: 3140

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