"This world was created by God but who is God?"

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“This world was created by God but who is God?”



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        What is god?        To say what is God is, it is natural for some to answer that "I don't know or no one knows.” Some belief that God is person that is believed to have power over nature and control over affairs. Many people believe that the world was created by him. However, God is totally beyond the comprehension of mere finite beings such as ourselves, and many people believe that we should not go about pretending that we can know what God is.

        For the people who belief that God as exist, most of the cases people would belief in God base on the religious belief such as Mythology or tales that have passed through from generation to generation. Also supernatural that they have heard or faced by themselves.

        For the people who belief that God does exist, they belief that  is an eternally existent  that exists apart from  and . He is the creator of the world. God is , , and also . Several aspects of this definition appear, to many thinkers, to need some explanation.

        The design argument which supports this statement, states that the order and purpose manifest in the working of things demand God. For example, in order to build a building, we need architecture to design the building. So we all need God to lead us the way.

        Those who are belief in god can be classified into three main classes. Firstly, Theism or the belief in a personal God who intervenes in the lives of creation. In other word, they belief that God created everything in this world and direct us the way we are and behave. Next is Pantheism or belief that everything is God and God is everything. Lastly, Panentheism or the combination of theism and pantheism. It is the belief that God is fixed and changing, inclusive of all possibilities. It means that everything is in God himself.

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        Some say that God is eternally existent. Some theorists take this to mean that God is timeless whether it is past, present, and future just do not apply when we are talking about God. Others hold, instead, that eternal existence means that God exists at all times. In other words, if God is eternally existent, he has already existed for an infinite amount of time, and he will continue to exist for an infinite amount of time. However, his existence never began and will never end. Even though most of the ideas are from Nontraditional Religious Experience such as Radical ...

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