Throughout Christian history, pilgrimage has always featured highly. However, pilgrimages are a lot safer now.

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Throughout Christian history, pilgrimage has always featured highly. However, pilgrimages are a lot safer now. Pilgrims used to walk miles on their pilgrimage and risked many dangers. Nowadays, they are a lot safer and pilgrims can now go by car, bus or plane.

    Pilgrimage is a journey assigned by God, to a holy place or land. This place or and land is where an event has happened that is relevant to what the pilgrim believes.

    Pilgrimages are made for many different reasons including as a way to increase the pilgrim’s faith, or to pray for something that is important to them or their loved ones or just simply to find or strengthen the pilgrim’s relationship with God.

  Pilgrimage experience has four strands to it, which are Revelation, where truths are revealed to the pilgrim, Repentance, where the pilgrim shows real sorrow. Cleansing both physically and spiritually together healing physical, emotionally and the inner peace of spiritual healing.

   Pilgrims who travel to Medugorje on a pilgrimage go on the faith, that if the pilgrim is physically or mentally afflicted they may come back healed. They go to be spiritually strengthened and renewed. Many believers have also been reportedly, to leave Medugorje converted.

 Medugorje is a Christian place of worship or pilgrimage because of the many apparitions of the Virgin Mary that have occurred there. On June 24 1981, The Virgin Mary appeared to a group of six teenagers just outside the small village of Medugorje. She introduced herself as ‘Queen of Peace’ and said ‘I have come to be with you, to convert and reconcile the whole world to God’. From that day to this it is said The Virgin Mary appears everyday.

   Evesham is another place that is now very popular with local pilgrims as it is another site in which The Virgin Mary appeared.

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   Pilgrims travel to Evesham, as it is the belief that The Virgin Mary appeared to a swineherd called Eoves. Eoves went to Worcester where he told Bishop Egwin about the vision. Egwin returned with Eoves where he too also saw a vision of The Virgin Mary. She was holding a book and a cross. She spoke to him saying, ‘Ecce locus quem elegi’ which means, ‘Behold the place which I have chosen.’ At the site on which the visions occurred, a Benedictine Abbey was built.

    Every year pilgrims visit the site of the old abbey here mass ...

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