What evidence would you need to convince yourself that God exists?

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What evidence would you need to convince yourself that

God exists?

Religion: the practice of religious beliefs; ritual observance of faith. The key word here is faith. All religions, whether that be Christianity or Hinduism, are based on faith from the person who practices it. So, when faced with this question, one could say that there is nothing to prove existence of God except faith, which cannot be proven. But as an atheist, my main issue is that I have not personally seen something miraculous, as in something done by God. It is very easy for one to say, “He has been healed from doing this” or “This miracle happened” but unless this is personal to you, it lacks a certain reality and therefore will not be particularly compelling evidence for the existence of God.
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Two main arguments for the existence of God are the following: ‘everything that happens has a cause’. This causal chain goes back and back until somewhere it must have started. This uncaused cause, according to Aquinas, must be God. Also Paley argues that something which is so intricate, such as the human body itself, can’t have formed by accident. It must have a purpose, and then that purpose needs a designer. These are just two theories and both have their counterarguments, but for me, all these theories just do not definitively prove the existence of God either way.

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