An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before birth, resulting in the death of the fetus. Some abortions occur naturally because the fetus does not develop normally or because the mother has an injury or disorder that stops her from carrying the pregnancy to term. This type of abortion is known as a miscarriage. Other abortions take place because the pregnancy is unwanted or if there is a risk to the woman’s health.

Induced abortions are performed using one of several methods. The safest way is depends on the age of the fetus. Abortions that take place in the first 12-13 weeks of the pregnancy are least likely to result in the death of the mother but the risk increases steadily with each week of pregnancy after 12 weeks.

Abortions can also be carried out with the help of drugs. A common method is the morning-after pill, where a woman is given large doses of estrogen (a female hormone), which stops the development of a fetus at the earliest stages after conception.

Another method uses two different drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol, which have to be taken in the first seven weeks of conception. First the mifepristone is taken which blocks progesterone, a hormone needed to maintain the pregnancy. About 48 hours later the misoprostol is taken which causes contractions in the uterus (the organ in which the fetus develops). These uterine contractions expel the fetus.

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There are other methods of abortion, such as taking misoprostol with methotrexate, which has pretty much the same effect as the morning-after pill, each method using a different way to get rid of the fetus.

I believe that abortion is morally wrong and should be made illegal. Human life begins at conception therefore; abortion is the murder of a person. Every human being has the right to live and that right should be protected. The fetus is in no real sense “part” of the mother but is a separate and distinct human being. Most women have abortions for ...

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