The term “euthanasia” comes from the two Greek words Eu and Thanatos and means and easy gentle death. This is were the patient requests the physician to en their life, this is called voluntary euthanasia. There is also involuntary euthanasia this is were, say the patient is in a coma and cannot make the request for themselves so the doctors decide to make the decision for them. This is a kind of murder.

Euthanasia can involve emotive discussion. There are certainly points for and against that disserved careful consideration. It is my intention through the course of this essay to look at these arguments and see if we can reach a conclusion.

There are a lot of points for and against euthanasia here are a few:

If the victim is terminally ill with the prospect of painful death, they may want to end the suffering before it really begins. I feel that if it is what the person really wants then it is what you should give them. It is their choice and I think that we should give them. It is their choice and I think we should respect that. If a dog were sick you would end the suffering for that poor dog. You wouldn’t let it suffer any more than it had to. Then why let a human being go through all the suffering. Baring in mind that this is what the person really wants.

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Reasons for involuntary euthanasia:

When someone has been a coma for 6 years and during those 6 years has not so much as moved a mussel, I can see why the might want to turn off the life-support machine. I could never be the 1 to flip the switch. Could you. You never know what could happen, maybe they could pull through you never know. If I was the person who flipped the switch the only thing that would be going through my mind is what if I had waited had waited a few more months they could have ...

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